CHARMAIN NAIDOO: I know spite when I see it, president Zuma

'Powerful men in charge of entire countries capable of hurting billions can cause spiteful suffering too'

JONATHAN JANSEN: The dangers of trying to change schools by changing policy

'The government should not change the policy framework for school governance. It should rather work with white-dominant schools through persuasion, support, ...

TOM EATON: Grace 'The Hammer' Mugabe and the coup that wasn't a coup

'Of course‚ it’s not a coup. The man in the uniform‚ who had taken the TV station by force and who said he was now in charge of the country‚ was at pains to ...

TOM EATON: When you've packed your historical baggage

'As the herd forms, lowing gently, and then begins to shuffle towards that distant ramp, you can no longer ignore the parallels with a cattle truck or its ...

JOHN G I CLARKE: What Ronnie Kasrils shares with Olive Schreiner and Nikita Kruschev

'By 1892 Olive Schreiner, could no longer tolerate Rhodes’ lack of moral scruples. She met Rhodes and Sivewright in a final confrontation at Matjiesfontein ...

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: When Jacob Zuma looks in the mirror

'I wondered how Jacob Zuma must feel – vilified every day; ridiculed, lampooned, criticised, loathed'

JONATHAN JANSEN: Zuma's political calculations threaten the future of universities

'It would be bad politics for the president and former Mrs Zuma going into the party's election having set the campuses alight '

TOM EATON: Might as well say it, we're addicted to bad government

'Our addiction to bad government is starting to get embarrassing. Seriously: people are looking at us and pointing'

ADAM MINTER: How China is re-inventing literature with a Tencent spin-off

'On Wednesday, China Literature Ltd., the country's biggest online publisher, will go public in Hong Kong, with a market value expected to exceed $6 billion'

RONNIE KASRILS: The day Homeboy found out the truth about Baba

'Baba was bearded and wore a balaclava cap. Homeboy was of lighter complexion, bearded too, the hood of his waterproof coat covering his head'

DARREL BRISTOW-BOVEY: The story of the ultimate conman

'He was a professor of psychology, a cancer researcher, a civil engineer, a Latin teacher, a hotel accountant, a deputy warden in a maximum security prison'

TOM EATON: Nasty halfwits and their favourite flag

'You can be as offended as you like‚ but the fact remains: if the old flag is anything more to you than a relic in an attic‚ you’re either a nasty piece of ...

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: How a little respect could bring about big change

'I’ve never forgotten that. It made such sense to me. It’s really the way we all ought to behave, no matter where we are'

JONATHAN JANSEN: Farm killings and race in South Africa

'On Facebook I posed the question: Why do South Africans, other than white Afrikaans readers, not seem to care about these farm murders?'

TOM EATON: What calling for a tax revolt reveals about its advocates

'Every single one of these texts says the same thing: that more than 40-million South Africans "do not pay income tax". Not "cannot pay income tax". "Do not". ...

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: When a country runs out of money

'We are hurtling towards the end, of the year if not the end of the world. Well, that’s an exaggeration, but one that could aptly describe what is happening in ...

JONATHAN JANSEN: Let me tell you about a school where hope rules

'How does one school working with mostly poor children deliver one of the most powerful models of education I have seen anywhere in the world?'

ANDILE NDLOVU: The vicissitudes of black dating

'Black love is, frankly, more attractive a prospect for me because I can love and potentially be loved unconditionally without having to explain myself or my ...

TOM EATON: I went undercover and discovered the truth about tourists and water in Cape Town

'Every single hotel I phoned effectively told me that if I paid them enough money I could flush hundreds of litres of water down their drains'

WENDY KNOWLER: Can airlines stop you from drinking your own booze?

'You can eat your Wimpy burger and wash it down with a Fego cappuccino at cruising altitude, but if you want booze you have to buy it from the trolley'