SUE DE GROOT: On the subject of Barack Obama's Long Johns

'At least Obama wore trousers over his Long Johns, unlike the brazen Sullivan'

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Obama's road map for navigating a harsh anti-Mandela world

'The standing ovation and prolonged applause that our president Cyril Ramaphosa got at the Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture was an expression of our hope for the ...

JONATHAN JANSEN: The struggles and triumphs of the pilot with the hijab

'There’s nothing more exhilarating as when I advance the thrust levers for the takeoff and I hear the sound of the engines spooling up'

PETER BRUCE: A tribute to my father

'It is a privilege, I now realise, to be my age and still have had someone to call Dad. While he was Dad, I could still be a son, a kid. Now, out of nowhere, I ...

TOM EATON: There's a lot of money in shallow self-serving fame, it turns out

'Can you really claim that someone has pulled themselves up by their bootstraps when they are a member of a family worth more than $100-million?'

TOM EATON: Jessie Duarte's interview that never was

'Duarte was reportedly happy to oblige at first, but after a few minutes she made a dramatic about-turn: she would not allow Manyathela to air the recording'

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: The rescue of the Thai football team is a lesson in meditation and mindfulness

'When the British divers found the boys, they told CNN that they were sitting calmly, waiting'

JONATHAN JANSEN: It's time we got angry about the failing education system

'Where is your leadership? Where is your outrage? And why do you allow this to happen year after year?'

TOM EATON: So we are going to leave the land question to a monarch and a populist?

According to Malema, Zwelithini’s threats to secede from South Africa or mobilise legions to defend his land were simply a “contribution”, and certainly ...

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CHARMAIN NAIDOO: When the rule of law goes, anything goes

'I bribed an officer of the law, and in so doing behaved in exactly the same way that I viewed as repugnant when I saw it being done around me. It was a hard ...

JONATHAN JANSEN: 'We all have dirty hands, troubled by our divided past'

'In the hierarchy of races, classes and ethnicities that colonialism and apartheid created and reinforced, you were taught to look down on someone else'

TYMON SMITH: Through David Goldblatt's unerring lens

'Headline events were the culmination of underlying conditions. I wanted to probe those conditions by going to their roots in people's lives'

TOM EATON: This government is a road accident fund waiting to happen

'As for our RAF, well, let’s just say that seldom in the field of human taxation was so much owed by so few to so many'

TOM EATON: Patricia de Lille and the known unknowns

'When your flagship city in your flagship province has degenerated into a kindergarten and your voters are so gatvol that they’re talking seriously about the ...

SUE DE GROOT: Word of the week: absquatulate

'As we know from its empty desk and unpunched time card, absquatulate never really caught on'

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Crying racism and its dangerous results

'Never in the history of humankind, it seems to me, has race and financial disadvantage been so much at the forefront of global thinking. And rightly so'

JONATHAN JANSEN: Beware the naked racism of UCT's faux radicals

'When a group of postgraduate students dresses up racism with faux academic language, beware'

TOM EATON: There's right and wrong and then there's the ANC

'Tony Yengeni has just been appointed to head up an ANC committee tackling crime and corruption'

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: The age of information or the age of the ruinous rumour mill?

'There’s a tipping point at which enough paper cuts become life threatening'

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