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Activist investors lead ‘quiet revolution’ in Italy

Jennifer Thompson and Rachel Sanderson

Activist investors spurred on by improving corporate governance and the weakening of traditional company owners, write Jennifer Thompson and Rachel Sanderson

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Why Britain is a Poldark nation

Pilita Clark

For some in the UK, Britain is a place where taking advantage of elites seems to make so much sense that it barely rates as a problem, writes Pilita Clark

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Technology that aims to prevent the car text crash

Peter Campbell and Tim Bradshaw

Pressure is building on car makers and tech providers to tackle the rising number of deaths that occur from people checking smartphones for messages while driving

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LUNCH WITH THE FT: Superstar DJ David Guetta on how he built his hedonistic brand

Ludovic Hunter-Tilney

Over sea bass in Ibiza, the electronic dance music legend explains to Ludovic Hunter-Tilney how making money was his rebellion against his left-wing intellectual family

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The logic behind China’s treatment of dissident Liu Xiaobo

China has lifted 800-million people out of poverty over the past 40 years; calls for individual freedom pose a potent threat to one-party rule, writes Jamil Anderlini

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THE FT COLUMN: Trump’s tax bill will also fail, and it will not entirely be his fault

Republicans have entrenched the habit of blocking laws, and have forgotten how to write and pass them, writes Edward Luce

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Our personal data is precious — we must take back control

We have allowed ourselves to be infantilised by technology and have become too used to giving our digitally defined ‘self’ away, writes Sarah Gordon

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