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Don't let 'junk' call halt on innovation

Zipho Sikhakhane

Scaling back is not the best way to face downgrades, writes Zipho Sikhakhane

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Tiny steps and giant leaps to ease poverty

Samantha Enslin

Charity and advocacy can work hand in hand but there is plenty of the former, and not enough of the latter

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ANDILE KHUMALO: Six spaza shops — and that's change?

Andile Khumalo

The reality is that retail giants do not believe they need to have black shareholders

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No, professor, your 'cure' is a short cut to disaster for SA

Jabu Mabuza

SA can't afford Professor Chris Malikane getting his way

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LUNCH WITH THE FT: Cinema legend Charlotte Rampling on silly accents and being scary

The arrival of the 71-year-old actress, a slight but elegant figure in a sweeping trenchcoat, slim-fitting grey suit and white jersey top, finally prompts the attentions of a waiter

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TIM HARFORD: Why prize-winning chiefs risk a swift fall from grace

Statistical quirks mean outstanding performances tend to be short-lived, writes Tim Harford

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THE FT COLUMN: A British pledge on aid will send a message to the world

Spending on development is an important way to show Brexit does not mean isolationism, writes Martin Wolf

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