EDITORIAL: Mob violence shows up state’s failures

The contraction in the country’s accounts is being felt in a very visceral sense on the streets

EDITORIAL: It’s all about power in political coalitions

The upheavals in municipalities show the fragility of political coalitions

EDITORIAL: Cyril’s land conundrum

The ANC is paying the price for having lost its way and, in the process, the support of critical constituencies

EDITORIAL: Nuclear gets the bullet

News that SA has rejected nuclear capacity in favour of cleaner energy is a welcome symbolic line that has been drawn under the Zuma years

EDITORIAL: Welcome end to Zupta TV

The demise of the ANN7 television channel serves to show that nothing premised on the deceit of millions can last forever

EDITORIAL: Commissions aside, where are the law enforcers?

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s government is determined to expose corruption. But is it equally determined to punish it?

EDITORIAL: Constitutional Court saves SA from the politicians

The Shaun Abrahams ruling has now led SA’s highest court to change the law to protect the prosecutions authority from a worst-case president

EDITORIAL: DA politicians must just get off Twitter

You’d think, by now, an edict would have gone out on a blue letterhead banning its politicians from Twitter

EDITORIAL: It’s time for clarity on land expropriation

Why does Ramaphosa, a respected businessman, support a proposal that could be ruinous to property values, investor confidence and food security?

EDITORIAL: Cyril’s David Mabuza problem

Could he be the albatross to President Cyril Ramaphosa, in the same way Jacob Zuma was to Thabo Mbeki?

EDITORIAL: Once again, why are looters not in jail?

Why has there not been a single arrest, let alone a prosecution, with regard to this blatant theft?

EDITORIAL: Unemployment in SA a national emergency

The surge in unemployment to 27.2% in the second quarter from 26.7%, and the shedding of another 90,000 jobs, is a national emergency

EDITORIAL: The end of e-tolls

Gauteng premier David Makhura’s commitment to scrap e-tolls is official confirmation that the tax on motorists is dead in the water

EDITORIAL: Time for Eskom to make tough choices

The hard task will be to eradicate the culture of impunity

EDITORIAL: Eskom trips up Cyril

The World Bank has decried the gross inefficiency at our power utility, which it believes is 66% overstaffed

EDITORIAL: Fragile SA pushed to edge by protests

There’s a toxic brew bubbling under on the fringes of our country