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EDITORIAL: Matshela Koko’s current reprieve

Former Eskom CEO Matshela Koko is off the hook, for now

EDITORIAL: Revenue resilience is nice, but expenditure is the real problem

The odds are high that the expenditure side of South Africa’s budget will blow out again, even if the revenue side is looking more resilient than expected

EDITORIAL: Ramokgopa mix was a ministerial trifecta too far

A mandate to implement reform means nothing if you’re not empowered to do so

EDITORIAL: Accountability at stake in rand rigging case

In the US some cases have been concluded but in South Africa there has been painfully little progress

EDITORIAL: Empty chairs, empty words amid Eskom backslapping

The announcement that Eskom’s new CEO will be appointed by a politician, and not the board, shows how little will the government has to fix the power utility’s ...

EDITORIAL: South Africa’s white-collar fraud misfire

Prosecution rate is sadly lacking and NPA head’s arguments to the contrary are unconvincing

EDITORIAL: What the ANC can learn from the Springboks

The coaches ditched old ways that did not work and gave responsibilities to capable people

EDITORIAL: Why Ramaphosa’s spin should worry you

The president seems confident that money is being well spent in municipalities, the economy is recovering and jobs are being created, when the reality is very ...

EDITORIAL: Blundering diplomacy

From Ukraine to the Middle East, Naledi Pandor is developing a reputation for muddying the diplomatic waters

EDITORIAL: What Naidoo’s exit means for the Reserve Bank

Once the deputy governor leaves, it raises the risk of MPC decisions ending in a deadlock

EDITORIAL: Kodwa the dope

First he lands in Zondo spotlight, now sports minister must take blame for Wada fiasco

EDITORIAL: What South Africa’s response to Gaza says about us

It's not hard to accept the reality: terrorist acts and war crimes were, and are, being committed

EDITORIAL: ANC’s Israel double standards

Crass blame-laying reveals the party’s increasing irrelevance

EDITORIAL: Municipal ships of fools

Our feckless local governments could have been the inspiration for Hieronymus Bosch

EDITORIAL: Gordhan’s gone off the rails

Public enterprises minister deserves censure for the managerial chaos at Transnet and Eskom

EDITORIAL: Sorry seems to be the hardest word

‘Prioritising inclusive growth’ is the exact opposite of what Ramaphosa’s deluded government has been doing