EFF leader Julius Malema. Picture: ALAISTER RUSSELL
EFF leader Julius Malema. Picture: ALAISTER RUSSELL

A new poll shows that the EFF is eating President Cyril Ramaphosa's lunch.

According to an Institute for Race Relations (IRR) survey, Julius Malema's party has doubled its support to 13% while the ANC has dropped from 62% to 52% — only just holding on to its majority. 

The poll said party support countrywide is as follows:

• The EFF is polling at 13% 

• The ANC is polling at 52% 

• The DA is polling at 23%

In addition, the IRR said no party enjoyed a clear majority in Gauteng, signaling that the province, like its major cities Tshwane and Johannesburg, could be governed by a coalition.

"Land reform polls worst as a priority government issue," the IRR said.

The poll was conducted between August 22 2018 and September 4 2018, and canvassed just less than 1,000 registered voters. 

Below are the detailed results (click on image to enlarge):

Source: IRR
Source: IRR