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Implats finalises take over of Canadian miner for R11bn

Allan Seccombe

Implats spreads its risk away from SA and Zimbabwe as it finalises its cash deal to take over Canada’s largest palladium miner

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Is sending Christmas cards a joyful ritual of reciprocity or just plain creepy?

Tim Harford

The better quality the Christmas card, the more likely you’ll get a response, and even the dogs will be welcome, writes Tim Harford

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Uncertainty over with Brexit finally a reality

Robert Shrimsley

Boris Johnson’s Conservatives have won the election but a nationalist surge in Scotland could herald another independence referendum

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Wanted Online: Lexus has launched its ultimate status symbol, the LY 650 sports yacht

Mark Smyth

The luxe car brand takes to the seas with its first-ever LY 650 yacht

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LETTER: Lawrence MacDougall must go

He should do the right thing and resign with immediate effect instead of hanging around collecting a fat salary while shareholders are counting their losses

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LETTER: Immigration fuels joblessness

The truth is that SA has no control of its borders, and as long as foreigners can pour into the country, the unemployment rate will not improve

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US began trade war with no clear idea of its aims, and it seems will end it in same way

If little has been achieved when leverage was at its highest, even less is going to be achieved once that leverage is ratcheted back down, David Fickling

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