LETTER: The cons of the Hillside smelter

At such a critical time, it seems grossly negligent to even consider selling substantial electricity to Hillside to refine a commodity that is imported

LETTER: The law of consequences

Things have gone from bad to worse, which raises questions about the calibre of Eskom’s ‘war room’ and its understanding of this industry

LETTER: Voters should not tolerate corruption

The Hawks and the NPA constitute twin structures that have not been — and will never be — fit for countering grand corruption, state capture and kleptocracy in ...

LETTER: Sars is seriously off track

I read of illicit tobacco sales, rampant corruption and complete inefficiency, and wonder why Sars sees me as a criminal

LETTER: Heads I win, tails you lose

Wouldn’t it be nice to judge the successes of the ‘superhero’ CEOs, by how the companies’ share prices fare in the years following their departure?

LETTER: Medical aid’s extra costs and hurdles

My own experience of the self-payment gap and the co-payment is that they are used as mechanisms to reduce medical aid cover, to the detriment of members

LETTER: Only wise appointments can save SA

Our economy is in a mess; corruption and incompetence have robbed us of a future

LETTER: Forced to take our business elsewhere

We have always tried to source and manufacture everything in SA, thereby providing much-needed local employment

LETTER: Tell it as it is, medical aid schemes

Rob Rose correctly questions the ethics of the medical aid industry and the effectiveness of the Council for Medical Schemes

LETTER: Cost negates levy benefits

Why do we continue to hand over R50.3bn in taxes to the SA Customs Union when we collect only R52.7bn on customs duties?

LETTER: ANC unable to take tough decisions

Despite finance minister Tito Mboweni’s benign budget, SA is on borrowed time

LETTER: Renewable SA energy the way to go

We cannot afford to let our panic to keep the lights on overshadow the need to scrutinise our energy future, especially when we’re importing power

LETTER: Rampant cable theft is treason

These acts are propelling the country into an abyss of darkness. They constitute an assault on our democracy

LETTER: Medical aid mugging

As a pensioner, I need to maintain medical aid membership in case of serious illness or injury. In the meanwhile, I remain a mugging victim

LETTER: How to fix our state-owned entities

We need to corporatise most of the country’s institutions

LETTER: Education: Sadtu is the problem

The future of any country rests with educated minds, yet Sadtu has proved to be the most backward of our unions