The Uber logo on a vehicle. Picture: REUTERS/ROBERT GALBRAITH
The Uber logo on a vehicle. Picture: REUTERS/ROBERT GALBRAITH

Uber drivers are demanding a bigger piece of the pie‚ telling the company they want more cash from each trip.

This is the chief demand handed over to the company on Tuesday‚ as about 400 Uber and Taxify operators assembled at the company’s offices in Kramerville‚ northern Johannesburg‚ to hand over a memorandum containing a list of demands.

The main demand was that Uber operators get a bigger share from their profit-sharing agreement with the company. The striking operators demanded that Uber reduce the 25% share it deducted from every operator’s trip. The operators described Uber’s share as "theft" in their memorandum‚ and demanded that it be reduced to 15%.

They also demanded that operators have representatives on the company’s board of directors; as well as demanding a stop to new entrants to the cab-hailing applications market‚ claiming these platforms were "saturated".

However‚ Uber Sub-Saharan Africa GM Alon Lits was not available to receive their memorandum — prompting the striking operators to demand that a senior representative from the company receive it. After negotiations‚ two representatives from the strikers were allowed inside to present the demands.

The operators first assembled at Zoo Lake in Parktown before driving their vehicles to Uber’s office. Before the drive to Uber‚ a number of Uber and Taxify drivers who did not heed the call for a shutdown of services were stopped and had their cellphones — an essential tool in ensuring the application works — taken away from them. However‚ they were allowed to ferry their customers to their destinations and to collect their phones at the assembly point.

A similar memorandum was expected to be handed at the Taxify offices in Bryanston later on Tuesday.