Mbuyiseni Ndlozi. Picture: Picture: SUNDAY TIMES
Mbuyiseni Ndlozi. Picture: Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

EFF MP Mbuyiseni Ndlozi criticised the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) for being "a super high school that is still trying to mimic and protect white supremacy".

Ndlozi was addressing Wits students during the EFF student representative council (SRC) election rally, held on the stairs of the Great Hall on Monday.

The EFF national spokesperson called on students not to retreat from their call for free, decolonised education and curriculum development.

"Part of why white people feel the amount of arrogance that they feel is because of universities like Wits. It remains a colonial monument that is sustaining white supremacy in SA‚" said Ndlozi.

"That is what it will remain‚ until it opens its doors and people enter to study here on the basis of being academically deserving‚ not because of how deep their pockets are. The stupidity of western civilisation is part of what this place represents: to think that access to something that has do with brains must be about money‚" he said‚ as the audience applauded.

Ndlozi urged Wits students to vote for EFF Student Command (EFFSC) candidates in the upcoming elections‚ because he said they were selfless and genuinely represented the interests of poor South Africans.

"A revolutionary message is arriving and penetrating even in the most white schools. The three Maritzburg College boys who are charged for simply saying they want the land back — they were plugging into a generational mission that in our lifetime we are going to take back the land.

"By voting for the EFFSC you will be sending a warning shot to the system that our generational mission is making progress‚" said Ndlozi.

Before the address‚ a moment of silence was observed for a Wits student who committed suicide at the weekend. The 19-year-old jumped from the sixth floor of a building in Braamfontein. She was an active member of the EFFSC.

"This morning we are mourning. We lost one of our own. A leader that was a deployee of the EFF here on campus. She was a treasurer and a committed deployee of the EFF‚" said Ndlozi.

The Wits SRC is calling for a review of support for students living off campus following this tragic incident. It said the institution needs to prioritise mental health‚ as many students are at risk of depression.

Tributes for the student are still streaming in on social media.

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