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RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Manyi has plenty to say about ‘mini-VBS’ GCIS, but on ANN7, not so much

Ranjeni Munusamy

Former spokesperson says he is ready for lawyer ‘itching’ to cross-examine him as long as they ‘stick within the rules'

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Wanted Online: Five new developments open to foreign buyers in Mauritius

Joan Muller

From Grand Baie to Tamarin, Joan Muller details the new developments in Mauritius

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Parliament should reject Theresa May’s rotten Brexit deal

Philip Stephens

Beyond the uncontroversial bits, the essential parameters would leave Britain markedly poorer, weaker in the pursuit of its national interests and less secure, writes Philip Stephens

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JONATHAN JANSEN: Our scorn for education fuels the outrage about VC salaries

Jonathan Jansen

By branding these highly qualified people as overpaid parasites we risk replacing them with incompetents

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EDITOR’S LUNCHBOX: Which one of Discovery Bank, TymeBank and Bank Zero will be calling you?

Rob Rose writes that a quick conviction of former Steinhoff executives is unlikely, and Trump nominates controversial former Saffer Lana Marks to be the next US ambassador to SA

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RANJENI MUNUSAMY: The US establishment misread Trump. Let’s not make the same mistake

America has a presidency built on lies, racism and attacks on the press — and there are signs SA could be headed down the same road

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Food security in Africa depends on rethinking outdated water law

A hybrid approach to regulating water use is already in use because water authorities lack the resources to raise awareness and to process and enforce millions of permits

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