JAMES STAVRIDIS: The US and China don't have to fight a war

'The goal, then, is to craft a sensible strategic approach that confronts China where we must, but cooperates where we can'

JAMIE MCGEEVER: The $64-billion question - Are we in a bubble?

'With credit still so cheap and easily available, growth so strong, and volatility and inflation so low, why wouldn’t you load up on risky assets like stocks?'

MIHIR SHARMA: India's economic wrong turn

'Yields on India’s 10-year government security shot up 18 basis points after the budget was presented'

PETER APPS: How the US is losing the Arctic Cold War

'Last week, China issued its first white paper on its national Arctic strategy, pledging to work more closely with Moscow'

JONATHAN BERNSTEIN: Trump's self-congratulatory State of the Union speech

'Presidents usually struggle to rise above this annual occasion even if they are good at soaring - and soaring is not Trump's strength as a public speaker'

TOBIN HARSHAW: A strike against North Korea is unthinkable. Unless ...

'If you set a date final by which we have to see a solution or we will intervene, then you've got time to try to minimize the damage to Seoul through defensive ...

TIMOTHY L. O'BRIEN: Why Trump is about to be put through the shredder

'Trump ultimately had to admit 30 times that he had lied over the years about all sorts of stuff'

MIHIR SHARMA: How Modi missed the moment

'India is perfectly placed to be the sort of leader that an authoritarian China can never be, that a fractured Europe is failing to be, and that an ...

New dams in Africa could add risk to power supplies down the line

If climate change isn’t factored into dam design, infrastructure and its management, Africa’s reliance on hydropower could backfire, writes Declan ...

China steps into soft power vacuum as US retreats under Trump

China’s rise as the world’s leading soft power will not be without hurdles, but the Asian giant is indisputably on the rise, write Asit K Biswas ...

ZEV CHAFETS: Donald Trump teaches Palestinians about the new Middle East

Far from a blunder, the Jerusalem move was a strategic one, premised on the knowledge that the rest of the Arab world is far more concerned about Iran than ...

JOSH COHEN: There's a new sheriff in the Middle East

'The Sochi summit conspicuously did not include delegates from the United States or the European Union. And while its focus was on the Middle East, it’s clear ...

DANIEL R. DEPETRIS: The US is about to arm Ukraine. What could possibly go wrong?

'The package will reportedly include Javelin anti-tank missiles, weapons that could disable the hundreds of tanks that the Russian-supported separatists in the ...

JOHN LLOYD: A new world without the political centre

'As globalization accelerated, social democrats came to believe that they must rival governments of the right in attracting investment and encouraging ...

LEONID BERSHIDSKY: How Putin's patriotic frenzy is turning on him

'This brand of patriotism is a double-edged sword. In reality, nothing binds Putin's kleptocratic, oil-fed regime to the thin-skinned Russian nationalist's ...

Mnangagwa to be sworn in today after besieged Mugabe quits

'Wild celebrations broke out at a joint sitting of parliament when Speaker Jacob Mudenda read out Mugabe’s brief resignation letter and suspended the ...

MILLS and HERBST: Zimbabwe after Mugabe - a way forward

'The onus will be on new leadership to make difficult but better economic policy choices'

TOM EATON: Mugabe's generals paused on the banks of the Rubicon

'A certain kind of leader is very big on "dignity", especially after he's crashed the economy of his country or sold it to foreign oligarchs'

BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: How Mugabe turned from reconciliation to hatred

'Incongruous as it may sound, Mugabe was a pathfinder in racial reconciliation. Nelson Mandela applied Mugabe's template. But unlike Mandela, Mugabe changed ...

10 pictures where Robert and Grace Mugabe were the life and soul of the party

Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace might be political pariahs, but they did set a new mark for political fashion with a series of tailored outfits that shook the ...