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SARS senior manager of tax research and development Prenesh Ramphal talks to Business Day TV about the VAT panel’s recommendations

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THE FT COLUMN: The Prague Spring still haunts Europe

Tony Barber

Doctrinaire ideologies and political practices, including the intolerant dogmas of today’s radical right and left, contain the seeds of their own downfall, writes Tony Barber

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BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI: Can Cyril Ramaphosa ride the land tiger or will it devour him?

Barney Mthombothi

The ANC, ensnared by the EFF, has agreed to change the constitution to allow for private land to be usurped without compensation. The president is lamely going along

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CAROL PATON: DA’s growth creates identity crisis around race and liberalism

Carol Paton

Moving on to try to capture a share of the African vote, the DA found it was no longer a liberal party

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NEVA MAKGETLA: Ailing state companies have bigger flaws than just graft

Neva Makgetla

Chasing corrupt individuals is obviously necessary, but the SOEs need much deeper systemic change

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LETTER: State must end illicit sales first to prevent the failure of another tobacco bill

If Savera Kalideen has ideas about what can be done now about the illicit tobacco trade, and not just what can be done in the distant future, we would love to hear them

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STREET DOGS: Buybacks done at shareholders bidding

Apple has spent $20.8bn buying back its own stock and so far in 2018 has tripled its share repurchases over the first half of 2017.

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Will gold ever catch a break?

Recent positive demand numbers from top consumers India and China have been dashed by the Turkish crisis, writes Clyde Russell

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