Mnangagwa to be sworn in today after besieged Mugabe quits

'Wild celebrations broke out at a joint sitting of parliament when Speaker Jacob Mudenda read out Mugabe’s brief resignation letter and suspended the ...

MILLS and HERBST: Zimbabwe after Mugabe - a way forward

'The onus will be on new leadership to make difficult but better economic policy choices'

TOM EATON: Mugabe's generals paused on the banks of the Rubicon

'A certain kind of leader is very big on "dignity", especially after he's crashed the economy of his country or sold it to foreign oligarchs'

BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: How Mugabe turned from reconciliation to hatred

'Incongruous as it may sound, Mugabe was a pathfinder in racial reconciliation. Nelson Mandela applied Mugabe's template. But unlike Mandela, Mugabe changed ...

10 pictures where Robert and Grace Mugabe were the life and soul of the party

Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace might be political pariahs, but they did set a new mark for political fashion with a series of tailored outfits that shook the ...

ELI LAKE: Who comes after Mugabe? Pick your vicious Mugabe clone

'This is not a moment of hope like the 2009 power sharing agreement was. It is really a power struggle between Grace Mugabe and Emmerson Mnangagwa'

LEONID BERSHIDSKY: The fall of the house of Mugabe

Hubris, a propensity for needless risk, picking the wrong successor and counterproductive violence all led to Mugabe's demise

'Leadership is not sexually transmitted'

As rebel, revolutionary, Machiavellian manipulator, and supreme leader, Robert Mugabe has been the face of Zimbabwe for so long that it’s almost impossible to ...

DANIEL MOSS: The shape of the world in 2030

'There was a pervasive sense that peak U.S. leadership has passed. That passing means a lot of assumptions need to be tested'

Zimbabwe military 'takes power', detains finance minister

In a short broadcast on national television, which was seized overnight by soldiers, a spokesman for the military said it expected “normalcy” to return as soon ...

JOHN LLOYD: Britain is melting down - fast

'The current mess is the result of the workings of democracy, which decreed opening the gates to the barbarians'

MICHAEL SCHUMAN: Trump, Xi and lose-lose diplomacy

'The Trump-Xi summit was a “lose-lose” proposition. By focusing on headline-friendly deals, the two leaders shunted aside the more difficult economic ...

JOSH COHEN: The risk of Israel and Iran going to war just ratcheted up

'IS losses have consolidated Iran’s strength in the region, allowing Tehran to establish a Shi’ite “land bridge” extending through Iraq, Syria and Lebanon to ...

JOHN LLOYD: Why the world should be watching Catalonia

'The widespread distrust of mainstream politicians and central governments, and the conviction that local populists would do a better job, now takes a concrete ...

TYLER COWEN: How Trump is dragging the Fed into the political mud

'By thinking out loud about the post and the candidates so much, Trump is removing that elevated air from the Fed'

JOHN LLOYD: Xi and the closing of the Chinese mind

'Xi wants to render independent journalism impossible and choke off China’s liveliest medium of criticism – social media'

GEORGE MKHWANAZI: Why Zimbabwe should be split into two states

'Matabeleland is bigger than Sierra Leone, Liberia, Malawi, Lesotho, Swaziland, Togo, Guinea Bissau, Rwanda, Burundi, Eritrea and Djibouti, all found in Africa'

MIHIR SHARMA: Inside India's slow-motion banking crisis

'Will India act to reduce government control over banks, and will it be clear and transparent about how it is spending its money?'

PETER VAN BUREN: The Middle East after ISIS

'For the moment, there seems to be an easing in the historic tensions between the two main – and often warring – branches of Islam'

Xi sweeps out top party structure, removing possible successors

Apart from Xi, Premier Li Keqiang was the only one to retain his spot amid sweeping changes on the Politburo Standing Committee