SA’s spirit of ubuntu remains intact with 88% of people still giving in spite of tough economic times.

The Giving Report‚ launched on Tuesday by the Charities Aid Foundation Southern Africa‚ shows that young people‚ in particular‚ assist those in need.

Of 1‚001 people interviewed in an online survey in July 2017‚ almost nine out of 10 had given time‚ money‚ or both‚ to charitable causes over the previous 12 months.

"The most commonly undertaken activities were giving money directly to people in need (69%)‚ and giving money to a church or religious organisation (69%)‚" said the report. It also noted that 61% of people volunteered‚ with 18-to 24-year-olds leading the way.

About 54% of South Africans donate because they believe they can make a difference. The most popular cause among donors (58%) and volunteers (43%) was helping the poor.

From people earning in the lowest surveyed income bracket of R100,000 a year to those in the highest bracket of R500,000‚ the typical donation over the past four weeks was R500.

Foundation CEO Gill Bates said the report was meant to help the organisation understand the ways South Africans give — and it showed that convenience was the key. Most individuals preferred donation boxes at shops‚ followed by cash donations at the office of a charity, and the use of a digital wallet.

"When looking at the findings of the Giving Report 2017‚ which provides insight into individual giving in the country‚ we are reminded that the resilient spirit of ubuntu is alive and well in SA‚" said Bates.

"This report helps us understand the ways we give in more detail. It is through these insights that we can reflect‚ develop and grow to work more effectively to strengthen civil society in SA."

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