CHARMAIN NAIDOO: It is a wonderful thing how Malawi welcomes you

Residents proudly tell how their city is one of the oldest in East, Central and Southern Africa, predating Nairobi, Harare and Johannesburg

MARIUS OOSTHUIZEN: New approach needed to overcome legacy of apartheid

In matters of policy-making and governing, understanding the systemic complexity of interrelated forces is crucial to ensure that well-intentioned ...

JONATHAN JANSEN: Schools should truly touch lives, not teach about touching

Instead of desperately wanting to appear woke, the government should wake up to SA’s real education needs



TONY LEON: The big question now is can smiley Cyril put a smile on SA’s dial

Ramaphosa has the smile, but does he have the teeth to tackle the tough issues piled up in his intray?

TOM EATON: You can’t keep a good man down — and a bad penny always turns up

Ebrahim Rasool bounces back to the Western Cape legislature

BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: Now is the time for Ramaphosa to crack the whip he holds

Voters have given the president and his party another chance

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: SA is on an even keel despite election blips

Uptick in support for the FF Plus is not the rise of the alt-right, as has been evident in the US and Brazil

JUSTICE MALALA: Emboldened Ramaphosa has to strike decisively against looters

President has to assert his authority and power swiftly to transform the ANC

TOM EATON: Small parties take stock on post election realities

The EFF has confirmed that it is, indeed, a government in waiting, and waiting, while it is now the end for Cope and the UDM

THE STEINHOFF SAGA: The inside story of SA's biggest corporate meltdown

Read all four parts of this outstanding University of Stellenbosch Business School study into the rise and fall of Markus Jooste's Steinhoff

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: April 27 1994 vs May 8 2019 — no contest and no real winners

The promise of a new dawn is long gone, replaced by a cynical dark reality

JONATHAN JANSEN: Caring and competent officials needed instead of cash-hungry cadres

SA cannot afford to have clueless officials running critical services

Local radio initiative empowers the people to do democracy in different ways

Research shows mainstream media are missing what communities are saying and thinking

BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: Banal election campaigns pave the way to the feeding trough

The phony spectacle of strangers pretending they know and care about voters’ aspirations will soon be over as the ANC stands divided

JUSTICE MALALA: ANC does not deserve another blank cheque

Calls for voters to give Ramaphosa a strong hand to institute reforms within the party and the country are bizarre

TOM EATON: Pollsters fight it out in the game of polls

The stakes seem to be ramping up dramatically for Ipsos and the Institute of Race Relations ahead of the national elections

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Finally, a voting decision is made!

Fake news is an insidious modern invention, and the Indian election is feeling its effects; here at home, however, we have a winner, writes Charmain Naidoo

JONATHAN JANSEN: Picking a party is no longer painless

Voting for the ANC used to be a given — before the rot of corruption started destroying our country

STUART THEOBALD: Everything had to be just so: how Riaan Stassen took Capitec to the big league

SA’s most innovative bank bids farewell to its chairman and former, founding CEO who etched in its DNA an obsession with risk and determination to operate ...

TONY LEON: More votes for ANC equals more corruption

Changing the status quo of deeply entrenched graft starts at the ballot box

PETER BRUCE: SA's best opportunity is in the confusing, delicious centre

The aftermath of the elections is huge for the DA which could find itself in strange and complex territory

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Election puts a spoke in the wheel of critical issues

Instead of pushing ahead with projects such as the licensing of radio frequency spectrum and the promised aggressive infrastructure roll-out, the government ...

JUSTICE MALALA: Tainted Magashule protesteth too much as law-enforcement agencies close in

EFF leader Julius Malema should not fall for looters’ desperate call to bolster their fightback campaign within the ANC


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Certainty over deal between Sibanye and Lonmin wanes

Ann Crotty

Public Investment Corporation, with its 29.3% stake, can block the transaction

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Showdown time for Jacob Zuma and the NPA

Karyn Maughan

Three judges will have to consider whether to grant the former president a permanent stay of his corruption prosecution

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NEIL MANTHORP: India wheedle their way back as head honchos

Neil Manthorp

Cricket officials not that interested in players' well being

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ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK: Fibre in the diet improves the business mood


The rapid shift occurring from ADSL to fibre as a primary form of fixed-line broadband in SA is throwing up fascinating insights

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