EDITORIAL: Mark Zuckerberg’s just deserts

Zuckerberg lost nearly $7bn of his personal fortune as Facebook’s stock price plunged on Monday

EDITORIAL: Promise everything, deliver nothing

By November 2, ANC leaders will have switched their attention to the next internal contest for power, which is set to take place at the end of 2022

EDITORIAL: Government sitting on its hands

The SA government, by sitting on its hands, also played a role in the UK red list bungling

EDITORIAL: Looting civil servants thwart Ramaphosa’s manifesto launch

The problem is deeper than simply a lack of ethics — it is directly linked to the lack of consequences for wrongdoing

EDITORIAL: Balls-up a body blow to tourism

If the UK thought this parlously thin reasoning and abysmal attempt at science would withstand scrutiny, it has woefully misjudged the matter

EDITORIAL: A blunt warning on land

The annual economic freedom of the world index, which measures factors including the extent to which property rights are protected and the ability to trade ...

EDITORIAL: An expense SA can’t afford

Enoch Godongwana made it clear that the country simply cannot afford a BIG, nor could it fund various other projects on the wish list, while at the same time ...

EDITORIAL: Ignore the ANC’s whingeing — donor transparency is vital

The bottom line is, as awkward as transparency may be for potential donors, this is a necessary consequence of democracy

EDITORIAL: A (new) SA fraud first

Steinhoff passed the first major hurdle on the way to what would be a world first: rescuing a company crippled by what seemed to be an inescapably fatal fraud

EDITORIAL: Reprieve will help ANC — not save it

The ANC, after all its bungling, is likely to lose big — but it won’t be the only one

EDITORIAL: Don’t believe ANC on whistle-blowers

Nothing in the conduct of Ramaphosa’s administration speaks to a state eager to actually do what he says it will do. Rather, it speaks to a venal state eager ...

EDITORIAL: Zulu does U-turn on pension plan — but blood has already been drawn

Will Lindiwe Zulu’s department learn from this debacle, or will the plan emerge again later, dressed up in another guise but based on the same flawed ideas?

EDITORIAL: A crisis created by Zuma

Economists warned in 2014, sooner or later, the country would have to pay the price for the ruinous Zuma years — and now we are

EDITORIAL: Loony pension plan reveals desperation

Government clearly still hasn’t grasped how much damage policy uncertainty does to investor confidence

EDITORIAL: Bheki Cele’s cop thugs

In scenes reminiscent of the early-lockdown jackboot approach, police have reportedly — without search warrants — broken into shacks in search of looted goods

EDITORIAL: Government plays dice with brittle restaurants

If you’re looking for a manifestation of the ANC’s hostility to business, you don’t need to look much further than the 1,100 restaurants that have folded in ...