EDITORIAL: ANC’s Ace idea for Zimbabwe

At the least we can expect another whitewash — a grandiose political play that legitimises the gross abuse of power

EDITORIAL: Eskom: of blackouts and consequence

If De Ruyter is doing the right things now, a sterner test will be in whether he can drastically prune Eskom’s wage bill, and cut the ineffective staff the ...

EDITORIAL: Trigger-happy thugs

It’s not surprising that SA is stuck in a violent Groundhog Day where individual rights are so often trampled by the jackboot of the state

EDITORIAL: ANC is lavish on rhetoric, meagre on action

Don’t be fooled: this isn’t so much a party grappling with a crisis of conscience as it is a party aware that the looting has become too brazen — which could ...

EDITORAL: Is Ace trembling over Cyril’s letter?

You’ll excuse us if we don’t hold our breath. And that’s not just because of the culture of inertia in the ANC — it’s the culture of impunity too

EDITORIAL: Banks brace for bad debts

SA’s bankers are buckling up for a flood of bad debts

EDITORIAL: New tax resistance threat to fragile SA

Thanks to the state’s handling of the lockdown, ours has become a country where the risk of rebellion has never been higher since democracy

EDITORIAL: Sasol’s history-making financial disaster

Sasol’s epic R91.3bn loss for the year to March not only exceeds SA’s entire loan from the IMF and African Development Bank, it leaves state-owned basket cases ...

EDITORIAL: Ace’s ANC eulogy

There are many in the ANC who would never cross the line and accept state money, yet Magashule has effectively given the vultures his blessing

EDITORIAL: The frailty of the National Treasury

The last thing SA needs as it faces a looming fiscal crisis is for the investor community to start asking whether the Treasury is still fit for purpose

EDITORIAL: Don’t give Zimbabwe a cent

No financier should send more than $1 to Mnangagwa without being fully aware it’ll only go to pay his security forces to beat the country into submission

EDITORIAL: The end of accountability

It’s a terrible message: you can pillage the fiscus and kill without consequence. But cross our politicians, and the dogs of war will be let loose

EDITORIAL: Cyril’s pretend-pretend recovery

One can hardly blame a president for wanting to put a positive spin on things, but by being so out of touch Ramaphosa just makes himself seem deluded

EDITORIAL: Get rid of the bullies

SA’s restaurant industry deserves the ear of the powers-that-be –not knee-jerk bullying by a government that’s all out of ideas

EDITORIAL: Deserved klap for Telkom

The share price might be 47% down over three years, but that still doesn’t justify cheating the system

EDITORIAL: Ominous tax threat should rattle government

The National Liquor Traders Council, the Liquor Brandowners Association, the Beer Association of SA and Vinpro say they can’t afford to pay R5bn in ‘sin taxes’ ...