LETTER: Time for fearless leadership

What hasn’t sunk in, for most politicians, is that the time for bickering and grandstanding is over. SA needs real, workable solutions, not unsavoury rivalry ...

LETTER: DA policy document is open for proper debate

Jibes and selective critiques do not enhance the process

LETTER: Eskom crisis as a catalyst for change

The chickens of neglect, mismanagement, and corruption have come home to roost

LETTER: Undignified activity on the bench

The unsavoury spat between senior judges in the Western Cape paints an unfavourable picture of judge president John Hloph

LETTER: Let’s show our support for Pravin

Gordhan is one of the very few high-profile people standing up against state capture. It will be a disaster for the country if he is forced out of office

LETTER: Tiger, tiger burning shame

Tiger Brands is a perfect example of corporate bulldust

LETTER: The new virus: too soon to panic

Jeremy Sampson is right about one aspect of this latest worldwide virus outbreak

LETTER: Three swallows may not be enough

The government must realise it needs to create an environment that eases the constraints of doing business

LETTER: Three steps Ramaphosa must take

Ramaphosa can harness the vigour of the new decade to his advantage — but he needs to act now

LETTER: How did we get here?

How did we arrive here? Why haven’t we made significant strides in addressing the challenges of unemployment, poverty and inequality?

LETTER: Can’t blame Shrey Viranna for leaving

So it must be expected that those with young families share Shrey Viranna’s fears, and are seeking greener pastures

LETTER: On the gravy train to the Third World

Beloved Nelson Mandela must be shedding tears in the land of our ancestors, as the nation he struggled to build is systematically and carelessly disassembled

LETTER: Why the ANC can’t fix the economy

Sipho Pityana is totally out of touch with reality when you consider his suggestions as to what a recovery plan should include

LETTER: Rethinking public sector pensions

It is time to question whether public sector pension funds should be structured on a defined-benefit basis

LETTER: Lawrence MacDougall must go

He should do the right thing and resign with immediate effect instead of hanging around collecting a fat salary while shareholders are counting their losses

LETTER: Immigration fuels joblessness

The truth is that SA has no control of its borders, and as long as foreigners can pour into the country, the unemployment rate will not improve