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Business Times columnist Hilary Joffe and a panel of journalists discuss stories making the news, in the latest edition of Editing Allowed.

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Deloitte warned me against speaking up, former African Bank executive testifies

Londiwe Buthelezi

Auditing firm did not take him seriously when he raised concerns, Gustav Raubenheimer tells  disciplinary hearing

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Cyril Ramaphosa takes a swipe at Zuma-era instability

Bekezela Phakathi

President vows to do away with the high turnover rate of officials that led to confusion

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A seat at the Steinhoff table cost the PIC billions

It seems that Dan Matjila, unlike almost everybody else, had doubts about the quality of Steinhoff’s corporate governance back in 2016

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Wanted Online: Frederique Constant’s new ladies’ watches are sure to set hearts aflutter

Gary Cotterell

Watchmaker turns its attention to women buyers with its latest Automatic Double Heart Beat collection

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JOHN GAPPER: Lady Gaga next in line to join the brand-wagon

The pop singer and actor opts to follow other superstars in diversifying into fashion

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Should investors still be considering emerging markets?

Far from catching up with the developed world, many supposedly emerging markets are growing more slowly, and investors are asking what will drive the asset class in future

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THE LEX COLUMN: Minorities in pain over Rio Tinto’s Mongolian mishap

Up to $2bn of extra cost for Oyu Tolgoi hardly registers as the miner's share price dips only slightly

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