EDITORIAL: Bell Pottinger — an insufficient apology from firm with the nastiest history

Bell Pottinger’s apology had all the creepy sincerity of a pervert who’s really only sorry he got caught spying through a peephole

EDITORIAL: Why nationalising the Reserve Bank means everything and nothing

It's the equivalent of handing your car keys to a toddler having a tantrum

EDITORIAL: Today it’s the press ...

Today it’s the press fighting for their rights, tomorrow it’s everyone else

EDITORIAL: Sygnia donates fees to combat corruption

Sygnia’s move has deep significance for how other companies navigate a toxic operating environment of captured politicians, fatally weakened institutions of ...

EDITORIAL: Zuma’s dunces fail Mogoeng’s test

There can be few people with whom Jacob Zuma must be more bitterly disappointed than chief justice Mogoeng Mogoeng

EDITORIAL: Mkhwebane and her splendid, unself-conscious ignorance

One would like to assume no-one could be so clueless, but this would raise the question as to Mkhwebane’s real motives

EDITORIAL: Too late for Lynne

In a U-turn that would make even Donald Trump blush, Brown has thrown Molefe and the Eskom board that reported to her under the bus

EDITORIAL: Politicians must take eyes off leadership race and do what we pay them to

If government is serious about addressing the downgrade, it will need to take an industrial-strength hose into the corridors of inept and corrupt state-owned ...

EDITORIAL: Gupta leaks tactics: deny, delay, derail

The myth that there are 'good' people in the ANC who are somehow waiting for their opportunity to restore the 'good' ANC is rapidly wearing thin

EDITORIAL: DA must stay focused

If ever the opposition parties in SA should be smelling blood, it is now

EDITORIAL: Net1’s odious legacy

Belamant may be gone, but those shareholders are fooling themselves if they believe his departure will magically solve all the company’s reputational problems

EDITORIAL: The promised land lies fallow

While government stirs emotions over expropriation, it is the proud owner of more than 4,000 farms it hasn’t handed to worthy recipients

EDITORIAL: Whatever happened to Lynne Brown?

The minister, a once-respected struggle stalwart, has squandered her reputation and will find it difficult to regain it