Road safety agencies have been calling for governments to legislate for more standards and now it seems at least one government is paying attention to these calls. The Malaysian government has announced its intention to legislate for the introduction of electronic stability control (ESC) on all new cars by June 2018.

Speaking at the announcement, Malaysian Minister of Transport Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai said: "We are proud that the government is taking this important step forward in road safety and to be the first Asean country to mandate ESC."

ESC, an antiskid technology, is believed by many to be the most important car safety development since the seat belt. ESC has been mandatory in both Europe and the US since 2012, saving thousands of lives. It is not a legal requirement in SA.

The announcement took place at Stop the Crash, a Global NCAP-led partnership which has been campaigning around the world to promote crash avoidance technologies.

"Global NCAP welcomes this announcement," said Global NCAP secretary-general David Ward. "The UN General Assembly recommended countries legislate to introduce Stop the Crash technologies. Malaysia has responded to the call and we congratulate them for doing so."

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