Andre Lincoln. File picture: SUNDAY TIMES
Andre Lincoln. File picture: SUNDAY TIMES

The investigation into Maj-Gen Andre Lincoln was a conspiracy by apartheid-era police to keep him out of the Western Cape‚ the High Court in Cape Town heard on Monday.

Lincoln also said that winesses were "pressurised into giving false statements and forced to lie under oath" by police with "hidden agendas" and who knew how to "set you up"‚ as his cross examination continued.

In 1996 Lincoln was personally picked by late president Nelson Mandela to investigate organised crime headed by then Italian mafia boss Vito Palazzolo.

Lincoln also uncovered a plot to kill the former head of state.

The top cop is now suing the former head of state security for R15m for what he described as "malicious prosecution". He told the court last week that senior police officials had gone to extreme lengths to blow his cover after telling Palazzolo that he was being investigated.

Lincoln faced criminal charges‚ most of which he was acquitted of, before having 17 convictions set aside on appeal.

"I had nothing to hide‚ so if there were allegations by all means investigate me. [But] the investigating officer appointed to my case could not be trusted‚" he said.

Lincoln testified that he had told then deputy president Thabo Mbeki about pressure put on witnesses to testify against him‚ and that Mbeki’s response was for the case against him to "run its course".

"I told him that witnesses were being made to lie under oath‚" he said.

He said "a senior policeman had told Palazzolo that I was not his friend and I was investigating him‚ which led him to change his statement against me".

"That is where the malice comes in," Lincoln said.

He also said that affidavits used in his prosecution were "helped"‚ and that the decision to prosecute him did not come from the national directorate of public prosecutions‚ but that police investigators played a "serious role in the decision".

In earlier testimony Lincoln said one of the officers‚ Leonard Knipe‚ told Mbeki that he would drop charges against Lincoln if he resigned from the South African Police Service.

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