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Liberty halts the sale of its income protector products

Warren Thompson

Uncertainty about Covid-19 pandemic makes it too difficult to responsibly price new cover, insurer says

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Retail tenants receive Covid-19 rent relief package from landlords

Alistair Anderson

Property owners to sacrifice at least R2bn in rentals and related costs for the 21-day lockdown period

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Housing tenants encouraged to apply for rental leniency

Alistair Anderson

Residential renters cannot just stop paying their landlords rent and should rather negotiate

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MARKET WRAP: JSE and rand firmer on improved global risk sentiment

Lindiwe Tsobo

The local bourse recorded gains for a second trading session, as investors grow more optimistic that the spread of Covid-19 may have peaked

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STEVEN FRIEDMAN: Wars kill people, fighting epidemics saves them

War talk by governments and health authorities fuels trends that are taking us backwards

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IAN BREMMER: Covid-19 has shown that our geopolitical system is broken

While the coronavirus is the first genuine crisis of our geopolitically leaderless world, it is speeding up many geopolitical trends already in motion

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SIFISO SKENJANA: Enduring Covid-19 through an expectancy value theory lens

Success is often tied to motivational factors, and this needs to capitalised on in the fight against the pandemic

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