LETTER: A name game

Justice Malala’s reference to Malusi Gigaba has triggered further etymological research

LETTER: Pity the poor, jobless and ignorant

The everyday reality of life in SA is worse than a nightmare

LETTER: No justification for ATM charges

I’m told the reason for the charges is the high cost of security in SA

LETTER: No time for a divided DA

The DA must up the ante if it wishes to retain the Western Cape because, in the event of Ramaphosa becoming president, there could be a swing away from the ...

What you said online ...

What Financial Mail readers are saying about our stories

LETTER: Print presses on

Is the general media panicking or is it unable to adapt to a changing world?

LETTER: Schooling comes before skills

Technical skills are nothing less than a disaster at the moment

LETTER: SAA’s demise sealed when Carolus left

The death knell was sounded back in 2012 when Cheryl Carolus other respected board members resigned in protest

LETTER: Formal skills development is vital

There is another core problem: the shortage of appropriate skills

LETTER: Grounding MPs

As unpopular as this suggestion is, it makes business sense

LETTER: Accountability and trust now vital

Now it’s time to win this community’s trust by walking the walk

LETTER: Clever thinking, Discovery Bank

Your otherwise excellent article on Discovery’s new bank neglected to mention the real strength of the company’s business model: risk consolidation

LETTER: It’s closer than you think

The Second Coming may be sooner than we all thought

LETTER: Gigaba should take positive steps

He is severely limited in his options to raise the finance to meet government’s budget

LETTER: Double duties on Echo Polska dividend

The correct tax treatment is surely to deduct the tax only once

LETTER: We needs a crackdown on illegal Sim cards

Freely distributed Sim cards skirt the laws intended to prevent crimes being committed