ADAM MINTER: The environmental cost of fickle fashion

'Without significant changes in the way that clothes are made and marketed, this could add up to an environmental disaster in the making'

5 hours ago
CHARMAIN NAIDOO: After 2017's crazy ride, let's hope for a year of stability

I say  Happy New Year to everyone I meet until January 15, which my dad used to say was the cut off point. In the middle of January, he’d say, the 15th to be ...

The Clash’s 1981 punk rock take on the cycle of consumption and work

The song The Magnificent Seven is a brilliant reflection on labour time and the endless reproduction of ourselves as a commodity, writes Nigel Gibson

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Is that a chill wind blowing for Cyril Ramaphosa?

'When you look at the Top Six, you realise that this could be a pyrrhic victory. After all, half of the Top Six are the president’s men'

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: For a moment, a small glimmer of hope

'We will expect CR to guarantee the independence of our judiciary, to preserve the autonomy of treasury, to ensure that monies meant to reach the poor do'

JONATHAN JANSEN: South Africa's devastating obsession with corrective knowledge

'There must be few nations in the world whose university students would go apoplectic about what to do with a dead white man's statue'

TOM EATON: Goodbye to ink on thinly sliced sheets of wood

'For a species that took hundreds of thousands of years to figure out how to cook food with fire, the last hundred years have been a mind-melting rush strapped ...

TOM EATON: The tyranny of the repeated lie

'In a very small, very primitive corner of my brain, a little voice piped up. "Oh look," it said'

RAY HARTLEY: In the kraal of King Cyril

After the Great Stonewalling of my request for a contemporary interview, I was surprised when he phoned me one evening a few weeks ago ...

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Manners maketh the despot go quietly

'Good manners, good behaviour to the end. No ranting and raving; no kicking and screaming'

JONATHAN JANSEN: Why Mugabe's education system worked

Mugabe's government retained the most visible artefact of the colonial past in Anglophone Africa - the Cambridge "O- and A-level" examinations run by the ...

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: When the fresh-faced revolutionary becomes the old dictator

'A very large percentage of the Zimbabwean population is under 40, which means that that a very large number of people have only ever known life under this ...

JONATHAN JANSEN: The simple thing every parent must do for their child

'If you cannot learn to read in the first three years of schooling you cannot read to learn in the remaining years'

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: I know spite when I see it, president Zuma

'Powerful men in charge of entire countries capable of hurting billions can cause spiteful suffering too'

JONATHAN JANSEN: The dangers of trying to change schools by changing policy

'The government should not change the policy framework for school governance. It should rather work with white-dominant schools through persuasion, support, ...

TOM EATON: Grace 'The Hammer' Mugabe and the coup that wasn't a coup

'Of course‚ it’s not a coup. The man in the uniform‚ who had taken the TV station by force and who said he was now in charge of the country‚ was at pains to ...

TOM EATON: When you've packed your historical baggage

'As the herd forms, lowing gently, and then begins to shuffle towards that distant ramp, you can no longer ignore the parallels with a cattle truck or its ...

JOHN G I CLARKE: What Ronnie Kasrils shares with Olive Schreiner and Nikita Kruschev

'By 1892 Olive Schreiner, could no longer tolerate Rhodes’ lack of moral scruples. She met Rhodes and Sivewright in a final confrontation at Matjiesfontein ...

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: When Jacob Zuma looks in the mirror

'I wondered how Jacob Zuma must feel – vilified every day; ridiculed, lampooned, criticised, loathed'

JONATHAN JANSEN: Zuma's political calculations threaten the future of universities

'It would be bad politics for the president and former Mrs Zuma going into the party's election having set the campuses alight '

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