DAVID A. ANDELMAN: Why China could win Trump's trade war

'China has little real need for America any more – not U.S. products, but especially not U.S. ideas. When thwarted, China has shown it can think up its own'

Zimbabwe's election and lessons for Cyril Ramaphosa

'The turmoil in Zimbabwe must be resonating uncomfortably in Pretoria, where Ramaphosa is wading deeper into the politically-treacherous issue of land ...

DAVID WADE: The astonishing truth behind former Trump campaign manager's trial

'It’s a trial about the astonishing ways in which Vladimir Putin effectively transformed Manafort into a Kremlin subsidiary, first in Ukraine and then in the ...

Chamisa claims victory in Zimbabwe election after 'results from 10 000 polling stations'

Several civil society groups are collating results in parallel with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) but are not allowed to release results before the ...

Zimbabwe goes to the polls as Mugabe haunts election

While the election may not be judged ‘free and fair’, analysts say it may be classed as ‘good enough’

JOHN LLOYD: Three liberal prophets of doom

'We now see much of the world threatening to return to an older, a more dangerous, a more brutal way of doing business'

Isabel dos Santos: The fall of Africa's richest woman

'In the past month, with a stroke of a pen, General João Lourenço has annulled the four egregious contracts. The former “princess” is crying foul'

JOHN LLOYD: A fish rots from the Trump

'When a U.S. president so lauds a man like Putin, when he treats a summit as a warm buddy-bath of meaningless assurances and compliments, then more than the ...

RAY NDLOVU: Countdown to Zimbabwe's do-or-die election

'Although the run-up to the elections has not been characterised by violence and intimidation - a strong feature of previous polls - there are indications of ...

MOHAMED A. EL-ERIAN: Still can't understand Trump? What does game theory tell us?

'The major question today is whether the current round of mounting trade tensions is a means to a better end - still-free but fairer trade - or an end in ...

JOHN LLOYD: Actually, a little Brexit chaos is a good thing

'The commentariat, and much of political opinion, have got what they have long lamented was absent – a democratic debate about an issue of cardinal importance'

ELIZABETH PIPER: Theresa May, the sphinx without a riddle

To detractors, she is a “sphinx without a riddle.” To supporters she is resilient and determined. One thing is uncontested: as top ministers resign from her ...

PETER APPS: How the West has lost its military edge

'The last time U.S. forces went to war without an overwhelming advantage was against Nazi German troops in North Africa in 1943'

BORIS JOHNSON: Why I am resigning - full text of letter to Theresa May

'We are truly headed for the status of colony - and many will struggle to see the economic or political advantages of that particular arrangement'

THERESE RAPHAEL: Theresa May is fighting for her political life after Boris exit

His departure, together with that of Brexit secretary David Davis, raises the risk she will now face a challenge to her leadership

JOHN KEMP: This is how Trump's oil war works

'Trump made the link between Iran sanctions and Saudi production policy explicit in a television interview with Fox News on July 1'

MARGARET TALEV: Trump and Putin are going to meet. What will they discuss?

'The president startled other Western leaders earlier this month when he said Russia should be re-admitted to the Group of Seven'

MIHIR SHARMA: Trump just gave protectionists the self-defence excuse they were looking for

'One of the unspoken dangers of Trump’s actions is that protectionists everywhere have been emboldened – and now have the alibi that they’re acting in ...

PATRICK BULGER: A tale of two scary clowns

'Does this living monument to abusing humans that is NoKo bother Trump?'

ADAM MINTER: Coming soon - the fully automated farm

'China, home to 1.4 billion appetites, is embracing this technology earlier and more vigorously than its peers'

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