Rilee Rossouw. Picture: GETTY IMAGES
Rilee Rossouw. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

Russell Domingo could not believe his eyes when he realised that an e-mail from Rilee Rossouw stating his decision to turn his back on his country had also misspelt the national team coach’s name.

Domingo was particularly incensed that Rossouw had not communicated with him since the end of SA’s tour of Australia in early December and chose to break his silence when he announced his intention to take up a Kolpak contract with English county side Hampshire.

"I’m really disappointed with Rilee and I haven’t heard from him since we left Australia‚" a seething Domingo said.

"Someone has been trying to get hold of him and there was an e-mail response from an iPhone from his father saying his son has taken up a Kolpak contract‚ and he also spelt my name wrong with one L instead of two. "I’m bitterly disappointed because he was the next batsman in and he has played in all our structures.

"He’s the guy we backed after five noughts and if it was a player of colour we backed after getting five noughts‚ everybody would have said transformation. He got five noughts but we thought this is the guy who could play at the closest level to AB de Villiers in the limited overs setup."

Rossouw’s malevolence in terms of announcing his exit to Domingo left the mentor with a bee in his bonnet.

The bad faith in which Rossouw announced his departure upset Domingo‚ especially after he also had to deal with Kyle Abbott’s Kolpak contract-enforced retirement.

Cricket SA has terminated Abbott’s national contract and will also Rossouw’s.

The displeasure in Domingo’s voice was evident in the face of the duo’s betrayal.

"There have been issues that have not been discussed and issues players have not been honest about. I’ve picked players and they’ve known what they’re done‚ which sets me and the team back massively because Kyle was going to take the new ball for us in the Champions Trophy. Who’ll take the new ball for us 10 matches before the tournament starts?

"Players need to understand these things and also be open and honest.

"If Kyle didn’t have an idea of being back then I don’t know.

"I had discussions with Kyle six to eight months ago encouraging him to hang in and stay within the side while the main bowlers were fit.

"I thought it had subsided until two days ago and I’m disappointed that all of this has unfolded without us being able to make a sales pitch to him in terms of what we can offer him," he said. "Nobody is guaranteed a place in the national team."

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