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BOOK REVIEW: AI and the future of human beings all comes down to one word: control

Richard Waters

Stuart Russell’s book is a serious overview of the artificial intelligence challenge

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Reopening Large Business Centre the first step towards Sars’s recovery

Lynley Donnelly

The revenue service faces the dual challenges of poor economic growth and the damage done by state capture in its battle to collect revenues, says commissioner Edward Kieswetter

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SIM TSHABALALA: How the robot revolution has changed banking

Sim Tshabalala

Huge personal computers and old-style bankers have given way to breathtaking changes, technological and human alike

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Where it began: the young upstart who launched the Financial Mail

Marc Hasenfuss

Former whizz-kid who was instrumental in the launch of the FM in 1959 reflects on the birth of the magazine and its early years

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EDITORIAL: Looming bidding war for Just Eat a test of Naspers’s prudence

Prosus will either squander its $6bn windfall from Tencent or squander an opportunity to chart a new path

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Russia is making other coal exporters’ lives really difficult

As the lowest-cost coal supplier, and with state-supported infrastructure, Australia stands to lose the most in the coal wars, writes Clyde Russell

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