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Mark du Toit from Courtney Capital talks to Business Day TV about Vukile Property Fund and David Shapiro from Sasfin Securities discusses ASML Holding

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CARMEL RICKARD: Tullow’s spectre of voldemort

Carmel Rickard

A case in the London courts between an oil company and a rig firm revolves around when a business can justifiably axe a contract

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ZEENAT MOORAD: Binge over for Netflix?

Zeenat Moorad

The ‘U can’t touch this’ streaming company said it gained about one million fewer subscribers than it had expected in the second quarter

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JAMIE CARR: The land grab started by Netflix has gained momentum

Jamie Carr

Growth in global subscribers will be the key, but it’s put in a remarkable performance so far

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MARC HASENFUSS: The trouble with Trustco

Marc Hasenfuss

The extreme price volatility in Trustco’s shares over the past few weeks is causing some consternation — even outrage — on social media

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THE FT COLUMN: The facts give us reason to be optimistic about Africa’s future

Important changes are taking place in the region that confound the ‘destiny instinct’, writes David Pilling

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THE LEX COLUMN: Cult of excessive executive pay flourishes in Australia

Shareholders should be concerned about opacity and undemanding targets, such as a ‘corporate culture’ bonus mooted by Commonwealth Bank in 2016

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THE FT COLUMN: Papa John’s succumbs to the curse of the founder’s dilemma — is Tesla next?

The Tesla and SpaceX boards should be making back-up plans in case Elon Musk’s outbursts become the norm, writes Brooke Masters

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