Supra Mahumapelo blows a kiss to Chester Missing. Picture: MASI LOSI
Supra Mahumapelo blows a kiss to Chester Missing. Picture: MASI LOSI

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Just because his province is so badly managed its residents are rioting does not make it easy to fire North West premier Supra Mahumapelo.

How many Gupta family members got South African passports — and why — remains a mystery.

It turns out Mahumapelo is tangled in the Gupta passport scandal because the family members claimed they deserved to have their applications to the Department of Home Affairs fast tracked, due to their generosity to poor schools in the North West,

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Matters of debate

The only way to protect savings of public servants and pensioners is public disclosure of investment decisions, especially those in the unlisted space.

By choosing as its target not a government official but an opposition politician, who happens to be demanding land expropriation without compensation, Afriforum will be seen to be striking a blow for whiteness, not clean government, writes Steven Friedman.

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The long and the short of the markets

State-owned airline SAA needs a R5bn top up on the R10bn of taxpayer money it has already received, CEO Vuyani Jarana told Parliament.

The difficulties at Gold Fields’ South Deep mine persisted into the first quarter of 2018, forcing a downward revision of the operation’s output for the year and lowering the group’s expected production.

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Fuming Absa customers unable to access their money on payday can take solace that CEO Maria Ramos is bound to be working hard on the bank’s constant technical glitches, considering she was the industry’s highest paid in 2018 with a total remuneration of R62m.

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The rand was over R12.40 per dollar, looking like it was heading to R12.50 per dollar on Wednesday morning.