EDITORIAL: Proposed smoking law a step too far

While the good intentions of the bill are indisputable, seeking a total ban on smoking outdoors seems a step too far

EDITORIAL: House market healing

The positive news coming out of the property sector bodes well for the economy

EDITORIAL: Demise of Nkonki is a step backwards

In a country as starved of investment, entrepreneurship and jobs as SA, the loss of one corporate firm is one too many

EDITORIAL: Waiting for a rush of new listings

The listing of a slew of consumer-related counters signals considerable long-term faith in the local economy

EDITORIAL: Cyril’s investment dream team has work cut out

What investors need most, if they are to put money into ventures for five or 30 years, is certainty

EDITORIAL: KPMG shows need for new audit rules

Why KPMG keeps enduring scandal after scandal is a question for CEO Nhlamulo Dlomu to answer

EDITORIAL: Gwede’s level head

Gwede Mantashe has spoken far more sense in a few weeks than Mosebenzi Zwane managed in his two year tenure

EDITORIAL: What Lamberti’s fall means for CEOs

Mark Lamberti has paid a heavy price for his ill-judged and insensitive reference to an Imperial executive

EDITORIAL: Winnie: forged in the fire of struggle

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela knew her mind and she spoke it with indifference to the consequences for her own wellbeing

EDITORIAL: Is the punishment aligned with the times?

The question is not so much whether the punishment fits the crime, but whether it is aligned with the times

EDITORIAL: Land grabs won’t heal deeper problem

Ramaphosa must draw up a blueprint for how he expects an expropriation regime to work

EDITORIAL: Steinhoff’s insult to investors

Steinhoff has asked shareholders to approve a recommendation that directors get awarded vast sums of money

EDITORIAL: Even historic Esidimeni ruling is not enough

When 144 vulnerable patients placed in the care of state health facilities die, someone has to be held accountable

EDITORIAL: Time is running out for SAA

The immediate task is for SAA executives to get on with the job of stabilising the airline

EDITORIAL: Numsa’s poor power play

The latest round of IPP deals could unlock R56bn in new investment. So why would Numsa stand in its way?

EDITORIAL: VBS — a tale of vast risk not vile racism

The situation in which the VBS Mutual Bank finds itself is due to the greed and mismanagement of the small bank’s leadership