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NATASHA MARRIAN: After conquering platinum, Amcu goes for gold

Damaging union rivalry with NUM re-emerges at Gold One

NATASHA MARRIAN: Cosatu wakes up to a scary possibility

The labour federation has often threatened to snub the ANC at election time — but now it realises it needs to do all it can to keep the party in power

NATASHA MARRIAN: Realigning the deck chairs to the left

The Gauteng ANC is playing self-serving politics — bankrolled by taxpayers — before its toughest election yet

NATASHA MARRIAN: The ANC’s fate hangs on a thread that runs through KZN

The IFP continues its resurgence in the province, where the 2024 result could be the deciding factor in  the ANC’s grip on national power

NATASHA MARRIAN: Only shock therapy will reset the ANC

Factionalism is still rife, despite the leadership’s pious pledges. The rank and file need an electoral  wake-up call next year

NATASHA MARRIAN: Time to take the woodsaw to the cabinet

Unfortunately, the Treasury’s plea to cut spending is unlikely to receive a sympathetic ear from the current crop of ministers

NATASHA MARRIAN: Mkhwebane was useless, period

The disgraced public protector’s humiliation should be a lesson to our politicians not to use state institutions to fight their factional battles

NATASHA MARRIAN: A good story to tell? More like a myth

Ramaphosa is reprising the Zuma refrain from 10 years ago, but the ANC is still riddled with rot

NATASHA MARRIAN: Chaos wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma

Amid the scheming and feuding that marks Joburg politics, only the EFF appears to be content

NATASHA MARRIAN: (Un)Chartered territory — opposition parties make their move

But hard work lies ahead, including picking a presidential candidate who will be the face of the pact

NATASHA MARRIAN: Why a grand coalition is exactly what the country needs

South Africa can no longer afford the luxury of narrow party interests; there is simply too much at stake

NATASHA MARRIAN: The populist who’s not very popular

The EFF has failed to fully tap into South Africa’s populist potential partly because its leader puts so many people off, a new study finds

NATASHA MARRIAN: ANC old guard fights marriage of convenience

The veterans league is outraged at the willingness of some to form coalitions with the EFF and PA

NATASHA MARRIAN: Gayton McKenzie’s pilgrimage to coalition central

The PA leader is in the Holy Land to see how the Israelis make coalitions work — er, sometimes

NATASHA MARRIAN: EFF Gauteng tie-up on the ropes

Lesufi’s woes mount as he leads the ANC in a desperate push to retain power in Gauteng

NATASHA MARRIAN: Gauteng looks bad for the ANC — but worse for the opposition

Those licking their lips at the prospect of an ANC disaster in the province next year should keep their expectations in check