LETTER: It’s about managing behaviour

Financial advisers should be more concerned with managing the behaviour of their clients than selecting the best fund

LETTER: No British misstep in Assange move

It seems no extraordinary step: there was a British warrant for Julian Assange’s arrest

LETTER: Renewable power getting cheaper

Renewables plants built now will produce energy at half the expected cost of power generated from Medupi and Kusile

LETTER: Being sensible about plastics

While it’s tempting to imagine a world without plastic as some sort of environmental utopia, plastic in consumer goods uses four times less energy than ...

LETTER: Fighting the EFF message

A governing coalition with the EFF would be the end of SA as we know it. If this happens, I won’t be the only one to sell my entire investment in the country

LETTER: 2019 will be ANC’s last victory

The next election — in 2024 — will result in a seismic shift: the formation of a new government under the EFF’s Julius Malema, who will become the sixth ...

LETTER: Who are we kidding, South Africans?

At what price do we continue living in SA? I used to be a positive South African. Now I’ve realised: who am I kidding?

LETTER: Undeserved earnings of executives

It’s no wonder SA is said to be the most unequal society on earth

LETTER: We’ve resigned ourselves to this

We’ve long resigned ourselves to the fact that such is the way of the road in SA

LETTER: The cons of the Hillside smelter

At such a critical time, it seems grossly negligent to even consider selling substantial electricity to Hillside to refine a commodity that is imported

LETTER: The law of consequences

Things have gone from bad to worse, which raises questions about the calibre of Eskom’s ‘war room’ and its understanding of this industry

LETTER: Voters should not tolerate corruption

The Hawks and the NPA constitute twin structures that have not been — and will never be — fit for countering grand corruption, state capture and kleptocracy in ...

LETTER: Sars is seriously off track

I read of illicit tobacco sales, rampant corruption and complete inefficiency, and wonder why Sars sees me as a criminal

LETTER: Heads I win, tails you lose

Wouldn’t it be nice to judge the successes of the ‘superhero’ CEOs, by how the companies’ share prices fare in the years following their departure?

LETTER: Medical aid’s extra costs and hurdles

My own experience of the self-payment gap and the co-payment is that they are used as mechanisms to reduce medical aid cover, to the detriment of members

LETTER: Only wise appointments can save SA

Our economy is in a mess; corruption and incompetence have robbed us of a future