EDITORIAL: When speed matters, Cele and others dither

Rather than arresting criminals for the looting, and reassuring business owners that they’ll be protected, our political leaders are prevaricating, at a time ...

EDITORIAL: Nkandla’s outlaw family

If anything justifies a prison sentence in the Zuma family right now, it is the rabid incitement to violence that the former president’s daughter Duduzile ...

EDITORIAL: In the face of anarchy, Ramaphosa falls short

Will the military hammer be able to pound the cork back into the bottle, now that the protests have outgrown Zuma, Ramaphosa or political agendas?

EDITORIAL: The problem is ANC impunity — not Zuma

If there was one message that was constantly reinforced this week, it is that those in power are more equal than everyone else

EDITORIAL: Higher pay, low value for South Africans

There’s little to cheer about in the fact that the state has failed to hold the line on public sector wage increases


Last week’s EFF march defines the police force’s inadequacies: insecure in its ability to protect the public, incapable of keeping control, and susceptible to ...

EDITORIAL: How the ANC broke SA’s small towns

It’s a decline that is grotesquely tabulated in the auditor-general’s latest report

EDITORIAL: Dose of reality needed on SAA

While there are legitimate questions to be asked, only the economically ignorant would see a R300bn asset in SAA, considering that all it has done is suck the ...

EDITORIAL: Politicians fiddle as Gauteng burns

As hard as our doctors try to fight the blaze, the province’s politicians continue to hobble them

EDITORIAL: Ingonyama Trust ruling a rural rights victory

If the government is to atone for its failure in the face of the Ingonyama Trust's illegal leasing of trust land, it should ensure that the Pietermaritzburg ...

EDITORIAL: Scalded before, dare we hope this time?

Could the privatisation of SAA and the increased generation cap for power production be the kind of growth-inducing game-changers the country has been craving?

EDITORIAL: An SABC role model?

The SABC — whose gutting by successive executive teams culminated in the surreal reign of former radio producer Hlaudi Motsoeneng — has notched up its first ...

EDITORIAL: The myth of SA’s ‘poor MPs’

The fact is, MPs’ salaries are many multiples of the average salary in SA

EDITORIAL: Did Zweli Mkhize lie?

Mkhize will surely know that in politics it’s often the cover-up, not the crime, that proves fatal

EDITORIAL: De Ruyter’s hand freed to root out those R26 toilet rolls at Eskom

Eskom’s procurement department, which was headed by Tshitangano, was a train wreck of profligacy

EDITORIAL: Markus Jooste on the spot

It may be two years late, but it’s still a victory for accountability that the SA Institute of Chartered Accountants has slapped former Steinhoff CEO Markus ...