READ IN FULL: Jacob Zuma on ANC top 6 meeting

The former president has accused the ruling party of abandoning him as he faced backlash

LETTER: Mashaba was no model mayor

Even the DA has admitted he gave the keys of the city to the EFF and damn the consequences — power at any cost

LETTER: SA deserves the truth about vaccines

SA’s citizens deserve to know how the process is going to unfold

LETTER: Right of reply: Dave van Niekerk

Dave van Niekerk, the former CEO of Blue Financial and founder of MyBucks, which was purchased by Ecsponent, is concerned by the way he was depicted in an ...

LETTER: ANC takes the biscuit

Remember, ANC, if you want to dole out cookies, don’t rob the cookie jar. The jar is now empty

LETTER: Bypassing a weighty issue

Livingstone needs a bypass from the Kazungula route, round to the Lusaka trunk road

LETTER: Eskom race card obscures real issues

In trying to revive Eskom, André de Ruyter is dealing with a messy situation not of his making

LETTER: A saunter down memory lane

After reading the excellent article on Joburg’s lost hotels, I took a saunter down memory lane and remembered a visit to the famed Koffiehuis

LETTER: Stop the stereotyping

Are we now to assume that it is only Jews, Afrikaners, Englishmen and Indians who are corrupt?

LETTER: Government’s norm is not normal

It has become the norm for the various departments to ignore requests for comment on issues that affect people

LETTER: The tender-friendly city

Port Elizabeth, albeit European or ‘colonial’, is apolitical and should, therefore, remain

LETTER: A dangerous game of chicken

Former president Jacob Zuma has mastered the art of political brinkmanship with his latest preposterous allegations suggesting corruption in our judiciary

LETTER: Why does Zuma state the obvious?

His recent utterances about the law being too easy on criminals appear to be accurate, given the number of corrupt politicians still enjoying impunity

LETTER: A miserable existence

"The amount of mercury toxicity going on is horrific," says a geologist in Kenya

LETTER: Police minister fails to combat crime

Bheki Cele likes to come across as the tough guy, but is totally ineffectual

LETTER: Crunching the vaccine numbers

How many vaccinations can reasonably be done per week — by whom and where?