Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

Stories of note

Bytes from the digital world

Even the DA in the Western Cape does not support the proposed Cape Town water levy.

Denel is alive and breathing, but only because of life support provided by the state.

In my opinion

Matters of debate

Ranjeni Munusamy says should President Jacob Zuma resign this week, there is nothing stopping Cyril Ramaphosa from assuming office immediately.

Not one but three books delve into the trouble with Donald Trump’s presidency.

Finding alpha

The long and the short of the markets

The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission lays charges against KPMG, SAP and McKinsey for making false statements, reckless conduct and noncompliance with the Companies Act.

Shoprite’s half-year turnover grows 6.3% despite poor performance in the rest of Africa.

Oh, very twitty

The lighter side of the web

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