Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

The City of Johannesburg collected a record R3.6bn for rates and services in August.

This constitutes collection of R400m more than the budgeted revenue‚ the city says.

"Over the past four months there has been sustained improvement in the city’s billing and collections‚ with average monthly collections of R3.3bn from May to August‚" mayor Herman Mashaba said.

"The past administration’s highest average monthly collection reached R2.8bn by comparison.

"The city remains focused on targeting those who have not paid for rates and services‚ whilst clearly having the means to have done so.

"The success of Operation Buya Mthetho in this regard has been excellent‚ collecting over R707m over the past seven months. Further to this‚ the city has tackled its debtors’ book‚ which stood at over R18bn‚ and this is now producing results."

Mashaba said the city has also focused its credit-management work on the largest power and water users‚ to ensure a higher return of revenue for these efforts.

In developing its budget for the 2018-19 financial year‚ Mashaba said the city decided to focus on improving revenue performance as this is a critical contributor towards realising change for people.