LETTER: From prosperity to poverty

The destruction of wealth and infrastructure is a blight on the ANC

LETTER: Post Office, your cheque’s in the mail

It is ironic how staggeringly efficient the post office has been with getting the renewals out, while failing to carry out its core business

LETTER: Unions, try to heal this injury

Can you believe that under these circumstances Cosatu is planning an economic shutdown in the next month, while the SA Federation of Trade Unions is calling ...

LETTER: Varsity gets F for gender chemistry

One would expect an academic institution to know that an alumnus is male and an alumna is female

LETTER: Name changes are futile

It seems the Eastern Cape Provincial Geographical Names Committee is trying to justify its relevance and salaries with its name-changing crusade

LETTER: Anyone remember 1820?

On the farce that is Heritage Day, no mention was made by the media or any politician of the fact that this year marks the 200th anniversary of the arrival of ...

LETTER: Government excels at stifling business

The story about Babelegi Workwear & Industrial Supplies supplying masks once again highlights the government’s penchant for rushing off to court — knowing that ...

LETTER: Andile Lungisa is a snob

He was indoctrinated to think ANC membership means a crème de la crème status

LETTER: We need the truth about the EFF

Is it a political party that is contributing to democracy, or a sanctioned terrorist group shielded by the ANC?

LETTER: Good job on exposing ELB shenanigans

ELB has even evaded presenting audited accounts for the year ended June 30 2020, with only reviewed accounts being promised to shell-shocked shareholders

LETTER: Plastic pollution: we have no time to waste

A refundable deposit system for all packaging materials can help solve the riddle of environmental pollution

LETTER: ANC and Zanu-PF sharing notes?

It seems the ANC is primarily there to share notes with the ruling Zanu-PF on the longevity of liberation movements that are way past their sell-by dates

LETTER: Driven to the alms of the IMF

The pandemic period has confirmed the inevitability of a recourse to the IMF. And if that can be used to prompt overdue reform, it may ultimately prove ...

LETTER: Banks must take some responsibility

One cannot but wonder whether many so-called borrowers accept loans from banks with no intention of repaying them at all

LETTER: No honour among ANC thieves

So the ANC is imploding? Let it implode

LETTER: Mbalula is a laughing stock

Mbalula, like many other politicians, thinks that a threatening and aggressive stance will pull the masses into line, when in fact the opposite applies