LETTER: DA leaders have lost their way

That party’s leadership has lost its way and retreated into a cosy, self-congratulatory clique of whites whose only strength is that they are broadly honest, ...

LETTER: Scrap the cabinet

Given the merry-go-round that exists in our government, together with the appointment of ineffectual candidates (inner-circle cadres), surely it is time to ...

LETTER: Kubayi’s appointment was a healthy move

The minister’s job is to create an environment that allows medical doctors and other health practitioners to deal with sicknesses effectively

LETTER: Poultry tariffs are hurting the jobless

It seems that SA citizens, many living below the bread line, are viewed as nothing more than collateral damage in a drive for greater poultry market share

LETTER: This should be DA’s message to SA

The DA may have scored some own goals, but at least it hasn’t stolen taxpayers’ money

LETTER: You can’t legislate morality

The desire for extreme wealth and material gain among many senior executives may be difficult to comprehend but, ultimately, values and morality cannot be ...

LETTER: DA is not perfect but it’s SA’s only hope

It hasn't covered itself in glory of late, but there's no other party with the national reach, organisation and record of clean governance that can unseat the ...

LETTER: A safety net for the next pandemic

The private insurance industry does not have the capacity to carry this risk alone

LETTER: Money down a bottomless pothole

Is it legal to pay a bankrupt or corrupt entity for services that are not rendered?

LETTER: Business has to start standing up to the state

Medical aids may find themselves in a most unenviable position when their assets are targeted

LETTER: Shapshak misdirects his anger

Toby Shapshak rightfully expresses his anger regarding the deteriorating state of Joburg under ANC mayor Geoff Makhubo

LETTER: Free labour? No, thanks

It is not acceptable that SA citizens who pay their rates and taxes to the government for services are then asked to volunteer their time to fix what the ...

LETTER: Patel’s policy rules are pure lunacy

We have a minister of trade, industry & competition who obviously does not understand basic economic principles

LETTER: Fearmongering over chicken imports

An avalanche of exaggerated claims about imports has again been launched by spokespersons for local chicken

LETTER: FM’s press freedom blind spot

You commit the same crime you accuse others of — "publications being manipulated to suit the agenda of the owners"

LETTER: ANC’s big failures

The parlous economic condition of SA can be ascribed to two basic and continuing failures of the ANC — big disasters indeed