Matthew Lester. File Picture: BUSINESS DAY
Matthew Lester. File Picture: BUSINESS DAY

Rhodes University accountancy professor Matthew Lester, who wrote a column called Tax Talk for the Sunday Times Business Times for many years, died on Monday.

"My dad had an infection which aggravated very quickly. He had a heart attack in the hospital yesterday morning," his daughter Jess posted on Facebook on Tuesday.

Rhodes Business School director Prof Owen Skae said: "He was an extremely dedicated teacher, kind and generous. Notwithstanding the fact that he was one of SA’s foremost tax experts, his gift was to explain this in the easiest of terms. Behind all of this was a man deeply committed to social justice."

Financial journalist Alec Hogg, whose website Biznews carried Lester’s most recent columns, wrote: "Yesterday’s e-mail from the director of Rhodes Business School was like an unexpected stomach punch. Owen Skae wrote that the inimitable Matthew Lester had passed away. The chartered accountant turned tax prof, lifelong Great Dane fan and Biznews columnist had passed away shortly after being admitted to hospital with a chest infection. This shouldn’t have happened. Matthew wasn’t someone you’d expect to die in his mid-50s."

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