LETTER: Ditch the glasses; see how sick SA is

It seems rose-tinted glasses are standard issue at Discovery house

LETTER: Ministers undermine Ramaphosa

Ramaphosa is crying out for our unemployment numbers to drop, but his ministers thrive on threatening business at every opportunity

LETTER: Appeasement is bad for your health

Discovery Health CEO Jonathan Broomberg’s grasp of lobbying strategy is even worse than his grasp of government’s NHI policy

LETTER: Her findings border on fantasy

It is time that Busisiwe Mkhwebane be ‘overturned’ as her work is nothing short of negligent, with findings that border on fantasy

LETTER: ANC’s only goal is power

Absolutely nothing will change in SA until the ANC is replaced. Anyone who can’t see this is in for a shock

LETTER: How Cyril can get SA back on track

Ramaphosa should forget the political rhetoric and simply do it. He’ll find the majority of South Africans will applaud him

LETTER: Use the experience of the old guard

President Cyril Ramaphosa should embrace the old white guard and its successes

LETTER: JCI’s lawyers respond to the FM

Certain of the allegations or innuendos, which are without any foundation, are defamatory of the directors of JCI

LETTER: Land report leaves SA up in the air

The report is not binding; it presents a set of ideas that the government may choose to implement, or ignore

LETTER: Wrong to demonise Mkhwebane

The public protector is not perfect, and our judges are not perfect, but to label any one of them an enemy of the state is tantamount to walking blindfolded ...

LETTER: How factual are these ‘cold facts’?

What is meant by ‘medical inflation’ What basket of goods and services is used to calculate this specific inflation rate? And how and by whom are the data ...

LETTER: Service leaves a bad smell

When one has to try so hard to spend money on luxury goods in a country where the economy is waning, one wonders why Edcon has not jacked up its customer ...

LETTER: Probe the telecoms industry further

Cellphone companies are laughing all the way to the bank as they prey on the uneducated masses

LETTER: Cape Flats thugs have just moved on

Deploying the army only in some areas has simply caused the thugs to move to other less protected areas

LETTER: This is municipal capture

It is clear that most municipalities are guilty of gross financial ill-discipline

LETTER: Deep-sea mining will be a disaster

We are already killing unprecedented amounts of aquatic life