TONY LEON: In his new role, labour may be Tito Mboweni’s new nemesis

Even the most able ministers of finance do not make the economic weather, but can, if skilled and dextrous, navigate the head and tail winds

KATHARINE CHILD: Steinhoff's destructive cocktail of corporate greed, arrogance and entitlement

'There is nothing wrong with friendship and trust or clubs, but it is not the way you want to describe a board of directors of a multinational organisation'

ROBERT CYRAN: Can Mark Zuckerberg deal with Facebook's alarming existential crisis?

'Figuring out how to protect a site of over 2 billion users is extremely difficult, as its size and influence make it a tempting target for the most ...

ANN BERNSTEIN: The terrible truth about South Africa's jobs catastrophe

'Only about 43% of SA's adults work. In most countries, the figure is 60% or more'

LIAM DENNING: Elon Musk loses chairmanship of Tesla, but dodges a bigger bullet

'Given the apparent strength of the SEC’s complaint, with so much evidence typed and broadcast by Musk’s own hand, this surely counts as a win for him'

HARI KISHAN: US Treasuries about to send strong US recession signal

'At just 27 basis points now, the gap between two-year and 10-year notes is expected to shrink further to 17 basis points in a year from now, the narrowest ...

UDAY SAMPATH: How a controversial ad has boosted Nike sales by 60%

'The world's largest sportswear maker sold out far more items between Sept. 3 and Sept. 13 than in the 10-day period before the ad came out'

STEVEN BOYKEY SIDLEY: Is China pulling the wool over Ramaphosa's eyes?

Sri Lanka was recently forced to cede an entire port, Hambantota, to the Chinese

SHIRA OVIDE: Shiny new iPhones don't hide Apple's troubles

'Smartphone sales are stuck for both Apple and the industry at large. The company has cleverly managed to deflect and offset those painful facts'

Is it too late to buy Apple and Amazon shares?

'A bullish stance on the likes of Apple, Amazon and Alphabet has generated strong returns this year as well as in 2017'

The gaping holes in Markus Jooste's 'know-nothing' defence

'Instead, he blamed a former European partner, and auditing firm Deloitte, for the “uncertainty” that he claimed caused the slide in the share price'

JOB AD: Senior web producer at BusinessLIVE

Here's your chance to join the team at one of South Africa's most innovative publishers

LEONID BERSHIDSKY: Elon Musk's grim options - pull through or crash and burn

'If he does pull through, though, I’m pretty sure he’ll be able to hit the pillow and satisfy all the criteria of quality sleep, if only for four or five hours'

JAMIE MCGEEVER: Time to recall Greenspan's 'oasis of prosperity' warning

'The source of the increased stress the then-Fed chairman referred to is pretty much the same as the root of emerging markets’ problems today'

10 amazing facts about Apple, which has become a trillion-dollar company

Here are 10 fascinating facts about Apple, which has just crossed $1-trillion in market captitalisation

JAMIE MCGEEVER: Want to understand central banks? Start with the Hotel California lyrics

When it comes to extraordinary easing measures like QE and zero or negative interest rates, as The Eagles put it in ‘Hotel California’: “You can check out any ...

$15 billion wiped off Mark Zuckerberg's net worth in one day

'At least 16 brokerages cut their price targets on Facebook after Chief Financial Officer David Wehner startled an otherwise routine call with analysts by ...

BONGANI FUZILE: Massive electricity price rises are on their way to save Eskom

'By 2019/20 financial year expect a 30% electricity hike, followed by 50% the following year and 30% the other year. This is a reality'

MATT LEVINE: This, my friends, is how the market works. Now pay attention ...

'They provide incentives for very smart people to put a lot of time and effort and creativity into making prices correct, because correct prices are a valuable ...

LEONID BERSHIDSKY: Why open-plan offices don't work

In recent years, a number of big companies – IBM, Bank of America, Aetna, Yahoo! under former chief executive officer Marissa Mayer – cut back on their ...

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