A good week for Vladimir Putin

After four previous electoral victories, the Russian leader won 87% of the vote

A good week for Javier Milei

The Argentinian president shows his mettle by eschewing a salary increase and firing the official responsible for the hike

A bad week for Roger Jardine

Once the election date was announced Roger Jardine blinked. The face of Change Starts Now decided that politics was not as simple as he’d once thought, and ...

A bad week for John Hlophe

John Hlophe’s fall from grace happened slowly — then suddenly

A good week for Leon Schreiber

Thanks to his efforts the Constitutional Court has ordered the ANC to hand over its cadre deployment documents

A bad week for Fikile Mbalula

The ANC’s master of self-sabotage can’t find the right script

A good week for Tyla

The South African musician won the first Best African Music Performance gong at this year’s Grammy Awards

A bad week for Gauteng health MEC Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko

Her department pays high prices for food that is supplied to the province’s state hospitals

A good week for Dricus du Plessis

The South African beat a former middleweight champion in the same category in the Ultimate Fighting Championship in Toronto

A bad week for Thabi Leoka

No PhD and no more Remgro directorship for economist

A good week for Kenny Fihla

Sim Tshabalala gives Fihla a ‘pronounced’ boost at Standard Bank

A good week for Gerco van Deventer

Gerco van Deventer free at last after six-year kidnap ordeal at the hands of Islamists

A good week for Roger Jardine

If he can get Change Starts Now across the advantage line, good on him

A bad week for Nova CEO Dominique Haese

Instead of showing compassion and openness at a meeting of traumatised shareholders, the Nova CEO barred the media from reporting on a shocking story

A good week for Oscar Pistorius

Jail is not a pleasant place, especially for a murderer who was once a global sporting figure

A bad week for Astral Foods CEO Chris Schutte

This week the CEO reported the company’s first loss in its 23-year history