DAVID A ANDELMAN: Why Trump's tariffs aren't raising a sweat in China

'Many Chinese privately-held companies could profit from the attempted slowdown in American imports from China by increasing their marketing and sales to ...

JOHN LLOYD: Europe's dangerous drift and the only way to stop it

Macron has proposed a Europe of concentric circles, with an integrating core and increasingly weak adhesion to the Union in those states locating themselves in ...

PETER VAN BUREN: Are Trump's anonymous critics heroes or cowards?

'Disagreements over policy are not unique to the Trump administration. Nor are questions of competence'

MICHAEL SCHUMAN: This is why China is okay with a trade war

'The Chinese government is happy when its citizens buy locally made instead of American products'

TYLER COWEN: Is too much news bad for you?

'On just about every topic, it is possible to get access to virtually every possible point of view, usually at zero marginal cost'

Nike has just done it - climbed into the political ring with the gloves off

'It’s hard to overstate how powerful the Nike brand is. The swoosh is among the most recognizable graphics on the planet'

DANIEL MOSS: What happens after China becomes the world's biggest economy?

'China’s economy is ascendant and will replace the U.S. as the largest around 2030. We don’t hear much about the next chapter.'

MARCUS ASHWORTH: Why this emerging market selloff looks contagious

'To stem the slide in its currency Argentina raised its key rate to a whopping 60 percent on Thursday, but the peso was still 30 percent weaker from Monday'

PETER APPS: Russian and Chinese war games send a strong signal to the world

'It’s a stark sign of how much risk these countries are willing to take on in their quest for military power – arguably significantly more than the United ...

WILLIAM SAUNDERSON-MEYER: There's an upside to Trump's tweet on land expropriation in SA

'His tweet, however misguided, was a timely reminder to all involved in the land issue – including the ANC and AfriForum – that the best solution would be an ...

John McCain’s final words - 'Don't hide behind walls, tear them down'

'We weaken our greatness when we confuse our patriotism with tribal rivalries that have sown resentment and hatred and violence in all the corners of the globe'

GINA CHON: RIP John McCain, maverick who took on Trump

'McCain was the odd one out in the Grand Old Party, which has long counted big finance as key donors and allies'

SATYAJIT DAS: Are we heading for an emerging market meltdown?

'True liabilities are hard to establish and investor control over funds can be limited'

$120m payday for Apple boss as share price powers up

'Cook stands to receive 280,000 shares tied to his continued service as chief executive officer'

DAVID A. ANDELMAN: Why China could win Trump's trade war

'China has little real need for America any more – not U.S. products, but especially not U.S. ideas. When thwarted, China has shown it can think up its own'

Zimbabwe's election and lessons for Cyril Ramaphosa

'The turmoil in Zimbabwe must be resonating uncomfortably in Pretoria, where Ramaphosa is wading deeper into the politically-treacherous issue of land ...

DAVID WADE: The astonishing truth behind former Trump campaign manager's trial

'It’s a trial about the astonishing ways in which Vladimir Putin effectively transformed Manafort into a Kremlin subsidiary, first in Ukraine and then in the ...

Chamisa claims victory in Zimbabwe election after 'results from 10 000 polling stations'

Several civil society groups are collating results in parallel with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) but are not allowed to release results before the ...

Zimbabwe goes to the polls as Mugabe haunts election

While the election may not be judged ‘free and fair’, analysts say it may be classed as ‘good enough’

JOHN LLOYD: Three liberal prophets of doom

'We now see much of the world threatening to return to an older, a more dangerous, a more brutal way of doing business'

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