EDITORIAL: Sasol’s bitter pill

Sasol seems to feel it can do as it pleases with scant regard for long-suffering investors

EDITORIAL: Lotto leeches probed

This won’t please the "lottopreneurs", but it’s about time that another open tap, which has been roundly abused, is finally closed

EDITORIAL: SA’s name dragged through the mud

The cherry on top of Dirco’s failures is the SA government’s continued soft diplomacy on Zimbabwe

EDITORIAL: Buyback into limbo

Prosus critics argue that it must buy companies — but can’t because the stock is cheap. Which suggests a state of protracted limbo, unless and until Tencent is ...

EDITORIAL: Another NPA fumble

After a decade of hollowing out law enforcement agencies, it is clear that SA’s investigation and prosecution capacity is sorely lacking

EDITORIAL: No, SA doesn’t need (and can’t afford) a new lockdown

Why do politicians reflexively grasp for another lockdown, despite evidence from scientists that the previous one failed to work?

EDITORIAL: Why ‘solidarity tax’ won’t fly

The government must show it can keep its hands out of state coffers before it increases taxes on already overburdened citizens

EDITORIAL: SABC in the dudu

SABC3’s Trending SA missed the mark by a country mile when it invited ‘accomplished businessman’ Duduzane Zuma for an interview

EDITORIAL: Clarity at last on land expropriation

The EFF and the radical economic transformation faction of the ANC are unlikely to be satisfied; they are likely to continue pulling Ramaphosa by the nose on ...

CLAIRE BISSEKER: A meandering economic map for the road to nowhere

The economy must now sprint from a standing start, while following a map that meanders all over the place

EDITORIAL: Nice start, Shamila — but remember 2005

In August 2005 the Scorpions raided Zuma’s Forest Town home. What followed that dramatic morning is a whirlwind that led to the severe weakening of the justice ...

EDITORIAL: Legitimising xenophobia

Clause in new Gauteng Township Economic Development Draft Bill stipulates that business activities within townships would be reserved for SA citizens, or those ...

EDITORIAL: SAA’s royal game

SAA’s bailout is the forced reprioritisation of money from real pro-poor programmes, just to keep a failed airline alive

EDITORIAL: ARC tone-deaf to plight of its shareholders

This kind of thing doesn’t help SA’s capitalist apparatus, already under fire from many in the ruling party, demonstrate that it’s not the extractive system ...

EDITORIAL: DA hiding bitter battles

Its conduct will not only ensure that the ANC remains in power. It will also give a leg-up to Julius Malema’s EFF, providing it with a key stake in the running ...

EDITORIAL: No pilot for latest SAA flight of fancy

The endless blundering about from certainty to uncertainty, from a commitment to ‘mobilising funds’ to the absence of the same, ultimately has an impact on the ...