CHARMAIN NAIDOO: A bad week, informed by breast cancer

Dr Google was all doom and gloom, with horror stories about operations gone wrong, about incisions that never healed

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Ghost stories, way less scary than the crime scene that is Joburg

From victim-shaming to fist-bumping would-be robbers, living in Joburg is a crime-riddled mine field

Healthy living is a tough challenge for young women in Soweto

Women in Soweto and in SA in general need the support of policymakers to live healthier lifestyles.

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Will being hounded by our explorations lead us to stop doing so?

The question during my Netflix documentary watching is whether it is necessary to actually make the trip when I can access almost everything online

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Malawians vote under the light of the silvery moon

Observing the recent Malawi elections, a young Canadian was aghast at the way it worked, but mostly at the weather

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: It is a wonderful thing how Malawi welcomes you

Residents proudly tell how their city is one of the oldest in East, Central and Southern Africa, predating Nairobi, Harare and Johannesburg

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Notre-Dame’s flames a Catholic converter?

Some buildings are iconic world symbols regardless of your beliefs — but then there was that unscathed, shining gold cross...

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Rodrigues trial brings back memories of apartheid days

Former policeman Joao ‘Jan’ Rodrigues is alleged to have murdered liberation activist Ahmed Timol while being interrogated 47 years ago

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Our sombre, sobering week of darkness

The man in the grocery store was right. We’ve gone to hell in a hand basket. And I’m not sure when, or if, we’re coming back

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Who to trust in the age of state capture?

All is fair, they say, in love and war. But what about love and politics?

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Ending the rot in SA means striving to be accountable

If we are to survive as a democracy and grow to our full potential as a country, we must reflect on and acknowledge all we need to heal, writes Charmain Naidoo

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: A light blown out, reflamed by voting

A once infallible father, admonished by apartheid, finally got to vote, but now — who the hell is one supposed to vote for!

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Inquiries are shining an unstinting light deep into SA’s wounds

We, as a nation and as a country, are self-healing, or at the very least, we are attempting to

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Death-induced blurriness easier than shock of corruption

If we want to see our corruption levels brought down to, say, those in Denmark we need to start identifying the markers now

TOM EATON: To those raging about the Gillette ad, 1954 called, it wants its misogyny back

The outpouring of rage in the comments is wildly, ludicrously disproportionate; entirely unhinged from the actual content of the video

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