LETTER: NHI optimism out of place

The ANC is unable to run local clinics, and state hospitals are in a disgraceful condition

LETTER: A degree doesn’t guarantee a job

There are too many examples where university is seen as the gateway to an easier career, and unfortunately no amount of theory will replace practical experience

LETTER: Yes to more independents

Being free of political allegiance means they're free of the red tape of intraparty politics

LETTER: Land reform is rotten to the roots

The land reform process has been an expensive exercise, without tangible benefits

LETTER: Zille’s error of logic

When pundits criticise the DA, it’s usually because of the party’s own shortcomings, and not because they’re somehow trying to aid the plight of the (f)ailing ...

LETTER: Makhura should be deputy president

Makhura is likely to be elected deputy president of the ANC next year. He is an efficient administrator with an impressive track record

LETTER: Business is not an eternal cash cow

Will we ever convince the government that business is not an eternal cash cow?

LETTER: The truth about trade policy

The generation of trade policy remains the purview of government, exercised through several platforms, including bilateral and multilateral trade agreements

LETTER: How our taxes are recycled

The recipients of our taxes themselves pay tax on their earnings, so there is a measure of double counting, not so?

LETTER: Actions speak louder than ‘ubuntu’

As long as we consider other people in our daily dealings and treat them as we would wish to be treated ourselves, everything should be fine, no matter what we ...

LETTER: Tax base can’t be squeezed any more

We need fewer taxes so that there is nothing left to steal. Then maybe they will move on and we can truly begin to rebuild SA

LETTER: Steinhoff: scrap the settlement offer

The Steinhoff settlement offer should be scrapped, and Steinhoff’s management should defend the cases in court

LETTER: The case against a solidarity tax

The government must demonstrate competence and integrity before demanding more of its people

LETTER: What ubuntu means

Ubuntu, as is so often claimed, is not a concept unique to Africa

LETTER: Leave Bezos out of the taxi wars

The taxi issues here have zilch to do with whether Jeff Bezos uses his hard-earned money to take a trip into space, on a rocket that is designed to take ...