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Chris Holdsworth, chief investment strategist at Investec Wealth and Investment talks, about the various indicators that point to rising inflation

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IA Bell and John Deere await Takeover Regulation Panel decision

Alistair Anderson

Largest shareholder permitted to buy out US-based John Deere

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JP Morgan to boost local fintechs servicing spaza shops

Warren Thompson

With partner BFA, the bank aims to expand the adoption of technology in the industry and help protect jobs

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MTN Nigeria focuses on registration laws as earnings rise

Mudiwa Gavaza

MTN Nigeria has been verifying the identity of millions of its Nigerian clients  in line with new regulations

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Hyprop results give hope to other Reits

Alistair Anderson

Owner of some of SA's  best shopping centres says shoppers are returning in droves

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Liquor industry has a lot to answer for

The alcohol business takes far more than it gives through taxes, tourism and jobs

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BUSI MAVUSO: Unemployment takes a far greater toll on black women

That black women with jobs are paid the least for similar labour makes the picture even grimmer

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JONATHAN COOK: Citipreneurship can fill the gaps in local government

Ordinary people can work together to supply services and civic leadership outside the usual channels of government

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