Zoë Heller on the Harry-Meghan royal wedding

'The royals set a pretty low bar when it comes to social skills. But I think her poise has already begun to give rise to a certain amount of skepticism'

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: There's too much anger and too little hope

One of the tough jobs I had as the editor of an Eastern Cape daily newspaper was moderating the Letters to the Editor page. But the most difficult job was ...

JONATHAN JANSEN: Many of SA's 'professors' are evidence of academic fraud

'The number of people appointed to professorship these days amounts to academic fraud'

JOE NOCERA: Farewell Tom Wolfe, inventor of the New Journalism

'His finest work was “The Right Stuff,” his extraordinary history of America’s earliest attempts to send a man into space'

SCOTT DUKE KOMINERS: Can Facebook turn 'likes' into 'loves'?

'The creatively named Dating application will let Facebook users create special profiles to employ in their quests for love and romance'

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: The fine art of overstaying your welcome

'The desire to go on deep – even when it is painful and the end promises to be messy'

JONATHAN JANSEN: What happens when white schools 'go black'?

White parents struggle to answer this simple question truthfully

CLAIRE KEETON: Tim Noakes diet helps control diabetes, says study

'US researchers found exceptional sugar control and low rates of complications like hypoglycaemia among 300 people in the observational study'

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Herman Mashaba? He reminds me of what they said about crazy Jane ...

'Herman Mashaba laid into his predecessors, blaming them for all the ills we suffer in this our City of Gold'

JONATHAN JANSEN: The class of 30% pass is arriving at university. Not good

The senior lecturer said to me: “Sometimes they struggle so much to write, I just write the thesis for them”

TOM EATON: Watching how money evaporates at the SABC

'A few years ago, my friend Alan and I found ourselves in a boardroom at Auckland Park, pitching an idea for a sitcom to a panel of imposing suits'

FAYE FLAM: The unfortunate truth about vitamins and your health

'Scientific studies started to show that food was not nearly as dangerous as thought, and that vitamin and mineral supplements could do harm'

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: How many children is too many? Four? Twenty-three?

'Research shows that it costs around R90,000 a year to raise a child – that is with no inflation or growth'

JONATHAN JANSEN: The importance of being present - and less earnest

'How can anyone with even a threadbare conscience abandon children whose futures depend on them being present?'

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Julius Malema needs a new jingle

'The slogans he dreamed up during President Jacob Zuma’s reign are addictive'

JONATHAN JANSEN: What makes a good school tick and a bad one stumble

'This is not a training problem; it is an imagination problem. It is about the way you make sense of the world in front of you'

JENNIFER SABA: Why Instagram should unfriend Facebook

'Separating Instagram off – even if Facebook were to remain its biggest shareholder – might be a wise pre-emptive move'

TOM EATON: Winnie Madikizela-Mandela - When a good story gets in the way of the facts

'The documentary, many now said, was a fiercely subjective, unapologetically skewed attempt to present another side of Madikizela-Mandela’s legacy'

JESS KIMBALL LESLIE: Four reasons we keep using Facebook even though we hate it

Facebook encourages what sociologist David Riesman called the “other-directed life,” wherein a person measures their own worth through what others think

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: The passing of a great generation

'When I found myself muttering to my mirror as I critically studied my countenance: There goes another of the old guard; I realised that I am now the old guard'

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