Danny Jordaan. Picture: SOWETAN
Danny Jordaan. Picture: SOWETAN

Safa boss Danny Jordaan is facing new criminal charges after a prominent author who is also the niece of a top politician opened a case of sexual harassment against him this week.

The Sunday Times reports that the 40-year-old research consultant opened a case against Jordaan at Parkview police station in Johannesburg this week — just over a month after former ANC MP and musician Jennifer Ferguson opened a case of rape against Jordaan.

The latest case emerged as Ferguson’s affidavit to police, revealed here for the first time, gives a graphic account of the alleged rape.

"The bedroom door opened and he entered without my permission. By then I was semi-naked. He forcefully took me … and I could not defend myself. I entered [a] state of shock."

Jordaan has denied the rape allegations and is yet to appear in court.

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