LETTER: Justice Malala way off target in dissing UK

Apart from being the world’s fifth-largest economy and a G7 member, the UK is doing remarkably well economically

OBITUARY: Stafford Thomas was not a run-of-the-mill journalist

He will be remembered for his meticulous attention to detail in his stories, and his insistence on getting to know executives

LETTER: Inclusive growth should be our goal

South Africa simply cannot afford to ignore the fundamental shifts required in how investment and growth are viewed — and implemented

LETTER: Beware of overdoing creative licence

Your excellent issue draws much attention to the reputational risk experienced by many corporates and individuals in SA

LETTER: Budget control is key

Those officials flouting treasury regulations need to be held personally liable — then we can expect a favourable turn of events

LETTER: Populist land gamble is problematic

Expropriation of land without compensation would suggest to potential investors that the risks of investing in fixed assets in SA are unacceptable

LETTER: More socialism is an insane idea

The recommendations of the World Bank are the definition of insanity

LETTER: SA Express rubbishes to Financial Mail

We deny allegations that paint Tebogo Brian van Wyk as the mastermind behind alleged multimillion-rand corruption in the reopening of the Pilanesberg airport

LETTER: Many members dislike Discovery too

Aside from its focus on consumer goodies, the technical quality of its health services is appalling

LETTER: Land plan will scare financiers away

Given the scale of funding needed, the consequences for the agricultural sector of its financiers withdrawing would be dire and entirely predictable

LETTER: Perils of patronage

How could a publication such as the Financial Mail, promoting probity, condone any kind of corrupt dealings?

LETTER: DA’s magic moment lost

How pathetic. The DA had the ideal opportunity to seize the moment and show that it can govern with clean and statesmanlike leadership

What you said online …

What Financial Mail readers are saying about our stories.

LETTER: All corruption must be punished

Perhaps we should nationalise the local assets of those found with their hands in the cookie jar

What you said online ...

What Financial Mail readers are saying about our stories

Tasty new FM … just add cream

A new reader is a fan, but has a few suggestions for the Financial Mail