Chinese Ambassador Lin Songtian. Picture: SUPPLIED
Chinese Ambassador Lin Songtian. Picture: SUPPLIED

In this edition of Business Day Spotlight we explore how the US-China trade-war could potentially affect the global and SA economy. 

Our host, Mudiwa Gavaza, is joined on the line by China’s ambassador to SA, Lin Songtian, to discuss the Chinese government’s position on the ongoing trade negotiations. 

Last week, the US commerce department announced its addition of China’s largest tech company Huawei and its affiliates to its “entity list”, a move that aims to ban Huawei from buying parts and components from US companies without government-approved licences.

As global markets are left wondering what the full impact of these trade negotiations will be on supply chains and the tech industry, the ambassador let’s us know if the black-listing of Huawei by the US-government is going too far.

Is it realistic to expect a resolution to the trade war in the next round of negotiations? What sort of reaction can we expect from the Chinese government in light of the recent blacklisting of Huawei? What is the market reaction to the ongoing dispute? What are some of the unintended consequences that are likely to be felt by the global economy and SA as trade tensions escalate? Has China’s relationship with countries other than the US been affected by the continued trade negotiation? And with China being a major contributor to the global economy, what could the  effect of the trade war be on global GDP?

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