We have written many long-term updates on our Megane GT since May 2017, but a few weeks ago something rather interesting occurred. While visiting my folks just after New Year’s Day I happened upon a brand-spanking new Megane GT just like ours with dealer plates at the time and I was rather intrigued about who the owner was.

It turned out to be a Facebook acquaintance who, as it transpired, is an avid Motor News reader and had been following our monthly updates on the car and decided to take the plunge and acquire a blue specimen.

He had previously driven a 2015 Volkswagen Polo GTI, a popular model among trendsetters in the township, but it was stolen towards the end of 2017 and he wanted to replace it with something comfortable, fairly brisk and well appointed.

While there were a few other models on his radar, including a preowned Golf GTI, he finally decided on the Megane GT.

While we like to assume that our motoring scribbles on cars can assist in someone’s buying decision, having a personal testament goes a long way for us.

Asked how he was finding the vehicle, he commented on the fact that all the niceties are factored into the price. He also said that the design of the vehicle makes him stand out from the crowd and that many of his mates are now viewing the Renault brand in a different light. Jabulani Khumalo, thank you for reading Motor News and we appreciate the support and wish you many happy kilometres in your Megane GT.

Regarding our own Megane GT, things seem to have remained pretty much the same as before, save for the slightly higher fuel figure since our last report. It is now at 8.1l/100km instead of the best 7.6l/100km we achieved previously.

Granted, I did push the car a bit over the festive season while running errands and, with roads so quiet, I went to one of my testing back roads where I usually assess a vehicle’s dynamic prowess, or lack thereof.

The supple suspension in the Megane combined with Renault Sport chassis know-how, not to mention that rear-wheel steer mechanism, makes the Megane one of the best-handling C-segment hatches.

Now the mileage is slowly creeping towards the model’s first scheduled service at 15,000km and we are looking forward to putting a Renault dealer’s after-sales service to the test to see how they fare. And if you own a GT or are considering buying one, do drop me a mail as we would love to hear your thoughts on the model and your experience with Renault.

Now our focus shifts to the new flagship RS model, which we will experience in Spain later in February. Of course, we will report back on our initial impressions of the model, but if the Megane GT is any form of a yardstick, the RS should be nothing short of scintillating.