Picture: ALON SKUY
Picture: ALON SKUY

Without one shred of evidence, arch Zionist propagandist Sydney Kaye yet again smears the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), BDS and “some voices in the ANC and EFF” as “plainly anti-Semitic” (“No threat for Jews in SA”, June 3).

His absurd vilification has no more validity than racist claims during the 1980s that the Black Sash, End Conscription Campaign and other predominantly white anti-apartheid organisations were “anti-white” and/or “communist”.

Perchance a sizeable proportion of the PSC’s membership happens to be Jewish (including Ronnie Kasrils). Are they “antisemitic” or, worse still, reviled as “self-hating Jews” because they have the courage to speak out against the Zionist perversion of Judaism? 

Smearing critics of Zionism as antisemitic has backfired. More and more Jews globally now reject any association with the Zionist Israeli government. 

I have just returned from Berlin where last week I attended a packed, standing-room-only meeting of Jewish Voices for Peace (JVP Germany). The Jewish population in Germany numbers 500,000, a significant proportion of whom are Israelis now living in exile. The topic under discussion was Israel as an apartheid state, and I was vigorously applauded when I voiced the PSC’s solidarity with JVP, including its opposition to Zionist attempts to shut down free speech in Europe under the spurious lie that criticisms of Israeli government conduct are antisemitic.  

While the term “apartheid” originated in SA it now also applies under international law to other countries, such as Israel, that systematically discriminate against Palestinians.

The Israeli government is also guilty of genocide and war crimes as defined by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which all European governments, as well as our own, are obligated to enforce.

Terry Crawford-Browne
On behalf of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign