LETTER: Truths about the art world

If Charles Shields is so certain about the standing of his gallery, why has he written such a vitriolic letter disputing an article that largely states ...

LETTER: We need to be able to trust our leaders

As citizens, we should be extremely worried about the debacle between the health ministry and the SA Medical Research Council over the issue of Prof Glenda Gray

LETTER: Be afraid. Be very afraid

When the government admits to not revealing everything to avoid panic, it is time to be alarmed

LETTER: What about renewables?

It beggars belief that SA is even thinking about vast new fossil fuel ventures when all research & development investment should be going into renewable power ...

LETTER: Good riddance to Heather Sonn

I found it disturbing that she could chair Steinhoff after having served for four years on the board while CEO Markus Jooste committed a bucketful of corporate ...

LETTER: SAA: collective cowardice

The never-ending dilly-dallying around the necessity of SAA and its longevity confirms, again, that in SA ‘collective’ means ‘cowardice’

LETTER: Africa’s innovators have a role too

We should be investing in the entrepreneurs who can identify and fill the gaps in the supply chain, because if we’re going to beat Covid-19, we need all hands ...

LETTER: Debt standstill is not the solution

The problem with a debt standstill is that it is just a timing difference. The debt and interest still have to be repaid – just over a longer period

LETTER: No agreement on a way forward

It’s no wonder there is no urgency to go forward – our leaders cannot agree on a rational strategy acceptable to all of them

LETTER: Keep everyone in the loop, Cyril

In any crisis, clear and coherent messaging is key to inspiring confidence

LETTER: Fighting poverty is about justice

The journey ahead is still full of hurdles, as we are also fighting the triple challenge of inequality, unemployment and poverty

LETTER: Virgin Atlantic? Never again

So Virgin Atlantic offers a superb service to the consumer, Jamie Carr? Not to this one

LETTER: Presidential authority up in smoke

Ramaphosa’s leadership skills were laid bare and found wanting when Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma usurped his authority on the cigarette ban issue

LETTER: Bank critics can never take a holiday

Are banks really offering payment holidays? Or is this a method to play the role of good Samaritan while having no intention of being one?

LETTER: Former Famous Brands CEO sets the record straight on GBK

The impression constantly communicated in the media that I – on my own – was responsible for the GBK transaction is simply not accurate

LETTER: So many empty promises, Cyril

All this rapture over President Cyril Ramaphosa’s dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak is premature