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LETTER: South Africa’s selective outrage

Ramaphosa complains to the ICC about Israel, but ignores the wars in Africa

LETTER: Here’s to conspicuous consumption

Advertising R600,000 bottles of liquor seems tasteless in the midst of poverty

LETTER: What about tackling anti-Semitism?

Why is the rising wave of sentiment against Jews in both South Africa and elsewhere not exposed — or is it merely a Jewish problem?

LETTER: An illiterate society doesn’t need books

The absurd closure of Joburg’s central library reflects the country’s dysfunctional education system

LETTER: Not everyone can be a boss

Society has a place for those who rise to the top as well as those who follow

LETTER: Why municipalities are collapsing

Political patronage is the problem. Appointing qualified people is the solution

LETTER: A better life — but for whom?

Borrowing today and expecting the next generation to worry about yesterday’s financial problems is not the way to go

LETTER: Food labelling has little effect

Seven years after regulation was introduced in Chile not much in that country’s eating habits has changed

LETTER: Plenty of experience in IFP

Strategic decisions taken to avoid leadership squabbles

LETTER: Don’t fool yourself

The looting, corruption and mismanagement will continue until the ANC is voted out of power

LETTER: The message is merciless

Almost 2,000 murders a month in South Africa, and we’re not even at war

LETTER: Have you checked your chalice?

What basis is there for treating the De Ruyter poisoning claim as fact?

LETTER: Dead hand of a rebrand

Changing a logo should be about more than justifying a marketing department’s existence

LETTER: Kick the cadres out

Take a critical look at cadre deployment before you cast your vote next year