Jane Austen the new face of Britain's tenner

'Ten pounds would have meant a lot to Jane Austen, about the same as 1,000 pounds would mean to us today'

Saudi King suspends columnist for over-the-top praise

'The phrases and tribute which the author bestowed on the personality of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, are not acceptable'

Officials in trouble after strippers entertain prisoners

'I want to give assurance that‚ based on our briefing and our visit to the place where this happened‚ is that there is no taxpayer money involved in this ...

WATCH: Panic as man takes his pet lion for drive through city at night

'The man was driving around with his lion near a local market and it was a matter of endangering public life and property'

Xhosa Sci-fi movie will open BRICS film festival in China

'I grew up watching sci-fi films and‚ of course‚ my heritage is Xhosa. If I reflect on Xhosa and African culture there is a lot of potential sci-fi elements ...

'Reasons to vote ANC' book with blank pages is now a bestseller

The book, purportedly written by 'Thami Thami' caused a few laughs when it appeared on shelves

WATCH: Secret video catches Australian PM mocking Donald Trump

'While journalists were told the speech was not for reporting, a local television network broadcast audio portions on Thursday of Turnbull’s comments to the ...

Eerily realistic dolls now a thing

Dolls equipped with motors that make the doll appear to breathe or suck on a pacifier cost nearly 5,000 euros

LISTEN: Bob Dylan delivers his amazing Nobel Prize speech

Here is Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize acceptance speech

Interviewed: SA man who mowed lawn during tornado

'It was clear skies just before I started to mow the lawn. It was about 28 degrees outside‚ so this whirlwind comes through. In a few minutes time it formed a ...

Aliens? Comets? Cosmic Dust? The weirdest star just cannot be explained

'The star in question is very odd indeed. Every once in a while, the light it emits dims perceptibly, sometimes by an astonishing amount'

Trump and 'magic orb' a social media sensation

'Oh my god. Trump has obtained the Bajoran Orb of Time'

RIP, Mr Bond. Actor Roger Moore has died

Moore said he was terrified by the stunts he had to perform as Bond and would steel himself before facing the cameras in sex scenes with a mixture of valium ...

Basquiat bought for $19 000 is sold for $110 million at auction

The work led four days of bellwether auctions in New York where the world’s wealthiest investors and families dropped more than $1.5 billion on Impressionist, ...

At US$ 57 million, these are the world's most expensive earrings

The earrings, known as the “Apollo Blue” and the “Artemis Pink,” were bought by the same buyer, who wants to remain anonymous

Trevor Noah thanks 'Jesus' Trump for MTV award

'Thank you to Donald J Trump for the comedy. The J stands for Jesus. A lot of people don’t know that'

Danish brewery puts the 'p' in Pilsner

'When the news that we had started brewing the Pisner came out, a lot of people thought we were filtering the urine to put it directly in the beer and we had a ...

Michelin chefs, cypress bathtubs and a fireplace on Japan's super luxury train

Customers willing to shell out up to 950,000 yen ($8,500) per person can enjoy a top-of-the-range suite aboard the Shiki-Shima for four days

Tombstones come to life with digital content

The Pobrezje cemetery on the outskirts of Maribor, Slovenia's second largest city, recently set up a prototype of a weather-proof and vandal-proof digital ...

Dinosaur family tree is to be radically redrawn

The proposed new family tree includes two reformulated categories, or clades, of dinosaurs to replace the two that paleontologists have long recognized