Picture: EAZI.COM
Picture: EAZI.COM

After 12 months of development and six months of beta testing, eazi.com – South Africa’s first property marketplace – officially launched on September 1 2017.

“Our primary goal is to make buying and selling your home easier while increasing the value of your investment,” CEO Shaun Minnie explains.

“The South African property landscape has fundamentally changed in the last few years,” says Minnie. “Information that used to be available only to estate agents is now available to buyers and sellers. In addition, technology is making the process much more efficient. We believe this must translate into tangible benefits for the transacting parties.”

What makes eazi.com different?

Eazi.com CEO Shaun Minnie. Picture: SUPPLIED
Eazi.com CEO Shaun Minnie. Picture: SUPPLIED

“We are fundamentally improving the way in which homes are bought and sold. Our proprietary technology allows buyers and sellers to transact in an informed and transparent yet secure manner – something completely new to the residential property market,” says Minnie. “We include everything you would expect from a traditional estate agent, as well as a whole lot more.”

The “whole lot more” refers to a range of unique features that benefit both sellers and buyers.

Unique features for sellers

  • The eazi.com platform allows sellers to easily list their property (or they can call eazi.com to do it for them).
  • They can change their property listing price, images and other details online at any time.
  • Eazi.com commissions a video walkthrough, drone footage and professional photographs of every property. 3D imaging and floor plans can also be scheduled.
  • Viewings are easily arranged via the online viewing calendar or through the eazi.com support team.
  • Sellers receive offers online 24/7.
  • They can accept or decline offers online, or instruct eazi.com to negotiate further.
  • When offers are received, potential buyers who have shown interest in the property are automatically informed and can submit an improved offer. This ensures the best market price is achieved.

Unique features for buyers

  • The eazi.com platform allows buyers to see the location of the property and view a video walkthrough, which cuts down on unnecessary viewings.
  • A condition report of the property is also available online.
  • The value of any current or recent offers made on the property are displayed alongside the listing.
  • Buyers can see the sale values and addresses of all properties sold in the area.  
  • Viewings are easily arranged via the online viewing calendar or through the eazi.com support team.
  • Buyers can make offers online 24/7. They are automatically informed if any other offers are received and the value of those offers, so they can improve their offer if they wish.
  • While considering a property, buyers can register to be updated on offers received for that property, so they don’t lose out on the opportunity.

How much does it cost?

“We don’t believe your investment should be diluted by commission,” says Minnie.

Customers pay a one-off transaction fee of R29,500 only on the successful sale of their property.

For now, eazi.com is focused on Cape Town, but it has plans to launch in other major cities over the next few months.

Find out more at www.eazi.com.

This article was paid for by eazi.com.

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