Your editorial was quite correct in stating that "South Africans need more and better business — small, medium and large" (SA has taken the first step, April 30). To achieve this we need more start-ups, more of those start-ups to survive beyond five years, and more of those surviving to scale up and become medium-sized to large businesses tapping into global markets.

This in turn requires improving the entrepreneurial incentive, removing unnecessary red tape and regulations, and more collaborative partnerships along supply chains so that nimble and innovative newcomers can reach scale and so improve competitiveness.

The Department of Small Business Development, formed in 2014 to much fanfare, has failed to fulfil its mandate, which is to foster a conducive business environment for small and medium-sized enterprises.

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Cabinet is stuffed with communists, with nary a capitalist in sight, except for the crony variety (including himself).

A liberal democracy that promotes economic freedom — not of the EFF kind — with lightly regulated markets and a focus on exports into global supply chains is a prerequisite for SA to achieve broad, inclusive prosperity.

Toby Chance
MP DA shadow small business development minister.