HAL BRANDS: The bromance that's reshaping the world

'Russia and China had a vicious split in the 1960s. Now they are in a budding bromance'

ELI LAKE: Donald Trump is just a grotesque echo of Bill Clinton

'Friday's missile strikes in Syria encapsulate the Trump-Clinton parallel universe'

MICHAEL SCHUMAN: China has a secret weapon and it's not what you would think

It could choke sales of foreign products in China hitting business hard

TIMOTHY L. O'BRIEN: How Donald Trump's brain works - a case study

'Trump loathes Amazon because he conflates the company with the Washington Post'

NOAH SMITH: When rational market theory meets irrational human beings

'Typically, no one knows which trades are placed by the rational folks, and which are by misinformed speculators'

BARRY RITHOLTZ: How to invest while Donald Trump is the centre of attention

'Let me try to offer a few words of advice that might be helpful during the years of distractions that go hand-in-hand with the presidency of Donald Trump'

DANIEL MOSS: What a slip of the tongue reveals about a US-China trade war

'Both men muddied the waters more by refusing to clarify the status of the talks. Was it alive, dead or cryogenically frozen? Nobody could tell'

JONATHAN BERNSTEIN: The US is at a tipping point on gun control

'It's now completely possible, even likely, that politicians could decide this year to break from the paranoias that drive many of their decisions'

CASS R. SUNSTEIN: How your Facebook data ended up in the wrong hands

Offering a personality prediction, the app described itself on Facebook as 'a research app used by psychologists'

NOAH FELDMAN: The method in Donald Trump's madness

'No one knows exactly what you are going to do next. That makes it hard for your enemies to plot against you'

Investigator Mueller 'crosses red line' to probe Trump's private business affairs

Mueller's team has subpoenaed Trump's company, the Trump Organization, for records - including some related to Russia

Can Ramaphosa, Lourenço and Mnangagwa change Africa's fortunes?

'If they double down on the specifics of their new visions and empower those who are identified with change, there is more reason to be hopeful about their ...

JONATHAN BERNSTEIN: Trump reboots as the chaos flows free

'It's hard to think of a historical comparison to this level of staff turmoil'

JOHN LLOYD: The rising tide of global populism

'The liberals and the left that have governed have been decisively rejected in the United States, in the UK, in France, in Germany and now in Italy'

ALBERT R HUNT: Trump to meet Kim. What could possibly go wrong?

'Trump always wants a win. Kim wants punishing economic sanctions lifted and guarantees of long-term survival'

JENNIFER JACOBS: Trump economic adviser quits over looming trade war

'Cohn is a free-trade advocate who vociferously opposed Trump’s plan'

MICHAEL SCHUMAN: Will Xi prove autocrats are better than democrats at growing economies?

'The theory that authoritarian governments can impose policy consensus more easily than multiparty democracies holds some merit'

Putin announces 'array of new nuclear weapons' in bellicose speech

'Now they need to take account of a new reality and understand that everything I have said today is not a bluff'

SHULI REN: And the biggest risk to emerging markets is ...

'China's Minsky moment is coming. Bonds sold by local government financing vehicles, to fund projects for which municipalities have insufficient budgets, ...

JAMES STAVRIDIS: The US and China don't have to fight a war

'The goal, then, is to craft a sensible strategic approach that confronts China where we must, but cooperates where we can'

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