BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: Trump’s midterm narcissism a taste of what the presidential campaign will look like

President Donald Trump become an embarrassment to many of his compatriots, and left America’s traditional allies around the world tearing their hair out in ...

JUSTICE MALALA: When most leaders would put aside partisan views, Trump divides the nation, again

The US president used both the pipe bombs and the synagogue shooting to remind Americans and the world that he is a Republican president first

JOHN LLOYD: How the culture wars are reshaping the media

'The dominance of the old media is under threat from the new'

JUSTICE MALALA: The growing horror of racial profiling

'Every day now, in the newspapers here, I read about some shocking case of racial profiling'

DAVID A. ANDELMAN: Will the Saudi crown prince fall over killing of Khashoggi?

'Riyadh certainly has never been known for its respect for human rights. But even Saudi Arabia hasn’t typically operated in such an unrestrained way. What’s ...

JOHN AUTHERS: When Brexit doesn't mean Brexit anymore

'Although there were only two options at the Brexit referendum in 2016 – stay or leave - there are now several more, none of which seem capable of commanding a ...

GREG MILLS: Lucky Goldstar and the Rockets. How to grow an economy against the odds

'Korea’s transformation from a poor, developing to a developed country is known as the ‘Miracle on the Han River’. But it was no miracle'

So, what happens when China's loans come home to roost? Here's a case study

'Cost escalations, hidden charges and other nasty surprises have soured one country after another on Chinese-led infrastructure'

FERDINANDO GIUGLIANO: What Trumponomics means for the rest of the world. And it's not good

The global slowdown looks largely induced by politics. And the prime suspect is Donald Trump and his desire to put 'America first'

MAYSAM BEHRAVESH: Trump's cold war with Iran is about to get hotter

One missile shown on Iranian state television carried the slogan: “Death to America, “Death to Israel, Death to al Saud”

ANDRÉS MARTINEZ: How Trump's mind works on trade

Trump can reap the benefits of the so-called Madman Theory, first posited by Italian political theorist Niccolo Machiavelli and associated at times with ...

DAVID FICKLING: The emerging market oil crisis is just beginning

'For much of the world’s population, we’re already at or near the worst levels endured during the 2008 price spike'

Which major leader does the world trust least? The answer is damning

The Pew Research Center found 70 percent of people surveyed across 25 countries this year said they lacked confidence in Trump

JONATHAN BERNSTEIN: Another fine Trump mess as Kavanaugh starts to crumble

'Kavanaugh was a poor choice from the point of view of good presidenting. The judge was certain to be a highly controversial selection from the start'

PETER APPS: The UN might not be perfect, but it's the world's best hope

'The greatest single achievement of the U.N. has probably been to preserve and build that spirit of international cooperation as something positive and worth ...

DAVID A ANDELMAN: Why Trump's tariffs aren't raising a sweat in China

'Many Chinese privately-held companies could profit from the attempted slowdown in American imports from China by increasing their marketing and sales to ...

JOHN LLOYD: Europe's dangerous drift and the only way to stop it

Macron has proposed a Europe of concentric circles, with an integrating core and increasingly weak adhesion to the Union in those states locating themselves in ...

PETER VAN BUREN: Are Trump's anonymous critics heroes or cowards?

'Disagreements over policy are not unique to the Trump administration. Nor are questions of competence'

MICHAEL SCHUMAN: This is why China is okay with a trade war

'The Chinese government is happy when its citizens buy locally made instead of American products'

TYLER COWEN: Is too much news bad for you?

'On just about every topic, it is possible to get access to virtually every possible point of view, usually at zero marginal cost'

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