ONKGOPOTSE JJ TABANE: The cream and the dregs of the ANC

In a tale of two MECs, the excellent Panyaza Lesufi sadly seems to be an exception in a public service packed with Faith Mazibukos

TONY LEON: It is too much like hard work keeping SA’s lights on

It’s much easier for the government to busy itself with transformation bling than with maintaining infrastructure

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Zondo inquiry witnesses suffer abuse, while perpetrators live in luxury or await their return to parliament

The ANC did not think it necessary to disqualify those who enabled and benefited from corruption from their election list



BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: Busisiwe Mkhwebane is a national hazard and must go

The public protector is almost oblivious of the damage that she can cause. Power, especially when it’s unfettered, is most useful to society when applied with ...

JUSTICE MALALA: Hate-spewing leaders inspired Christchurch massacre and must be stopped or there will be more

The attacks in New Zealand are no surprise — they were nurtured and propagated openly by western leaders

PETER BRUCE: If not Cyril Ramaphosa, then who?

I support Cyril Ramaphosa because I cannot think of anyone better to lead the government

TOM EATON: Ag, please Deddy, we wanna see a flick about AfriForum’s apartheid deniers

Once you’ve seen that bit with the B-grade Tomi Lahren talking about Hendrik Verwoerd as a ‘philosopher’, the rest surely pales into insignificance. And where ...

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Who to trust in the age of state capture?

All is fair, they say, in love and war. But what about love and politics?

JONATHAN JANSEN: My f*k, South Africa

Gauteng education MEC Panyaza Lesufi has made several breathtaking announcements, usefully just before the elections

THE STEINHOFF SAGA: The inside story of SA's biggest corporate meltdown

Read all four parts of this outstanding University of Stellenbosch Business School study into the rise and fall of Markus Jooste's Steinhoff

BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: Dirty talk a weapon in the mission to clean up at the polls

Our country’s filth and squalor has become a mini-battlefield on the campaign trail

PETER BRUCE: The DA should take note that the give-and-take of politics can lead to some cringey hook-ups

The bloody DA leadership outright refuses to consider any coalition or ‘arrangement’ with the ANC ‘as it is currently constituted’. That is to say, until it ...

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Who can say if a state security minister is even necessary?

The creation of professional, ethical and modern intelligence services is vital to the rebuilding of a credible state

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Ending the rot in SA means striving to be accountable

If we are to survive as a democracy and grow to our full potential as a country, we must reflect on and acknowledge all we need to heal, writes Charmain Naidoo

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: It is not up to the media to decide who should take part in the poll, despite the party’s vile behaviour

Journalists should provide the information and knowledge, including political commentary, so that voters can decide for themselves who they want to represent ...

TONY LEON: Maduro will fall, but with no help from the ANC

The hypocrisy of the ANC siding with the oppressor regime in Venezuela is cringeworthy, writes Tony Leon

PETER BRUCE: SA’s ludicrous foreign skills policy is on the critical list

It is all beyond lunacy and it reeks of a deep mistrust of foreigners. An official xenophobia

JONATHAN JANSEN: There is nothing complicated behind parents’ objection to black teachers, it’s racism

It is an injustice that so few of the former white schools of SA have black African teachers. Having a richly diverse teaching staff is important for many ...

ONKGOPOTSE JJ TABANE: Robert McBride restored the dignity of the police, but he was told to go

The former Ipid head saved police a staggering R180m being used as a slush fund, and got the bigwigs who were untouchable investigated

RANJENI MUNUSAMY: In an election year, all’s fair in love and information war

No matter how Fikile Mbalula tries to legitimise it, the creation of a troll farm that runs political commentary and manufactures public discourse is ...

SA is failing the rights of children’s access to education and health

SA places limitations on children’s access to education and affordable healthcare, which is unconstitutional, writes Magnus Killander

Barrick’s bid for Newmont starts with CEOs trading insults

Gary Goldberg is a loser and Mark Bristow's leadership is anaemic, according to each other

PETER BRUCE: Cyril Ramaphosa needs a ‘Joffe-type slap’ to get him to focus

The unions are lucky Ramaphosa, one of their own, is president now, writes Peter Bruce


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JUSTICE MALALA: How bribery soured the American dream

Justice Malala

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Steinhoff: Inside R106bn in imaginary deals

Rob Rose and Warren Thompson

Defensive and light on detail, Steinhoff’s summary of PwC’s report on how the books were cooked under Markus Jooste, is too coy for comfort

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ANN CROTTY: South Africans are good people. Pity about the leaders

Ann Crotty

South Africans are a good bunch of people. Shame about the leaders

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Small-cap stocks to bet on

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More than a handful of small-cap counters have adequately rewarded investors for their patience

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