Michelle Obama. Image: 123RF/ Visions Of America LLC
Michelle Obama. Image: 123RF/ Visions Of America LLC

While Donald Trump continued with his wild tweets on the media, Google and the mounting court convictions of his inner circle, three former US presidents appeared together at Senator John McCain's funeral.

The moment where George W. Bush shared some candy with Michelle Obama has gone viral.

CNET reported:

Bush and his wife, Laura, and Obama and his wife, Michelle, were seated next to each other, and during Sen. Joe Liberman's eulogy for McCain, CNN cameras caught a sweet moment that quickly went viral.

Bush was seen taking a piece of what looks like candy (or a mint or lozenge) from his wife, and surreptitiously passing it to Michelle Obama, who mouths a "thank you," while all four members of the former first couples smile.

In the midst of a solemn event, that one exchange between members of opposing political parties was seen by many as a message of hope and unity.