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From tough talk on saving Eskom and Sars, to increases on tax on alcohol and cigarettes - we take a look at which aspects of Finance Minister Tito Mboweni’s 2019 budget will hit close to home.

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State mining company gets the edge on Optimum bid with R1bn funding deal

Lisa Steyn

Consortium led by AEMFC will restart and manage the coal mine and is in pole position to buy assets once they are back up for sale

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What will AngloGold do with its Mponeng mine in SA?

The mine has an eight-year life after a $350m investment, but a decision to spend billions more on giving the mine a 20-year life has to be made within two years

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Top insurer gets a R40m rebuke from furious judge

Dave Chambers

Chrisopher Watson sued Renasa and won, and also won in the SCA, but pending another hearing on the size of the payout, Renasa still refused to hand over even the amount it agreed it owed

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Wanted Online: Remembering Karl Lagerfeld: Seven things you might not have known

Sarah Buitendach

His eye, his pronouncements, his take on the iconic Chanel suit: they were what defined a master. Mind you, so did his eccentricities ...

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There is little Treasury can do to avoid further deterioration in budget deficit

SA’s fiscal challenges are underpinned by a downward trend in revenue collection and an over-reliance on borrowing, writes Olivier Serrao

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EDITOR’S LUNCHBOX: The EFF may be the ANC’s kryptonite

When it comes to Eskom, unions may say ‘no’ only because it is easier than coming up with solutions

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Prescribed assets will be brought in via ANC’s Trojan horse

The PIC Act is merely a prelude to prescribed assets — which the ANC added to its manifesto in a dubious way, writes Alf Lees

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