Obed Bapela. Picture: THE TIMES
Obed Bapela. Picture: THE TIMES

Traditional leaders have scored a major victory at the ANC conference, with the party resolving to transfer to them ownership of the 13% of the land currently under their custodianship.

The ANC commission of governance and legislature said communities would decide what to use the land for after title deeds are handed over to traditional authorities.

The land is under the control of municipalities as per the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act, which traditional leaders rejected when it was implemented in 2015.

Communities would also have the power to decide on the form of title deeds they want at the point of transfer.

The ANC’s Obed Bapela said the policy included restrictions which would determine the conditions for land use to ensure land did not lie fallow.

"We are saying it is doable and only it is going to be done legally, when we do it there will be conditions like the security of tenure for those who are living on that land … because we live in a constitutional democracy and they ought to enjoy all the rights that all South Africans enjoy," he said.

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