LETTER: Competence must trump colour

The DA should focus on head-hunting competent candidates to hold specific portfolios on local and national level

LETTER: Cyril Ramaphosa needs vision to save SA

The ANC should follow the mindset of Springbok coach Rassie Erasmus, whose single-minded vision won us the Web Ellis Cup

LETTER: When the Transvaal was a colony

In 1902 both the Transvaal and Orange Free State became British colonies until union in 1910

LETTER: Does Cyril Ramaphosa even have a plan?

The writer wants to know what the president’s game plan is

LETTER: Pressure is a privilege for those who run industry

The writer says the drivers of the economy need to get on with it

LETTER: If Roper doesn’t like positivity, he can leave

The writer argues that it is worth promoting dialogue and respect

LETTER: Population explosion is the problem

The writer asks why the subject of SA’s ballooning population is never spoken about

LETTER: Corruption a festering sore for years

Corruption has been a problem since former president Jacob Zuma took office

LETTER: JSE needs to step up to the plate

The JSE must beef up its regulation, especially in terms of insider trading and fraud

LETTER: Proof of government incompetence

The KwaZulu-Natal department of co-operative governance & traditional affairs successfully stopped Eskom switching off the electricity in Newcastle by ...

LETTER: Unions will become redundant

Unions are inflexible and fail to understand the technology that is changing the face of commerce and industry

LETTER: Let’s hear more about the feast

The review of Maria’s Greek Restaurant was scant in comparison with commentary on non-food matters, which belongs elsewhere

LETTER: Chicken imports are the problem

Imports are not the answer to the local supply problem — they are the cause of that problem

LETTER: Ramaphosa’s presence not much help

Unless all parts of Ramaphosa’s administration work together towards the same clear goals, SA’s growth will remain stagnant

LETTER: Ditch the glasses; see how sick SA is

It seems rose-tinted glasses are standard issue at Discovery house

LETTER: Ministers undermine Ramaphosa

Ramaphosa is crying out for our unemployment numbers to drop, but his ministers thrive on threatening business at every opportunity