EDITORIAL: Bitcoin bubble pays off

Forget Naspers or Richemont — the clear investment winner for this year has been bitcoin, the unfathomable cryptocurrency that has risen 2,346%

EDITORIAL: Ramaphosa faces long rebuilding job

Ramaphosa has no time to waste on being the nice guy. He is inheriting an economy badly damaged by his predecessor

EDITORIAL: Zuma’s war of attrition

Zuma’s "Stalingrad approach" of wearing down the plaintiff by tenaciously fighting anything he or she presents, has thwarted SA’s ...

EDITORIAL: Restoring corporate SA’s reputation

A demonstration of humility from the likes of Christo Wiese and Koos Bekker is long overdue

EDITORIAL: ANC must make this good news grow

Maybe the economy is in slightly better shape than most economists thought

EDITORIAL: Teflon Dudu sticks

What is it that Dudu Myeni has on the president?

EDITORIAL: Lessons for the ANC from Zimbabwe

The joy over Mugabe’s removal must have prompted deep reflection within the ANC in SA on how an admired icon of the struggle against colonialism came to ...

EDITORIAL: Magda sets the example

In one week, Magda Wierzycka has played a critical role in enforcing accountability in SA

EDITORIAL: Zuma’s fee plan: a ratings calamity

But if the economics are disturbing, so too are the murky politics of Zuma’s plan

EDITORIAL: Schools bill a disaster

It is hard to think of a more effective way of committing national educational suicide

EDITORIAL: Ramaphosa’s dream team vs Dlamini-Zuma’s

How Cyril Ramaphosa’s lineup measures up against that of Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma

EDITORIAL: Voetsek to old SA flag

It speaks of a yearning for a brutal past that has no place in modern SA

EDITORIAL: Free varsity won’t fly — but this can

It is vital that the state gets ahead of the situation by explaining that Heher has proposed a more sustainable solution than free university education, but ...