Discovered: 219 new planets, 10 the same size and temperature as earth

'It’s like finding what we thought was a single species of animal is really two different things'

How fossil find takes us one giant step closer to human origins

'Both dating of the jaw bone and the dating of the stone artefacts gave us an age of 300,000 years'

New hominid fossil find in Morocco changes date of human evolution

A new set of fossils‚ found in Morocco‚ have pegged Home sapiens as being 100 000 years older than we previously believed

UK biotech firm a step closer to getting access to Sardinian genetic treasure trove

Tiziana Life Sciences wants to mine the data of 13,000 people in an area known for its high proportion of centenarians, for clues about ageing and a range of ...

Rocket Lab launches 3-D printed rocket into space from New Zealand

"Made it to space. Team delighted," Rocket Lab said on its official Twitter account

How African scientists are on the rise

'The continent’s researchers are working on challenges as varied as astrophysics, malaria, HIV/AIDS and agricultural productivity'

Fossil find casts doubt over theory humans came from Africa

Scientists said the creature, known as Graecopithecus freybergi and known only from a lower jawbone and an isolated tooth, may be the oldest-known member of ...

Meet the newest dinosaur, Zuul, named after a Ghostbusters character

Zuul belonged to a group of Cretaceous Period dinosaurs called ankylosaurs that were among the most heavily armored land animals ever

What the latest finds from the Rising Star cave mean

The Conversation Africa’s Science Editor Natasha Joseph asked Professor John Hawks, a member of the team, to explain the story behind these finds

Oops. Much vaunted 'Homo Naledi' find not nearly as old as thought

'This is surprising. It was believed it would have been millions of years in age'

US military space plane touches down after two-year secret mission

The X-37B, one of two in the Air Force fleet, conducted unspecified experiments for more than 700 days while in orbit

TOM EATON: A world where scientists march like politicians

Scientists might be the worst possible defenders of science because they are comfortable with uncertainty and are willing to admit what they don't know

Elon Musk on mission to link human brains with computers

The technology could take about eight to 10 years to become usable by people with no disability, says Musk

The biggest time-suck at the office might be your computer

Slow, outdated computers and intermittent internet connections demoralise workers, a survey has revealed

The tough life of an Apple supplier

Expansion into new markets and products may require hardware unique to Apple’s needs that isn’t available from outside suppliers

Quarter of car travel in US will be driverless by 2030

A convergence of three trends -- ride sharing, autonomous driving and vehicle electrification -- will drive the shift

Debris shield 'floats away' during space walk

Cameras on the station tracked the debris shield bag as it sailed into the distance

Scientists uncover world's largest dinosaur footprint

'They are bigger than anything that has been recorded anywhere in the world'

Scientists develop 'electronic skin' that can feel

Graphene, which is just one atom thick, is strong, highly flexible, electrically conductive and transparent, making it ideal for gathering the sun's energy to ...

Scientists want Pluto restored to planet status

In a paper presented at an international planetary science conference at The Woodlands, Texas, the scientists explained that geological properties, such as ...