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MARKET WRAP: JSE tumbles as global markets reel over new Covid-19 variant

Andrew Linder

The UK put SA back on the red list on Thursday, restricting travel between the two countries, while the EU also aims to halt air travel from the region.

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JSE slides nearly 2% as new Covid-19 variant attacks global markets

Andries Mahlangu

However, big industrial shares in particular such as Prosus held up on the day, as did gold shares, which also benefited from its safe-haven status

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Travel industry dismayed as travel bans mount

Katharine Child

Tourists have been forced to cancel bookings overnight, sending the hospitality industry back to the brink of collapse and hotel stocks plunging

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JSE-listed hospitality stocks plunge as UK puts SA on red list again

Andries Mahlangu

The tourism sector has lost an estimated 500,000 jobs as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic

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Changing the world by telling tiny stories on small devices

Brands that embrace mobile, visual storytelling can do more than sell products and services - they can form bonds that last with their customers, and create communities, writes Weera Saad

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CHRIS THURMAN: We are all in this together, in all our contradictions

If SA wants to avoid Claire Zinn’s doomsday vision of ‘Joburg Burning’, we need to recognise our interdependence as a matter of national urgency, writes Chris Thurman

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MICHAEL FRIDJHON: Elgin winemakers stake claim with Chardonnay Colloquium

The Elgin event brings focus to a top-scoring Chardonnay range from a quintessential South African grape, writes Michael Fridjhon

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