EDITORIAL: No, bans are not working

The longer the government prevaricates over its booze and smokes ban, the worse it will be: for the fiscus, the economy, the national mood, and even South ...

EDITORIAL: Judge lashes Cele and Mapisa-Nqakula over Collins Khosa killing

Pretoria high court judge Hans Fabricius ruling was the sort of blistering ruling that President Cyril Ramaphosa should read and re-read, before suspending his ...

EDITORIAL: Un-fracturing a bitter SA

SA society, always teetering on the edge of fracture, has turned particularly ugly behind the closed doors of the lockdown

EDITORIAL: Absurd farce of the national command council

It suggests a government that sees no need to subject its decisions to scrutiny. Or perhaps it’s afraid that doing so will reveal how far into farce we’ve ...

EDITORIAL: Slow death for SA?

It’s starting to look as if SA’s lockdown was a huge overreaction — one that is going to cause more lasting economic damage than any harm the virus could mete ...

EDITORIAL: Comair stutters, yet government plans SAA 2.0

That Comair should be forced into such a drastic step makes public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan’s persistence with the resurrection of SAA all the more ...

EDITORIAL: And now, it’s all about the economy

Today, the sense of dread you pick up isn’t mainly about SA’s coronavirus infection rate; it’s about the death spiral of the economy

EDITORIAL: Border control: SA’s biggest foreign-policy failure since democracy

The latest experiment in border management should hardly surprise us. But it’s another depressing sign that SA is nowhere close to really dealing with how to ...

EDITORIAL: Will Ramaphosa’s reach exceed his grasp?

With debt screaming upwards, Ramaphosa is going to need a much more credible growth plan than anything we’ve seen up to now

EDITORIAL: Mboweni, Kganyago go all-in on Covid-19

With the country facing its worst-ever recession, the Reserve Bank and the National Treasury have hauled out the big guns

EDITORIAL: Kubayi-Ngubane’s hapless tourism gaffe

It is lamentable that tourism minister Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane insists that BEE credentials, rather than financial need, will be the criterion for state ...

EDITORIAL: Justice for the jesters

It’s so refreshing – and so rare in SA – to see politicians held accountable for their failings.

EDITORIAL: Prohibition of alcohol sales dries out the economy

The alcohol industry – through sales of wine, beer and spirits; employment; tourism; and export earnings – provides important support for SA’s economy

EDITORIAL: No skop en skiet, please

It’s no surprise, given the combative rhetoric of their political overlords, that SA’s armed forces are playing fast and loose with individual rights and the ...

EDITORIAL: Here’s Mokonyane’s chance to ‘lift the rand’

It’s high time that the economic duncerati in the ANC left it to Tito Mboweni. After all, they’ve had their time to ‘pick up the rand’ and they’ve failed

EDITORIAL: Lockdown: the panic in Cyril’s eyes

The president, renowned for his serenity, spoke of the possibility of “hundreds of thousands” of coronavirus infections, and plans to bring in the army to ...