EDITORIAL: Jessie Duarte’s history rewrite

Jessie Duarte claims that Tony Yengeni, the ANC’s latest figurehead in its, um, fight against corruption, has done ‘nothing wrong’

EDITORIAL: The demise of state capture don Tom Moyane

Inquiry into the leadership of Sars under Tom Moyane has offered a fascinating, if petrifying, glimpse into a microcosm of state capture

EDITORIAL: Is the ANC blind or dumb?

The ANC has taken cognitive dissonance to mind-boggling new levels

EDITORIAL: The global cost of Trump’s narcissism

Fighting talk of a new trade war this week means we now risk a return to the dog-eat-dog world of protectionism

EDITORIAL: Gwede Mantashe misses mining charter zeitgeist

If the charter aims to seriously revive the industry to create real wealth, the draft falls far short of being the defibrillator needed

EDITORIAL: Is Eskom CEO Phakamani Hadebe up to it?

The new Eskom board has yet to demonstrate that it has the guts and the tactical shrewdness to deal with the unions

EDITORIAL: Unions’ battle for relevance drives SA to the brink

That Eskom does not have a cent to its name to afford salary demands seems inconsequential to the unions

EDITORIAL: The Julius Malema threat

In an interview with Turkish-based TV network TRT World, Malema said: "We have not called for the killing of white people — at least for now"

EDITORIAL: KPMG pays the price for poor conduct

Market dishes out just deserts to a company that has done much to tarnish SA’s reputation as an investment destination

EDITORIAL: Lawyers behaving badly

The legal industry, which holds itself to a higher standard than the rest of society, has been marred by scandals in recent years

EDITORIAL: Parliament gives auditor-general teeth

The Public Audit Amendment Bill will give the auditor-general the power to refer adverse findings in reports to law-enforcement agencies

EDITORIAL: The real problem with the NPA

There can be no new dawn for an institution that hasn’t shown any real independence for over a decade

EDITORIAL: ANC land policy is all talk, no action

The ANC’s policy on land is perched on a tightrope above warring factions

EDITORIAL: A salute for Koseff

Stephen Koseff exemplified the virtue of an unstinting work ethic, an attention to fine detail, and that intangible thing — a feel for the craft of ...

EDITORIAL: Moyane’s postcard from the edge

Letter to Cyril Ramaphosa reveals just how tenuous Moyane’s grip of his own achievements really is

EDITORIAL: Bloody outrage in Gaza

The tragedy of this nakba slaughter is also that a once-persecuted minority seems to have lost any sensitivity to the plight of the underdog