Dinosaur family tree is to be radically redrawn

The proposed new family tree includes two reformulated categories, or clades, of dinosaurs to replace the two that paleontologists have long recognized

1 day ago
On sale for $3.5-million: A town in Oregon

The current deal, at a reduced price, includes six houses and an apartment, industrial and commercial lots, and a building that once housed a gas station and ...

8 days ago
Why Tokyo is the world's most honest city

Last year people handed over a record 3.67 billion yen ($32 million) in lost cash to the police

9 days ago
Stellenbosch student has a doctorate in biltong

'I micro-analysed every aspect of the process‚ from temperature to humidity‚ water activity and air movement'

10 days ago
Bumblebee feet have a distinctive odour, scientists say

'This is the first time it has been shown that bumblebees can tell the difference between their scent and the scent of their family members'

16 days ago
Vets remove 5kg in coins from sea turtle

The green sea turtle had been finding it hard to swim normally because of the weight

17 days ago
French artist emerges from stone 'tomb' after seven days

'I'm a little dazed, which I imagine is totally normal after one week living in a rock'

21 days ago
I realised that Denzel Washington was playing my father

'I am reminded how much his character angered me. How much he disappointed me. How much he taught me. Then I realise that Troy was my father, who died almost a ...

23 days ago
Tweeting accountant to blame for Oscar best picture stuff-up

'Cullinan mistakenly handed the back-up envelope for Actress in a Leading Role instead of the envelope for Best Picture'

24 days ago
Confusion, uproar as Warren Beatty announces wrong winner of best picture at Oscars

Presenter Warren Beatty first, mistakenly announced that musical "La La Land" had won, claiming he was given the wrong envelope

25 days ago
French artist to live in block of stone for a week

'We are asking ourselves: what he will do for a week? How he will live?'

28 days ago
WATCH: Award-winning local sci-fi short film, Tears in the Rain

Produced on a minuscule budget of only R20‚000 and filmed in South Africa in just two days‚ Tears in the Rain has been a five-year labour of love

1 month ago
Wanted by police in Dubai: Russian model who dangled from building

A video of the model, identified by local media as 23-year-old Viktoria Odintcova, went viral after she posted it on her Instagram account earlier in the week

1 month ago
Gasps all round as Monopoly dumps one of its playing pieces

The surviving pieces that trace their roots back to the Great Depression include a battleship, boot and Scottie dog

1 month ago
Breaking news: Cafe charges customers for charging their phones

'Tourists - always electricity, electricity, electricity. Sorry but who is going to pay me for it?'

1 month ago
Sotheby's to hold 'Erotic: Passion & Desire' art auction

One item generating buzz is a recreation of a table that was supposedly delivered to Russia's Catherine the Great

1 month ago
Back in factory production - a classic old Range Rover

The Coventry, England-based company is reissuing 10 1970s-era Range Rovers to capitalize on the explosion of interest on the vintage market

1 month ago
Barber uses blowtorch to style hair

In Ramadan Odwan's barbershop in Gaza, hair isn't just blow-dried, it's blowtorch-dried. "People have gone crazy about it, many people are curious to go ...

1 month ago
Oprah sold this artwork for $150-million

“Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer II,” from 1912, depicts a woman in a long, narrow robe and halo-like black hat, standing against an ornate background of mauve ...

1 month ago
Man arrested for bugging All Blacks team meeting in Sydney

'The charged man has worked for the All Blacks, and many other organizations, for a long time and is someone who is trusted and well-respected by us'

1 month ago