EDITORIAL: Gavin Watson – the dots not to connect

There’s no disguising the fact that Watson’s death is a setback for accountability for state capture. But Batohi and the Hawks can’t afford for it to be the ...

EDITORIAL: Donald Trump’s awful example

Populism is on the rise almost everywhere, and with it comes criticism of their own central banks by the leaders of the world’s most powerful nations

EDITORIAL: Judge Edwin Cameron leaves a big gap

Constitutional Court bids farewell to Edwin Cameron, who has served on the judicial benches of SA for 25 years

LETTER: Why is JCI hiding behind lawyers?

JCI has consistently failed to comply with the requirement of the act that annual financial statements be published within six months of its year-end

EDITORIAL: The unintended consequences of the debt relief bill

It will become impossible for millions of low-income South Africans to access debt. And, when they can, the interest will be exorbitant

EDITORIAL: Ramaphosa’s donors — ANC own goal

The ANC is now having to deal with numbskull conspiracy theories because it failed to embrace a regime of transparency around political donations two decades ...

EDITORIAL: Payback time for Brian Molefe

Things have just got a whole lot worse for former Eskom boss Brian Molefe

EDITORIAL: SOE CEOs throttled by political noose

Where politically unpalatable decisions have to be taken, the individuals charged with making them are stymied by their political overlords

EDITORIAL: Loose cannon carnage

The bad-tempered and unchecked rhetoric that streams from President Donald Trump’s Twitter account has already had a messy effect on global markets

EDITORIAL: New dawn to dust

The expanded unemployment rate, which includes discouraged jobseekers – has now risen to 38.5%. Against a backdrop of weak growth, this is catastrophic

EDITORIAL: Mkhize’s recipe for ruining health care

NHI has remained a noble pipe dream stymied by unachievable ambitions and a funding requirement quite out of reach for a bankrupted country

EDITORIAL: Busisiwe Mkhwebane – an inept hired gun

It’s unclear how someone so incompetent on matters of law and the basics of evidence could have attained the office of public protector

EDITORIAL: Don’t let PepsiCo fizz you about SA

Political upheaval has driven the valuations of blue-chip SA companies so low that it’s almost an offer too good to refuse for foreign multinationals

EDITORIAL: The unbearable narcissism of Jacob Zuma

Zuma’s strategy of avoiding the issue entirely, and proclaiming victimhood instead, got him to the presidency; now he’s hoping it will keep him out of jail

EDITORIAL: Johnny Clegg — loss of a grand unifier

Watching a performance with Clegg and his bands, Juluka and Savuka, was an anthropological journey – a vibrant tour of SA culture, music, instruments and dance

EDITORIAL: Plotting a plan for the PIC’s future

The testimony by Daniel Matjila describes the corrosive effect of too much political meddling on the organisation’s functioning