The EFF is adamant that is it not responsible for the closure of the Smokehouse and Grill restaurant in Johannesburg.

EFF members demonstrated at the Braamfontein restaurant last Thursday. They had demanded an apology for the racist behaviour of shareholder Adam Catzavelos.

The restaurant issued a statement on Sunday saying that it was closing its doors and confirmed the loss of 29 jobs.

Catzavelos has become a notorious figure after a video went viral of him using the k-word while celebrating that there were no black people around him during a beach holiday.

The restaurant said the EFF’s "invasion" had compounded already poor trading conditions and it had been forced to close its doors.

EFF ward 60 branch chairman Cassius Mabunda said on Monday the branch was not apologising for its actions as it never pushed for the restaurant to close.

"As the branch‚ we engaged in a militant demonstration at Smokehouse to demand that Adam’s family takes full responsibility for their son’s action‚" said Mabunda.

He said the branch had requested a meeting with the management of the restaurant on September 7.

"The management agreed to this meeting‚ however they did not honour the meeting nor did they provide explanations for not pitching."

Mabunda said the announcement by Smokehouse was a clear example of how those who controlled the country’s economy would rather sacrifice jobs than deal with racism.

He described the sacrifice of jobs as an act of arrogance‚ recklessness and a violent refusal to confront racism.


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