EDITORIAL: Fear Lindiwe Sisulu’s ambition

Sisulu’s ruthlessly self-serving ambition should be checked. And soon

EDITORIAL: Union madness sends SAA into nosedive

Saving the airline will require all parties to sit down, put aside the posturing, and focus on the sustainability of the business

EDITORIAL: Investment pledges — it’s sort of true

Hopes that SA has turned the corner, and that business confidence and economic growth will only climb from here, should be tempered

EDITORIAL: “DD” Mabuza, the ditherer

Mabuza believes SA should “keep [its] mouth shut” about the ongoing assault on gay rights in Uganda and elsewhere in Africa

EDITORIAL: Shoprite slap for Christo Wiese

The days of doing what’s best for you, irrespective of what it means for all shareholders, are long gone

EDITORIAL: What Cyril can learn from Siya

Those in his cabinet who do not buy into the plan should be benched, if not dropped altogether

EDITORIAL: Sasol shows government the way

The government could learn a thing or two from petrochemicals group Sasol, which has been embroiled in a Medupi-like mess of its own in Louisiana

EDITORIAL: Why we’re taking Steinhoff to court

In the absence of real transparency, who is to say that Steinhoff isn’t simply trying to hide details it finds awkward to explain?

EDITORIAL: Overhaul looms for SA’s auditors

Here in SA we’ve had enough auditing disasters to know something is wrong. The case of VBS Mutual Bank, where KPMG’s lead banking partner was implicated in the ...

EDITORIAL: Mining’s giddy moves

Is a mining CEO the latter-day Sisyphus of the business world: doomed to the eternal punishment of pushing his boulder up a hill, only for it to roll back down?

EDITORIAL: DA must decide what road to follow

The DA has a leadership crisis. The problem is it did not start with Mmusi Maimane, and it will not end with him

EDITORIAL: The Peter Moyo legacy

Once the dust settles, the damage is likely to be seen in nominations committees across the country’s boardrooms

EDITORIAL: Blow to NHI — but is anyone listening?

The public sector health system, which the government controls, is decrepit and imploding. Yet, under NHI, we’d supposedly entrust the whole shebang to that ...

EDITORIAL: Cyril’s futile economic forum

If Ramaphosa doesn’t address the underlying issue — a splintered, corrupted party resistant to accountability — his council will be dead in the water anyway

EDITORIAL: Old Mutual smokescreen sends the wrong signals

Pinky Moholi’s sudden resignation from Old Mutual sends out all the wrong signals at a time when the life insurer, still wrestling with its unwanted former CEO ...

EDITORIAL: Secret service — both cops and robbers

Revelations about the way crime intelligence looted its secret service account partly explain why the police are woefully out of their depth in dealing with ...