BITCOIN DIARY: After the fall, holes in the holy currency

'What other assets holders are possessed of such evangelical self-righteousness? Some actually say they 'believe' in Bitcoin as if it were some digital deity'

JARED DILLIAN: Back away from the punch bowl before the bubble bursts

'My definition of a bubble is when people make money out of all proportion to their intelligence or work ethic, and it seems to apply here'

JOE NOCERA: Bitcoin? It breaks my heart

'Whatever the original intention, Bitcoin has morphed into an asset whose only purpose is speculation'

Does micro-finance really alleviate poverty? The $34bn question

If micro-finance initiatives really work, why haven’t loan shares and predatory lenders died out, asks Frithjof Arp

BARRY RITHOLTZ: When to sell Bitcoin - a strategy

'I have no opinion on crypto valuations. Rather, this is simply a framework for those fortunate folks who want an answer to the issue above'

BITCOIN DIARY: It's the Wolves of Wall Street against the Ferrets of Geekdom

'The wolves of Wall Street are unlikely to leave a juicy carcass like this to the ravages of the squirrels of geekdom'

THE STEINHOFF FILES: Inside SA's biggest corporate meltdown

All the latest stories on the drama surrounding one of SA's largest companies as regulators close in

JAMIE MCGEEVER: Who knew? The global economy is booming

'The value of all goods and services produced globally this year will be around $80 trillion, which is expected to grow by about 3.5 percent next year, ...

LEONID BERSHIDSKY: Google and Facebook too can be disrupted. Brendan Eich thinks he knows how

Brave Software’s attempt to up-end the way ads are sold on the internet could be considered quixotic if not for Eich’s track record

How did Markus Jooste lose his billions?

Who is this man, until days ago regarded as a near-genius entrepreneur, whose reputation now lies in tatters?

CHARMAIN NAIDOO: Bitcoin: revolutionary currency of the future, or is it?

Nothing is ever just one thing. Life is nuanced and good people are bad, and bad people have redeeming characters, writes Charmain Naidoo

JOB AD: Senior web producer at BusinessLIVE

Here's your chance to join the team at one of South Africa's most innovative publishers

Don’t worry, bitcoin won’t melt the ice caps

It’s true that mining the digital currency uses an enormous amount of energy — but we need some perspective on this, writes Elaine Ou

MATT LEVINE: Securities watchdog halts silly initial coin offering, and leaves us none the wiser

The securities watchdog's move against PlexCoin was good entertainment, but didn’t tell us much about where it stands on cryptocurrencies, writes Matt Levine

BITCOIN DIARY: Grandma's in as the world rushes to help humanity (and get rich)

As boom markets go, Bitcoin is probably the biggest in living memory. Way, way, bigger than the dotcom bubble or the gold price rally of recent times

BITCOIN DIARY: Hey, ho and up she rises! Thanks to Old Mutual

'So, what's behind this new surge? The answer seems to lie in the decision by some pretty conservative institutional investors to start buying into crypto'

MATT LEVINE: Bitcoin futures trading is coming. This is how it will work ... or not

'If you're an institutional investor who wants exposure to bitcoin, a futures contract that trades on an exchange that you already use is very helpful. A scrap ...

Outflow of up to R100 billion possible if SA is downgraded

'Should both companies cut, rand debt would fall out of gauges including Citigroup Inc.’s World Government Bond Index, sparking outflows of 80 billion to 100 ...

BARRY RITHOLTZ: What does the US$450 million price of a Da Vinci tell us about the markets?

'Given the choice between quantifiable data or anecdotal tidbits, you should always choose the data'

JAMIE MCGEEVER: How the rich are about to get a lot richer

'Some 230 million people around the world are set to move up to “middle class” status over the next five years, with two in five of those in China alone'