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EXCLUSIVE: Matjila: 'PIC cash is the goal'


CEO says campaign against him is a ploy to get Zuptarite hands on its R1.9-trillion

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KPMG feels curse of the Guptas


At least 21 companies out of about 66 JSE-listed firms which use KPMG South Africa as their auditor confirmed this week that there was an internal review of their relationship with the auditing firm. This followed the damning revelations from its parent company over work done for the Guptas which "fell considerably short of KPMG's standards".

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RON DERBY: Desperate times as scramble for hidden treasure gathers pace


As it stands, there's simply no way the PIC, and in fact any funder, could justify supporting the Dudu Myeni-led airline

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'Perfect storm' dampens Spur's 50th birthday


Patrons' nostalgia may overcome sales drop, social media debacle

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THE FT COLUMN: Germany’s Angela Merkel writes the plumber’s guide to politics

The chancellor’s re-election campaign has been a lesson in the positive power of trust, writes Philip Stephens

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THE FT COLUMN: Perhaps what the ANC needs is a spell in the wilderness

The maelstrom into which McKinsey and KPMG have been sucked is a sideshow — the real story is the demise of Africa’s oldest liberation movement, writes David Pilling

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FT COLUMN: Democracy and capitalism: a marriage often not made in heaven

Democracy requires confidence that winners will not use their temporary power to destroy the losers, writes Martin Wolf

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