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The KwaZulu-Natal education department has a nine-point plan to fix underperforming schools‚ which was unveiled on Tuesday during a meeting led by MEC Mthandeni Dlungwana.

The 2016 overall pass rate for KwaZulu-Natal was 66.4%‚ with 85 schools achieving a 100% pass rate from 66 schools in 2015.

"That is great improvement‚" the department said in a statement. "It is‚ however‚ with deep sense of embarrassment‚ disappointment and disbelief that in 2016, the province had 30 schools that obtained between a 0% and 10% pass rate.

"This remains a serious cause for concern and drastic measures need to be implemented immediately to move all of them to 50% and above."

Tuesday’s meeting was attended by principals of the schools that managed between a 0% and 10% pass rate in the 2016 grade 12 results.

The department said a number of challenges were tabled by the representatives of the affected schools, which ranged from lack of discipline‚ community factional fights that spilt over to school premises‚ post-provision norms (PPN)‚ lack of commitment by some teachers and pupils‚ laissez-faire attitude‚ learner transport‚ social ills and constant training of teachers.

But‚ for the current academic year‚ "we will set high standards"‚ the department said.

The plan is as follows: strengthen the provincial academic improvement plan and set new targets for 2017; improve overall school functionality; make "time on task and task on time" a non-negotiable; put systems in place to improve learner attainment in lower grades, with specific focus on exit grades; learner-centred interventions; boot camps for underperforming schools; strict monitoring of curriculum management and curriculum coverage; teacher development programmes focusing on content and methodology; and strict monitoring of the quality of school-based assessment.

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