CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Depression is not just a white people’s thing

One in six South Africans suffers from depression, an astonishingly high number for a disease that some people think of as a white indulgence

William Kentridge: The barbarity of the ‘Great War’ told through an African lens

‘The Head & the Load’ shows that history is written to serve specific interests and that there are always victims of this endeavour

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Time has been an ogre for beleaguered Patricia de Lille

Patricia De Lille, who has resigned her position as Cape Town’s mayor and her DA membership, has finally called time, and what a waste her fight has been

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: SA's purple, bruised skin is not healing anytime soon

A spiritual sense of peace should exist in a Jacaranda blooming city, but that is not necessarily the case, writes Charmain Naidoo

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: The outrageous grilling of Cheryl Zondi

'Watching the proceedings in that courtroom made me feel like we were in another time, a darker time before we demanded sensitivity for victims'

JONATHAN JANSEN: An open letter to matric pupils

'I really wish an accomplished person had taught me life’s most important lesson – that there is no shortcut to success'

DAVID ISAACSON: Take note, Divan Serfontein, of Eugenie’s scar of honour

'A pain flashed up my spine – a pain I’ve never experienced before or since – and I physically had to resist the man-handling'

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Nene's resignation was astonishing. Let's hope it has set the bar higher

'Nene, to the utter astonishment of every South African, resigned. In so doing, he has become the first person in in the history of our new democracy to do so'

JONATHAN JANSEN: Don't rush to judge Nene if you're just as fallible. And you probably are

'Under the right conditions, most of us are susceptible to unethical behaviour'

DARREL BRISTOW-BOVEY: Praying for the medicane

'If the medicane comes now, it’s too late. Now it is just me and my mother and my grandmother and uncle Mercury. This life is very cruel'

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Madonna's to blame for my breathless pain

'I’m a hiking virgin – and therefore am terrified at the prospect wandering into unknown territory'

JONATHAN JANSEN: The seven habits of highly effective teachers

'Perhaps the most obvious habit of highly effective teachers is that they are masters of their subject'

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Trump's defence of Kavanaugh is another step down a dark road

'He’s getting worse. His latest insanity is the spirited defence of his nominee for the US Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh'

JONATHAN JANSEN: Schools are failing to transmit basic human values

'When those institutions fail in their duty to convey such connecting values, then our worst instincts such as violence and revenge kick in'

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: The legalisation of cannabis worries me. I'm an addict

'Anything that is even vaguely mind-altering, or addictive – and freely available – makes me worry'

DARREL BRISTOW-BOVEY: The checkered career of SA's draughts world champ

'I had never heard of Lubabalo Kondlo before this week, when the news broke that he had finally become world champion for the first time'

JONATHAN JANSEN: The strange fragility of post-apartheid students

'Are our SA students becoming too soft? I do not sense this kind of fragility among students in much poorer countries such as Mozambique'

DARREL BRISTOW-BOVEY: How to step into tomorrow without the worry

'The momentum that took him boldly toward the unknown has slowed, now he’s on the edge of it, and it feels like something deep and dark and empty and cold'

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Innocent Serena was cheated and bullied by an awful umpire

'Serena Williams was bullied on that court by that umpire. She was bullied – and shamed for her post baby body, for her full African American lips'

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Make no mistake, Markus Jooste knew exactly what was wrong with Steinhoff

'It took five decades to build Steinhoff; like those dominoes on that Ladysmith town hall floor, it collapsed in two days in what has become South Africa’s ...

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