It does not surprise me one bit that the SABC’s viewership, as well as advertising, has declined due to the showing of locally made movies, soap operas and such-like (SABC may scrap its 90% policy, April 18). When I consider the prospect of paying my hard-earned money to be entertained, the SABC just doesn’t feature.

I and my fellow South Africans are subjected to crime on a daily basis; the prices of basic commodities rise constantly due to the bad economy, so why on earth would I enjoy viewing local content as entertainment and be constantly reminded of these issues every time I watch TV? The thought depresses me no end.

I recently paid my SABC television licence as a good citizen, but for what purpose, as I don’t even watch its channels? I have since discovered that a number of my associates no longer pay their licences and, in my humble opinion, this latest stunt by the SABC is the final nail in the coffin of this already compromised company.

Diane BraininBedfordview

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