Meet Adila Chowan - the woman who brought down Mark Lamberti

'You’re black, you’re female, you’re employment equity, you’re technically competent. I would like to keep you – but if you want to go, go'

SABELO SKITI: Dudu's gone but SAA's new pilot is still flying rogue

'New CEO Vuyani Jarana - on whose equity the prospects of SAA rests - has placed himself at the centre of rather dubious procurement processes'

SHIRA OVIDE: How Netflix is taking over the world one screen at a time

'Netflix signed up 26 million net new subscribers for its streaming video service in the past year, the company disclosed Monday in its first-quarter earnings ...

BARRY RITHOLTZ: Conspiracies run deep. Or do they just want us to think that?

'However rare they may be, conspiracy theories spring to life because every once in a rare while real conspiracies do happen'

SHIRA OVIDE: Is Mark Zuckerberg embarrassed about what Facebook does for a living?

Zuckerberg found it hard to plainly acknowledge that Facebook tracks every move its users make

DAVID ADER: Why the next bear market will be deeper and longer

'Older people have wealth but neither the time nor mindset to recover from a bear market'

ROBERT BURGESS: How Donald Trump is destroying the markets

'U.S. companies are valued less now than before Trump was elected, despite the run-up in stocks, big corporate tax cuts, reductions in regulations, and booming ...

Inside the great R15bn medical aid swindle

Doctors, patients, brokers and syndicates are creaming off an estimated 10% of the more than R150-billion paid out every year

BRUTUS MALADA: Why politicians promising jobs are not to be believed

'With workers who come to work late, union members who strike, our youth who can’t even spell, there will be little or no incentive for companies to choose ...

JOSEPH G. CARSON: There's a new housing bubble. It's bigger than the last one

'The new tipping point comes from a sharp reversal in asset prices after a long period of large increases'

JOB AD: Senior web producer at BusinessLIVE

Here's your chance to join the team at one of South Africa's most innovative publishers

DAVID ADER: Why a US recession is coming, sooner rather than later

'The deficit has to be financed, and I suspect that will mean ever-higher rates, which will curb economic growth'

ANDREW POLK: How a US-China trade war will unfold

'China’s greatest leverage lies in inflicting tactical pain on companies that operate in China or are highly exposed to the Chinese market'

Trump throws a spanner in the steelworks, global markets tank

The U.S. president announced on Thursday plans to impose 25 percent tariffs on imported steel and 10 percent tariffs on foreign aluminum

There's a hole in the budget, dear Cyril, a hole!

The finance minister has to plug a 50.8 billion-rand ($4.4 billion) hole in the nation’s finances

LENA KOMILEVA: The shift in the markets that changes everything

Markets are at a critical point as the “global financial balance sheet” reprices

NOAH SMITH: Zero-sum thinking is just another way that war is waged

'Zero-sum thinking is replacing the win-win thinking that prevailed throughout much of the 20th century'

Has Elon Musk bitten off more than he can chew?

'Just on technological merits, Musk’s companies have already changed the world'

BITCOIN DIARY: Who really got hammered by the Bitcoin bust?

'If you’ve owned cryptocurrency for a long time, the big price drop hasn’t hit your net worth very hard - Bitcoin’s price is back to the same level as in ...

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