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A2X CEO Kevin Brady talks to Business Day TV about the exchange’s performance over the past year and its plans for the future

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THE FT COLUMN: Saudi Arabia: how the Khashoggi killing threatens to upend prince’s project

Andrew England and Simeon Kerr

Riyadh is grappling with Saudi Arabia’s biggest diplomatic crisis with the West since 9/11, write Andrew England and Simeon Kerr

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RANJENI MUNUSAMY: Julius Malema and the media's tortured narrative

Ranjeni Munusamy

'It is no secret that many people are fearful of Malema and his tirades at public events, media briefings and on Twitter. Some journalists self-censor'

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JUSTICE MALALA: The growing horror of racial profiling

Justice Malala

'Every day now, in the newspapers here, I read about some shocking case of racial profiling'

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Transnet CEO fired, but the battle is not over

Genevieve Quintal

The board's chair says Siyabonga Gama failed to make representations on why he should not be axed

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Ann Crotty Writer-at-large

ANN CROTTY: Countering the kangaroo court mentality

Nene was axed more for what the ‘Zuptas’ did than for anything he did

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FRED KHUMALO: A hot meal for an angry man

The restaurant was serving an elaborate buffet. Not your boring Sunday hotel spread but a colourful, spicy and aromatic smorgasbord

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FRED KHUMALO: Gratuitous payments and gratuitous pleasure

The VBS saga has taught us gratuitous payments are deeply suspect, but there’s nothing wrong with gratuitous pleasure as served up here

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