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Tongaat makes board changes with five directors leaving

Siseko Njobeni

An extensive reshuffle will see Stephen Beesley replace Bahle Sibisi as chair with effect from October 1

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WANDILE SIHLOBO: Contained cost pressures a welcome relief in SA agriculture


In the past few months, global fertiliser prices fell notably, partly due to a supply glut — and the input price of fuel

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CLAIRE BISSEKER: The Reserve Bank is not punishing SA, it’s doing it a favour

Claire Bisseker

Why didn't the Bank cut interest rates last week? Because it's smart and knows SA needs structurally lower inflation

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PETER BRUCE: Hey Boks, think outside the box

Our tactics seemed to consist of the box-kick, which invariably fell into the opposition’s hands. Surely you change tactics when the ones you are using don’t work

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Danone GMO move is part of a shift as companies rethink the pursuit of profit

Advocates for the idea that firms should adopt a broader purpose argue that the global financial crisis laid bare the limits of chasing the bottom line for its own sake

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Without a premortem you too might be sprinting through a station, clutching a bike

From highway closures to Brexit, contingency planning is complicated by our crude sense of risk, and becoming sidetracked by pondering whether the worst case is likely

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THE LEX COLUMN: Still just a trickle of jobs leaving London

Total number of posts that could be relocated is only 7,000, according to a survey of financial services firms

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