LETTER: Poor service a big problem for Edcon

This is the case at all stores, but especially at Edgars and CNA. It will become worse now that the unions have Edcon in their pocket

LETTER: Disgusting service

I find it very hard to feel any sympathy for MTN over its Nigerian woes

LETTER: SAA Pilots’ Association strikes back

The courage of our convictions is not our problem. Rebuilding our airline into something we can all be proud of is

LETTER: Prepare the best minds for university

The education system needs to be based on elitism: the best minds must be nurtured for university education; other places of learning, can produce the artisans

LETTER: A challenge for CEOs

Our country is crying out for qualified, competent people. It would make sense for private enterprise to partner with the government to build up the skills of ...

LETTER: Aced by the mysteries of economics

In his appalling ignorance, Ace Magashule couldn’t even get the terminology correct. But, worse still, he didn’t understand its purpose

LETTER: You can’t please everyone, Cyril

One of the first things he should have done on becoming ANC president was to reverse Jacob Zuma’s promise of free tertiary education

LETTER: Astute analyst deserves an apology

A year ago Investec analyst Anthony Geard called out Tongaat for poor results, and suggested that Peter Staude’s departure as CEO was long overdue

LETTER: Visa decisions shoot SA in the foot

An Italian restaurateur — an employer of at least 10 people — being forced to close his business in SA because the department of home affairs refused to renew ...

LETTER: Where business can play a role

Start with greater tax incentives for businesses that hire and train school-leavers, and ensuring every employee in the private sector has the opportunity to ...

LETTER: Art is as important as academics

A country with the drive to see its people living and enjoying a high quality of life cannot remove the cultural development of children from basic education

LETTER: This is no time for compromise

Should Ramaphosa falter, failure will result in SA becoming another African tragedy

The FM turns 60!

Celebrate with us by telling us when we got it right (or horribly wrong), or give us suggestions on how we can do better

LETTER: Jobs are jobs, regardless of race

How long will it take President Cyril Ramaphosa’s government to realise jobs and employment are jobs and employment regardless of race?

LETTER: Editorial on DA is grossly inaccurate

How is it that when the ANC loses 5% in the election and the DA loses 1.8%, it is imploding?

LETTER: Unions, red tape hinder job creation

The rest of the world imports skills; SA exports them