If you’re travelling this festive season, respect the road rules and the lives of others.
If you’re travelling this festive season, respect the road rules and the lives of others.

For many the end of the year cannot come too soon. It has been a long year. This applies to the automotive industry with declining new car sales and rising car prices. It also applies to the media industry as it faces continued pressure and a transitional period.

We have reached the end of it though and some of us have been fortunate to do so with our heads held high, our integrity intact and the knowledge we have delivered the best news and information. We hope you agree.

We now enter the festive season, a time which allows us to relax and unwind, look back on the year and consider new opportunities and challenges
for 2017.

However, it is also a time when road safety is uppermost in the minds of many. Any injury or loss of life on our roads is a tragedy on any day, but at Christmas time it is perhaps even more tragic, being a time for families.

As always, some will pay no heed to the rules, will show no respect for the lives of others and sadly people will again lose their lives. Law enforcement is inadequate on our roads in SA and while there is much more that our agencies can do, there is a need for us as individuals to do our part too.

Respect the road rules, respect the lives of others. Do not be the person who ruined a family’s lives forever. If there is ever a time to be courteous to your fellow road users, it is during this holiday season.

If you are travelling then make sure you car is in tip-top shape and that everyone is properly buckled up. Remember, it is your job to protect your children. It is law now for infants to be strapped into a child seat. No one should lose their child and certainly not through ignorance. Do the right thing and protect them.

With that we say goodbye to 2016. We hope we as the Motor News team have provided you with a great read this year and helped you make some informed decisions. A huge thank you to everyone, including Lauren and Tamara, who lay out the stories, our subs who make sure that our stories make sense and our advertising team at Stanton Porter Marketing.

A big thank you to our loyal advertisers and, of course, to you, our readers, for whom we strive to provide the best motoring publication in SA.

Whatever you are doing over the holidays, relax, have fun, enjoy your time with family and be safe on the roads. We are looking forward to an exciting 2017. Cheers.

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