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Anglo looks at internal appointment after surprise departure of CEO

Allan Seccombe

Anglo shuns external platinum bosses, some of whom are available for a new job, to find Chris Griffith's replacement inside the group

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Platinum could make up for palladium shortage, says Amplats CEO

Allan Seccombe

Chris Griffith sees the white metal as an easy solution for catalytic converters

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Intu seeks to increase executives’ long-term rewards

Alistair Anderson

British mall owner wants to increase share awards to its managers despite its loss of market value

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Amplats shows the effects of Eskom blackouts

Amplats’s R1.5bn of lost production highlights devastation Eskom is causing

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How the coronavirus has infected China Inc

Economic slowdown is likely to bite into earnings by 10% to 20% for months and hamper Chinese companies' ability to pay their debts

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Loathed ‘mansion tax’ the most workable for Britain

Levied to finance local government it is hardly the attack on the wealthy it is made out to be

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NEIL MANTHORP: ‘Sandpaper Saturday’ not the only chafe SA cricketers have had to bear

Cricket SA treated players despicably — and those who appointed Thabang Moroe are still there

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