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HILARY JOFFE: Davos shows big business in SA must act on climate crisis

Hilary Joffe

This year's AGM season will no doubt see more climate-related resolutions at home

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Eskom looks to private power


New CEO De Ruyter says renewables 'a good thing'

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Tito Mboweni gets serious at WEF


The approach of Team SA at the WEF was to acknowledge that the country needed structural reforms but to point to the progress it was making, albeit slowly

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Africa finds new friends in Davos


But continent's leaders not prominent at economic jamboree

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Don’t ignore the herd instinct

Dumb bovines prove there's more to their bellow than hot air

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Tesla’s rise has sparked an electric revolution

The rapid rise has pushed Tesla’s stock market value past $100bn, more than the combined share value of Detroit’s royalty, General Motors and Ford

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The new coronavirus: is China moving quickly enough?

Beijing has locked down Wuhan, but the disease will continue to test Xi Jinping’s ability to manage a crisis

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