JAMIE MCGEEVER: How the rich are about to get a lot richer

'Some 230 million people around the world are set to move up to “middle class” status over the next five years, with two in five of those in China alone'

BITCOIN DIARY: Bits and pieces after the great market wobble

We had the swings and now we have the roundabouts as Bitcoin corrects. And US regulatory and enforcement actions are starting to mount up

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'This belongs in a James Bond movie but probably wouldn’t work very well in practice'

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'Bitcoin appears to be hauling in gold as the number one ill-considered (yet sometimes profitable) investment'

BARRY RITHOLTZ: 10 reasons forecasts are always wrong, wrong, wrong

'The data overwhelmingly show that as a species, we are simply awful at this'

AARON BROWN: Bitcoin's three plausible scenarios

'The concern of bitcoin skeptics is that it's a Ponzi scheme. The concern of true believers is that absorbing bitcoin into the global financial system would ...

BITCOIN DIARY: Bitcoin hits R100,000, just enough to buy Gigaba's shiny watch

'What this shows is that as the establishment starts to take a bite - even a small bite - of the crypto apple, the effect on the price is dramatic'

Insider tells how Trillian boss 'made hundreds of millions' out of Nene axing

Trillian CEO Eric Wood pocketed "hundreds of millions of rand" after buying up US dollars shortly before Nhlanhla Nene was sacked as finance minister in ...

BARRY RITHOLTZ: Five answers to the most difficult question: When should you sell?

'It seems like it should be a simple question, but it isn't. Actually, it's a loaded query that raises more questions than it answers'

BARRY RITHOLTZ: So, what's whipping the stock market into a frenzy?

'Experience informs us that people become bullish or bearish after they make a purchase or sale'

BITCOIN DIARY: Gigaba sucker-punch demonstrates crypto's rand-hedge potential. Who knew?

Bitcoin's bounce was not unrelated to Malusi Gigaba announcing to the world that South Africa has the fiduciary status of a chronic gambler at an ATM at ...

JOB AD: Senior web producer at BusinessLIVE

Here's your chance to join the team at one of South Africa's most innovative publishers

KYLE COWAN: Inside SAP's R106m Gupta bribe scheme

The company has labelled payments to Gupta companies as "sales commissions" on deals with state-owned companies Eskom and Transnet, worth R660-million

MATT LEVINE: Forget Karl Marx, index funds have a better chance of destroying capitalism

'If all the companies are owned by the same handful of big diversified investing institutions, and if those institutions have no interest in competition ...

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Bitcoin's early adopters are living the high life as the damn thing continues to surge despite the slings and arrows of outrageous bankers like Jamie Dimon

MATT LEVINE: Rio Tinto and the great Mozambican coal mine disaster

This week the Securities and Exchange Commission brought a fraud case against Rio Tinto plc and two of its former executives 'for inflating the value of coal ...

JOHN GI CLARKE: One just man standing

'Search the crop fields, river gorges and beaches of the Amadiba Wild Coast and you will find several just men and woman seeking the truth'

BITCOIN DIARY: Boom! Bitcoin is now bigger than Goldman Sachs

'The great Segwit sweat of August, the great Jamie Dimon knifing of September and the great Chinese back-stabbing of recent weeks are all distant memories now. ...

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'What are we to make of this juxtaposition between a seeming train wreck in Washington and a booming stock market?'

R50bn spent on SAA bailouts 'enough to buy Emirates' says business leader

'We have spent R50 billion on SAA since 1999. If we had not done that‚ we would have bought Emirates Airlines'