Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

1. Quarterly employment statistics

What it is: an establishment-based survey of whether jobs were added or lost in various industries in the private sector, and in government.

What it is not: unlike the quarterly labour force survey, the QES does not provide demographic information


• FNB expects a drop from the fourth quarter of 2018, when seasonal hiring usually accounts for an increase in jobs.

• Investec says more investment is needed to stoke job creation.

2. Producer inflation: Inflation as measured by the producer price index is due on Thursday.


• Investec expects producer inflation to have slowed in May, forecasting a 4.2% year-on-year increase in the PPI, from 4.4% in April.

• FNB expects it to be unchanged.

3. Private sector credit figures, due on Friday: Growth in private sector credit extension slowed to 5.1% in April. Both FNB and Investec expect an uptick to 5.4% for May.

4. Trade balance: The South African Revenue Service announces balance of trade figures on Friday.

Expectations: The trade surplus narrowed sharply in April, but the news is expected to be better in May.

• A Reuters/Bloomberg consensus, cited by Trading Economics, puts it at a R3bn surplus.

• Trading Economics’ own poll points to a much more optimistic R5.4bn surplus.

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