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The iconic Fireman's Arms in Cape Town caught fire at about 3am on November 21 2019. The pub is one of the city's oldest and most loved venues. It was established in 1864. Owner Kevin Phelan said the blaze occurred in the beer garden. The cause is not yet known.

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NEWS ANALYSIS: Is Mkhwebane trying to help Zuma with Sars move?

Genevieve Quintal

Analyst sees that as the only reason she approached Sars and not Zuma for information

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SA Express rescue plan fails as losses widen significantly

Carol Paton

The airline's 2018/2019 annual report shows that it made a loss of R591m, more than three times that of the previous year

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Tehamana’s take haunts Gauguin’s paradise

Jackie Wullschläger

The radical gorgeousness of the art is inextricable from the wielding of white male privilege.

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CHRIS THURMAN: ‘The Crown’ saves the British royals’ bacon — and cabbages

Chris Thurman

The Crown proves that we are suckers for stories about royals who are “ordinary people".

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THE LEX COLUMN: TikTok takeoff faces US block

New phenomenon as big as Snapchat, and could get bigger if US authorities don’t stop its rise

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JOHN GAPPER: Saudi Aramco must settle for second-best

Downgraded IPO is another example of public shareholders refusing to accept lofty valuations of private owners

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THE LEX COLUMN: WeWork failure has not discouraged start-up investors

Tech firms have few reasons to change their habits as long as global rates remain ultra low

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