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Toys are still us: a community fable for Christmas

Andrew Hill

Once upon a time, there was a little neighbourhood toy shop — but then, surprising everyone, it stayed in business, writes Andrew Hill

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FT COLUMN: Conventional wisdom on Japan is wrong

Martin Wolf

The anchoring of inflation expectations appears so strong — at about zero in Japan — that wages and prices remain sticky, writes Martin Wolf

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PETER BRUCE: How Steinhoff has exploded the myth of Afrikaner business

'The essence of South African capitalism's disease is that business chases short-term gain at the expense of long-term stability'

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JAN-JAN JOUBERT: Why it is impossible to call the ANC presidential vote

Jan-Jan Joubert

'As the delegates head to Nasrec, there are four interrelated aspects that ensure analysts are loath to call a result too early'

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America has struck a blow against freedom of speech

Moves against ‘foreign propaganda’ open the door for repressive governments to act against US and other news media in their countries, writes Leonid Bershidsky

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As rivals tend their bruises, Ivan Glasenberg in seeking to buy or build everything in sight

Only Vale matches Glencore’s stinginess when it comes to rewarding shareholders, and its capex budget is just a quarter of its highest levels, writes David Fickling

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EDITOR’S LUNCHBOX: Collapsing companies expose the myth of ethnic business bonds

’Bama bad boy, Roy Moore, gets beaten, and Trump is gracious about it. Just kidding! Nobody’s buying his backhanded compliment of a tweet

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