THULI MADONSELA: Odds are weighted against Ngcobo’s report

Former chief justice's Phala Phala panel may have erred in its findings on all four alleged transgressions by Cyril Ramaphosa

THULI MADONSELA: Weighing people against the market

There was plenty of acclaim for Enoch Godongwana after his medium-term budget. But do his warnings about the SRD grant reflect the country’s constitutional ...

THULI MADONSELA: Imagine if SA invested in its people ...

It’s clear that with anger rising, SA needs to invest in its biggest resource. The example of Rwanda shows how it could be done differently

THULI MADONSELA: What Ramaphosa should do at Sona

We need to build self-reliant, sustainable communities. That can only come from a shift in thinking

THULI MADONSELA: Grasping the De Klerk moment

Much vitriol was expended over FW de Klerk’s final video — but used properly, this is a chance to deal with our demons

THULI MADONSELA: The case for a solidarity tax

A one-off tax, as controversial as it may be, needn’t mean that those who’ve been left behind can just sit back and relax

THULI MADONSELA: A cautionary tale of sister Jenny

While the new Africa free trade agreement has much promise, start-ups hoping to benefit need to approach it with caution

THULI MADONSELA: End to Covid grant is a recipe for much deeper distress

The plan to end the Covid distress grant on April 30 might save some money but it could lead to widespread anger against the government

THULI MADONSELA: Why SA’s matric results don’t add up

Just announcing a 76% pass rate means nothing if the real proficiency in schools isn’t helping SA become a better place

THULI MADONSELA: Who moved my electricity?

As load-shedding strikes again, SA needs to move on from complaining about the hapless Eskom to finding solutions

THULI MADONSELA: The 2020 paradox

If there’s one thing this year has taught us, it’s that leadership matters. The trick is finding real leaders

THULI MADONSELA: Dear President Ramaphosa

I am sorry to pester you with another letter — but I thought if I didn’t approach you, history may judge us harshly

THULI MADONSELA: How did the EFF get it so wrong?

When Julius Malema took the oath as a parliamentarian, he swore to uphold SA’s laws. As Clicks burns, does he remember this?

THULI MADONSELA: Government forgets ubuntu in booze ban

If President Cyril Ramaphosa wants to get more people to buy in, he needs to embrace ubuntu

THULI MADONSELA: An open letter to Cyril Ramaphosa

We need to remember that rules have to be reasonable – in the court of public opinion too

THULI MADONSELA: Seize the moment to address inequality

Our Covid-19 response is hurting some more than others. This is the time to address that inequality