THULI MADONSELA: Who moved my electricity?

As load-shedding strikes again, SA needs to move on from complaining about the hapless Eskom to finding solutions

THULI MADONSELA: The 2020 paradox

If there’s one thing this year has taught us, it’s that leadership matters. The trick is finding real leaders

THULI MADONSELA: Dear President Ramaphosa

I am sorry to pester you with another letter — but I thought if I didn’t approach you, history may judge us harshly

THULI MADONSELA: How did the EFF get it so wrong?

When Julius Malema took the oath as a parliamentarian, he swore to uphold SA’s laws. As Clicks burns, does he remember this?

THULI MADONSELA: Government forgets ubuntu in booze ban

If President Cyril Ramaphosa wants to get more people to buy in, he needs to embrace ubuntu

THULI MADONSELA: An open letter to Cyril Ramaphosa

We need to remember that rules have to be reasonable – in the court of public opinion too

THULI MADONSELA: Seize the moment to address inequality

Our Covid-19 response is hurting some more than others. This is the time to address that inequality

THULI MADONSELA: Getting to the root of SOE issues

The squabbling over what to do with nonperforming state companies shows the ANC hasn’t asked the right questions

THULI MADONSELA: Rumblings among the youth

It may have seemed like a torrid 2019, but there were signs of light. Now we need to look to the youth for our priorities

THULI MADONSELA: CR17 donations red herring

As everyone fixates on the donations to Cyril Ramaphosa’s ANC campaign, the proven cases of state capture are ignored

THULI MADONSELA: Rwanda sets the pace for SA

The East African country has experienced average GDP growth of 7.4% over the past decade. It’s a model for SA of how to woo foreign investment

THULI MADONSELA: Instilling ethics in future leaders

A timely invitation started a process showing the truth of the Ethiopian saying that little by little, an egg will walk

THULI MADONSELA: Our story is at a crossroads

Cyril Ramaphosa, a co-architect of the constitution, is the ideal author to write our way out of an unhappy ending

THULI MADONSELA: Fair payment for whistle-blowers

If SA wants people to take on immense personal risk to unmask corruption, it needs to ensure they are adequately compensated

THULI MADONSELA: Leave no woman behind in political economy

If we are to grow our economy in a sustainable manner, we need to consider the gendered dimension of development

THULI MADONSELA: The perils of exclusion from opportunity

As the protests taking place at our universities tell us, excluding people from opportunities will have devastating consequences