THE STEINHOFF SAGA: The inside story of SA's biggest corporate meltdown

Read all four parts of this outstanding University of Stellenbosch Business School study into the rise and fall of Markus Jooste's Steinhoff

THE STEINHOFF SAGA: PART FOUR - Five do-or-die lessons for business

'Deep-seated stirrings of envy, greed, self-absorption, arrogance or a sense of entitlement could infiltrate people’s moral fibre at any stage – even those who ...

BARRY RITHOLTZ: How market volatility can damage your health. Literally

'A helplessness cycle is caused by the illusion of control. It is how most people operate'

The rise and rise of the big tech stocks

Four of the five so-called FAANG stocks – Facebook, Alphabet, Amazon and Netflix – surged to all-time highs on Wednesday, with only Apple spoiling a perfect ...

THE STEINHOFF SAGA: PART THREE - Arrogance, impunity and entitlement

'His sometimes unconventional tactics were driven by a seemingly unshakeable self-confidence'

THE STEINHOFF SAGA: PART TWO - The board that looked the other way

'Investors find Steinhoff impossible to analyse from one year to the next, given its frenzied deal-making. I can understand that feeling' - Marcus Jooste

THE STEINHOFF SAGA: PART ONE - The making of a corporate giant

The remarkable story of Steinhoff's growth, from its humble beginnings in Germany to its transformation into a massive global holding company

TONY LEON: When the millionaires flee your country, be afraid

'A 2016 survey by the same outfit noted that in 2015 South Africa lost 950 millionaires to emigration'

MATT LEVINE: The story of a really messed-up acquisition and a fired CEO's devious plan

'They talked amicably for a few minutes about the chairman’s recent foot surgery, then Keegan told Jacobson the board had given up on him'

BARRY RITHOLTZ: This is the most dangerous attitude an investor may have

'Pursuing alpha, or above-market returns, means you will occasionally forsake beta and matching the market'

BARRY RITHOLTZ: A tweetstorm every investor should read

'The trends of the past decade strongly imply that investors are starting to not only understand this, but change their own behavior in response'

JOB AD: Senior web producer at BusinessLIVE

Here's your chance to join the team at one of South Africa's most innovative publishers

DAVID FICKLING: Gold and the Keynesian beauty contest

'Investors are participating in a Keynesian beauty contest, with decisions driven more by expectations about the behavior of other market participants than any ...

Elon Musk's bizarre first-quarter earnings show stuns investors

'Musk was berating analysts for asking “boring” questions, the shares had plunged and any shred of predictability was out the window'

ALEX WEBB: I'm calling it - the Apple iPhone 'supercycle' is dead

'Numbers indicate between 20 million and 25 million fewer iPhone X sales than expected'

Meet Adila Chowan - the woman who brought down Mark Lamberti

'You’re black, you’re female, you’re employment equity, you’re technically competent. I would like to keep you – but if you want to go, go'

SABELO SKITI: Dudu's gone but SAA's new pilot is still flying rogue

'New CEO Vuyani Jarana - on whose equity the prospects of SAA rests - has placed himself at the centre of rather dubious procurement processes'

SHIRA OVIDE: How Netflix is taking over the world one screen at a time

'Netflix signed up 26 million net new subscribers for its streaming video service in the past year, the company disclosed Monday in its first-quarter earnings ...

BARRY RITHOLTZ: Conspiracies run deep. Or do they just want us to think that?

'However rare they may be, conspiracy theories spring to life because every once in a rare while real conspiracies do happen'

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