Russell Domingo. Picture: SUPPLIED
Russell Domingo. Picture: SUPPLIED

Manchester — "This is definitely the departure lounge‚" Russell Domingo quipped as he stepped into a draughty stairwell at Old Trafford to talk about his future.

SA’s 3-1 series defeat was not yet cold out on the field on Monday‚ and important questions about their poor performance hung in the air like the smell of the champagne sprayed from the many bottles England’s jubilant players had uncorked.

But all those questions could wait for another: did Domingo still have a job?

"I haven’t spoken to anybody‚" he said. "All I know is what I’ve read in the media…."

Did it feel unfair to have to work with the uncertainty hanging over his head‚ which it has since January 28 — the day of a one-day international against Sri Lanka at St George’s Park that Cricket SA somehow thought was an opportune time to announce they were shopping for a new coach?

"It’s been a long time but, hopefully, there’ll be a little bit of finality in the next couple of days‚" Domingo said.

"I’m not sure what’s happening‚ but by all media accounts … there seems to be some process taking place."

His contract expired at the end of the England tour‚ which could mean his last payday will be at the end of August. Would he have enough in the bank to cover debit orders beyond that?

"You never have enough! That’s the life of a coach.

"[I’ll] try and find employment‚ I suppose‚ once I’ve had a discussion with [officials]. From what I’m reading, I’m assuming my time’s done."

Rumours Domingo is keen to coach SA A or the national under-19 side have surfaced. Was he interested? "I’ve got a young family; my roots are in SA; my family’s in SA. I want to stay in SA."


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