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Karpowership wants suspension of authorisation lifted as deadline looms

Denene Erasmus

Authorisation for floating gas-to-power plant in Richards Bay was appealed by environmental lobby groups

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BAT burns, Rupert’s Reinet catches the smoke

Stock plunges 10.08%, wiping R146bn off company’s market cap

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MARKET WRAP: JSE and rand boosted by signs of cooling US labour market

Lindiwe Tsobo

Survey shows US firms added far fewer jobs than expected in November with key unemployment data due on Friday

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Battle lines drawn as NHI Bill now in the hands of the president

DA plans to refer the bill to the Constitutional Court

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JUSTICE MALALA: The problem with ‘me, me, me’ politics

If a candidate cannot bring themselves to work with others in a political party they dominate, how will they bring a nation together?

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TRISTEN TAYLOR: A perfect storm for a nuclear accident is brewing at Koeberg

The global IAEA watchdog has serious concerns and says the conditions conducive to a mishap are present

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ANTON HARBER: Bill sets the stage for state capture 2.0

Series of bills highlights why South Africans need to be vigilant against the steady encroachment on free speech

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