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MARKET WRAP: JSE has worst day in 11 years as coronavirus spread continues

Odwa Mjo

The global death toll for the virus climbed to more than 2,500 on Monday

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JSE slumps to biggest loss since 2008 financial crisis as virus spread fuels global panic

Odwa Mjo and Lindiwe Tsobo

Rand also under pressure as investors await finance minister Tito Mboweni's budget statement on Wednesday amid growing scepticism he'll deliver on budget cuts

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THE LEX COLUMN: Money needs to be laundered in China

The coronavirus cannot survive on banknotes for more than a few hours, but authorities are playing it safe

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CAROL PATON: Without private sector help there are few options left to stop debt crisis

Carol Paton

Finance minister Tito Mboweni can  impose spending cuts, raise taxes and increase VAT or simply await a Moody’s downgrade

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LETTER: Inactivity in Hlophe case lets evil flourish

Damning information is already available about the judge president

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LETTER: Tito Mboweni should use only one tax: VAT

There are no loopholes and it requires far less administration to collect and police

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LETTER: Reckless Ramaphosa

Ramaphosa's comment to the AU on expropriation without compensation will one day haunt him

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