LETTER: The blessing of having good judges

South Africa can be grateful for its judiciary

LETTER: A fair bonus

Imtiaz Patel wasn’t chair of the committee that awarded him R23m

LETTER: Co-operation now has to replace conflict

Because of its diversity, South Africa needs understanding, fairness and tolerance

LETTER: Let’s have a multilingual narrative

Podcasts and audiobooks are the new campfire tale, and should be available in everyone’s language

LETTER: Time to rethink the DA’s ‘white’ stigma

Harping on about the DA — a party which received 22% of the vote in a country where only 7% of the population is white — being a ‘white’ party merely prolongs ...

LETTER: Happy petrol attendants fuel customer loyalty best

No complex rewards system keeps motorists coming back as successfully as being served by the well-paid, efficient and cheerful employees of a well-run business

LETTER: Vaccine makers need state life support

A company like Moderna needs to know it has a market for vaccines and medication

LETTER: Confused learnings from London

London’s apparent wealth is illusory and the UK has lost its lustre

LETTER: Fairy tales and US propaganda

Is one supposed to take Putin stories seriously?

LETTER: Where do solar panels go when they die?

It’s time to answer questions on solar power

LETTER: Children should love learning

The education system is killing our children’s spirit, creativity, enthusiasm and energy

LETTER: A humble ANC will put the people first

Voters did not reject the ANC but punished it for its broken promises and its complacency about corruption

LETTER: Can the president dissolve parliament?

Serious implications for the formation of a governing coalition

LETTER: Maintaining high standards depends on us

A sense of personal responsibility is just as important as good governance

LETTER: Wake up from Stockholm syndrome, Adrian Gore

The Discovery CEO must stop cosying up to the government and act before it is too late

LETTER: The ANC has failed South Africans

With NHI, all the party has done is destroy what works for some and offer pie in the distant sky to all