NATASHA MARRIAN: Next test of Cyril’s resolve

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s resolve as a reformer is set to be tested, now that the radical economic transformation faction has largely been neutralised

NATASHA MARRIAN: Helen Zille’s puzzling challenge

Zille’s challenge is as puzzling as her affection for Zuma, who in effect destroyed our economy and inflicted damage SA may never recover from

NATASHA MARRIAN: Desperate times for the ANC

The ANC’s secretary-general is suspended due to corruption charges, the party is broke and unable to pay staff, and now it has made a royal mess of its ...

NATASHA MARRIAN: When politicians get out of the way

While the progress of the NPA in bringing politicians to book remains frustratingly slow, the SIU is stepping up and showing serious intent in cleaning up ...

NATASHA MARRIAN: Why cadre deployment must die

The ANC deployment committee’s overarching power to make appointments — not merely issue recommendations, as Ramaphosa initially suggested — may just be ...

NATASHA MARRIAN: Will ANC’s elections move pay off?

The upcoming local government elections may be a game changer for the ANC, as it opens up its candidate selection process to nonmembers

NATASHA MARRIAN: Time for the whole truth

The composition of Ramaphosa’s new team will indicate if he is confident enough to be completely candid

NATASHA MARRIAN: Behind the state’s wage deal

A number of ministers, including Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, argued in favour of the 1.5% increase, even as finance minister Tito Mboweni resisted any wage hikes ...

NATASHA MARRIAN: A state of confusion

With such clowns at the helm, a foreign power wanting to disrupt the SA state could do so without blinking

NATASHA MARRIAN: How the mighty have fallen

The ANC and its government are reaping a whirlwind of their own making

NATASHA MARRIAN: Is Cele dancing to Zuma’s tune?

A failure to arrest Zuma would make a mockery of SA’s constitutional order

NATASHA MARRIAN: Health minister needed, stat

As Covid rages, the health portfolio requires someone who is steady and can produce results

NATASHA MARRIAN: Zero in on smaller players to nail the big guns

Refiloe Mokoena has apparently not been called to appear before the Zondo commission, yet the VAT refund saga is a major demonstration of the extent of the ...

NATASHA MARRIAN: Party’s over for the ANC

The ANC, by all accounts, appears to have been run pretty much like the state; in a chaotic, unprofessional and unsustainable way

NATASHA MARRIAN: Mkhize placed on ice, as reshuffle looms

The saga around Zweli Mkhize has hastened the need for President Cyril Ramaphosa to reshuffle his cabinet

NATASHA MARRIAN: Cyril has no choice but to act

The president cannot pretend that the scandal is going to go away. He has to act —or his renewal project becomes yet another ANC vanity exercise