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Tanking currencies are bad news all round

Jonathan Wheatley

For both trade and investment, traditionally the twin engines of emerging-market growth, the strengthening dollar looks like bad news, writes Jonathan Wheatley

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THE FT COLUMN: Autocrats have their problems too

Philip Stephens

The death of democracy is trumpeted today as loudly as the end of history once was, writes Philip Stephens

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JAMIE CARR: Mazor: Reality check for new dawn

Jamie Carr

Mazor is taking a cautious approach in the medium term, waiting for the return of real business confidence

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STEPHEN CRANSTON: Lessons from Latin America

Stephen Cranston

SA investors have found evergreen shares in South America

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LETTER: Grahamstown’s recovery is coming on nicely

Concerted effort by civil society organisations, and offering government solutions rather than complaints, is the best way to improve service delivery

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LETTER: SA Express responds to Financial Mail

We deny allegations that paint Tebogo Brian van Wyk as the mastermind behind alleged multimillion-rand corruption in the reopening of the Pilanesberg airport

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EDITOR’S LUNCHBOX: Will S&P Global Ratings be moved by SA’s Ramaphoria?

First it was state capture — now it’s Burger King and Dunkin’ Donuts capture! Then there’s spoofing, wash trades — and the murky world of bitcoin trading

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