Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

The World Bank says SA needs a stronger education system to address the lack of skills in the country. Presumably the current 30% pass mark is insufficient and will prevent our country from achieving a constant growth in the future.

Reports of a legal crisis in Limpopo, where there are over 800 legal claims against the health and roads departments, are exacerbated by the fact that lawyers representing the government are said to be insufficiently skilled and consequently provide incorrect legal advice to their client.

Most of the claims are for medical negligence.

The explanation for the poor legal advice and medical negligence is that they are consequences of a flawed education system, which has as its basis a 30% pass mark. This contributes to the dismal lack of knowledge by medical and legal professionals, resulting in the inadequate execution of their specific vocation.

Politicians such as Julius Malema boast about their educational achievements while they lack ability and aptitude. These individuals have random degrees, which, in the real sense, are purposeless. Until educational policy is addressed there can be no progress under the current system.

Nathan Cheiman