EDITORIAL: Crony capitalism, and the ANC’s business lobby

The tale of Jova Vaccines Supply — a shell company registered on January 29 this year — is a disturbing analogy for the crony capitalism that has begun to take ...

EDITORIAL: ANC’s mea culpa

A senior leader of the governing party has finally admitted what has never been explicitly stated since eye-popping testimony before the commission of inquiry ...

EDITORIAL: Send him to prison

Zuma is once again daring his opponents

EDITORIAL: As industry melts down, where is Ebrahim Patel?

He has faded into the background — at a time when his political leadership is most needed in the realm of, you know, trade and industry

EDITORIAL: SA can’t have its cake … and eat it

The ANC has only itself to blame for having backed the country into this fiscal corner

EDITORIAL: Where is the action Cyril?

No, Mr President, the new Political Party Funding Act will not end corruption

EDITORIAL: Brian Molefe’s postcards from the edge

The former Eskom boss took to the stand at the Zondo state capture inquiry and delivered the performance of a lifetime

EDITORIAL: Cyril’s paltry excuse

To call for companies to then pay more to mitigate the government’s nondelivery is a sign of contempt for business. Respect, Mr President, is a two-way street

EDITORIAL: ANC loonies spread vaccine distrust

If Ramaphosa wants to show these rules aren’t just empty words that don’t apply to the elite, comrades in his own party, should be feeling the sting for ...

EDITORIAL: Let them eat cake

Behaving like a wounded harpy at the first sign of a challenge isn’t a characteristic much prized in a leader

EDITORIAL: The Maria Ramos smear campaign

The Star last week accused former Absa CEO Maria Ramos of ‘treason or corruption’ for allegedly ‘fixing the rand’

EDITORIAL: Beach rules echo logic of tobacco ban

Ramaphosa was right that South Africans need to pull together and act responsibly. But shouldn’t the government set the example?

EDITORIAL: The unveiling of Mkhwebane

South Africans should not only reject a ‘protector’ with such a frosty relationship with the truth, they should also reject any party that seeks to defend the ...

EDITORIAL: Small businesses abandoned

Study finds that 42% of small businesses closed during the lockdown

EDITORIAL: Treasury’s bungle is a bad omen

The financial community, which has always taken it for granted that the Treasury is unassailable, is unimpressed by its bungling of the exchange control matter

EDITORIAL: Down and dirty with Dali Mpofu and Pravin Gordhan

The dance between advocate Dali Mpofu and minister Pravin Gordhan before the state capture inquiry was something to behold