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The iconic Fireman's Arms in Cape Town caught fire at about 3am on November 21 2019. The pub is one of the city's oldest and most loved venues. It was established in 1864. Owner Kevin Phelan said the blaze occurred in the beer garden. The cause is not yet known.

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Will the price gamble pay off for cement makers?

Cement is in low demand due to cheaper imports and the downturn in economic activity

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Brexit talks: brutal reckoning awaits the UK

Jim Brunsden, Sam Fleming and Alan Beattie

After a 46-year relationship with Europe, untangling and renegotiating deals will be tough and take years

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KEVIN MCCALLUM: Longing for those warm arms of the Fireman’s

Kevin McCallum

Cape Town’s oldest sports bar still has a lot of life in it despite the beer garden burning down

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ISAAH MHLANGA: If the boat isn’t rocked, we’re in for a warm Christmas

Isaah Mhlanga

Markets have been volatile in 2019, but there appears to be some calm on the horizon, unless Brexit explodes

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BRYAN ROSTRON: SAA workers bear the brunt while corrupt bosses fly high

If the national airline goes bust is it really the fault of workers rather than former SAA chair Dudu Myeni and Jacob Zuma?

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ANTHONY BUTLER: How De Ruyter got to ‘assume the position’

Goings on behind the scenes in selecting Eskom’s new CEO would make a hilarious comedy

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PETER HAIN: SA must implement financial action task force recommendations on money laundering

The country should also establish a body such as the UK’s joint money laundering steering group without delay

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