EDITORIAL: Zimbabwe runs out of ideas

It’s almost like Zimbabwe’s government has forgotten 2009, when, under the weight of the second-worst hyperinflation numbers yet recorded, the Zim dollar was ...

EDITORIAL: Steinhoff’s board an unlikely hero for accountability

The unprecedented court action by Steinhoff’s board in going to court to reclaim R870m from former CEO Markus Jooste may yet be a watershed in enforcing ...

EDITORIAL: Wisdom brought to bear in forex wars

Another twist in the two-year wrangle over claims that traders at some of SA’s big banks were involved in rigging the currency suggests true accountability is ...

EDITORIAL: Time for Trump to tread lightly

Now is the time for restraint and moderation over bluster. Sadly, these are not Trump’s strong points

EDITORIAL: EFF on terms as courts say ‘no more’

The truth cannot be relative, hostage to whoever shouts the loudest

EDITORIAL: So long Raymond Louw — champion of press freedom

One of the reasons we still enjoy a free media is the vigilance of Raymond Louw, the tireless campaigner for freedom of expression, who died on June 4

EDITORIAL: ANC’s bonkers ‘quantity easing’ idea

Party wants to “explore quantity easing measures to address intergovernmental debts to make funds available for developmental purposes”

EDITORIAL: Jarana’s plea shows SA is out of options

We need to recognise that the government cannot run an airline. We must recognise that a far better option is to let the private sector try to do it

EDITORIAL: Why Phakamani Hadebe really threw in the towel

Hadebe leaves Eskom not because he has failed in his duties, but because the shareholder would not let him and his team do the job for which they were hired

EDITORIAL: Time to boycott Kenya

We ought to treat states that routinely violate the human rights of their citizens as pariahs

EDITORIAL: Busisiwe Mkhwebane — great pretender, poor protector

At such a fragile time, there is no place for a public protector who doesn’t protect the public

EDITORIAL: The DA’s toxic Twitter

The party shows why it deserves little sympathy – or support

EDITORIAL: Was Jumia another short & distort victim?

It's a startling story, not least because Jumia was painted as Africa's most successful e-commerce business when it listed in New York last month

EDITORIAL: The art of taking a hatchet to cabinet

President Cyril Ramaphosa's cabinet choices will, like it or not, be what creates the most lasting public perception of him

EDITORIAL: How did Regiments profit from that advance warning?

The Organised Crime & Corruption Reporting Project lays out how Regiments allegedly made between R100m and R500m from insider information

EDITORIAL: Free business from state’s shackles

In yet another bafflingly counterproductive legislative push, the tourism ministry under Derek Hanekom has tabled a raft of suggestions to regulate the ...