LETTER: Little satisfaction on land issue

It is premature to argue that a blanket taking of land is off the table

LETTER: The pros and cons of cash bribes

One can but hope that advocate Shamila Batohi will demonstrate her bite on some easily caught fish

LETTER: Little reason for optimism

The endemic corruption that seems to be so entrenched in the ANC’s psyche will not be rooted out any time soon

LETTER: A turn to tourism

The writer proposes that the R5bn spent annually on SAA be invested in a national tourism academy

LETTER: King code’s pointless overkill

Donald Trump and Markus Jooste raises the question: just what has been the point of the King code?

LETTER: Time to ground this waste of money

The question is: what benefit do the vast majority of South Africans derive from SAA? The answer is very little, if anything

LETTER: A workable solution for creating employment

I support ‘worker relocation’ — a long-term strategy to give independence to workers

LETTER: Good intentions pave a downhill road

I recently spent a few days at Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife’s Didima resort in the Drakensberg. I was shocked at how derelict the place was

LETTER: Heritage of ANC stalwarts betrayed

SA today is a sick society; it is morally and ethically bankrupt. Our elected officials have vulgarised the good name of a 107-year-old institution

LETTER: With respect, look around you Adrian

Sugarcoating the positives and ignoring the negatives is like saying after a hijack: ‘At least I am alive’

LETTER: Cigarette taxes aren’t the problem

It is the weakness of SA’s tax administration that caused the problem, and only addressing that weakness will help recover the tax losses.

LETTER: Why Mmusi Maimane does deserve the FNF’s freedom award

According to Gareth van Onselen, the FNF was reckless and thoughtless for handing the award to Maimane

LETTER: Challenge to Adrian Gore

Reading Adrian Gore’s ‘call to arms’ had me thinking Gore may have become a bit delusional

LETTER: Justice Malala way off target in dissing UK

Apart from being the world’s fifth-largest economy and a G7 member, the UK is doing remarkably well economically

OBITUARY: Stafford Thomas was not a run-of-the-mill journalist

He will be remembered for his meticulous attention to detail in his stories, and his insistence on getting to know executives

LETTER: Inclusive growth should be our goal

South Africa simply cannot afford to ignore the fundamental shifts required in how investment and growth are viewed — and implemented