EDITORIAL: Welcome back, Tongaat

Gavin Hudson, who took over as CEO of Tongaat Hulett last year, has done a commendable job fixing up the beleaguered sugar company after an accounting crisis ...

EDITORIAL: Will Mantashe’s words translate into action?

The fact is, the ANC-led government has never walked the talk — it remains to be seen whether it will act swiftly to implement the measures announced by ...

EDITORIAL: ANC’S grim radical economic transformation threat

If the ANC continues to pander to its ‘radical economic transformation’ faction, there will be nothing left of the economy to transform

EDITORIAL: Finding the NHI’s money fairy

Frighteningly, it appears that those mandated to explain the plan to the public exist in a parallel universe, where laws of basic mathematics and finance don’t ...

EDITORIAL: Reserve Bank’s cheap money no cure

For many, the question isn’t whether the Bank is inconsistent, but whether it should have gone further to help an economy in free fall

EDITORIAL: Ramaphosa’s blog from another land

Ramaphosa’s rehash of the most basic of ambitions is indicative of the dearth of ideas that has paralysed the ANC and is strangling SA

EDITORIAL: Axing Gordhan a short cut to ruin

His appointment as a personal clean-up emissary of the president has made him a target for the enablers of state capture

EDITORIAL: Bracing for futile Davos hubris

It’s Davos time again. The platitudes will flow thick and fast with the same discernable impact they have every year: not much

EDITORIAL: Throttling the golden goose

Figures from the SA Revenue Service, released before Christmas, reveal just how frighteningly fragile the corporate sector really is, with dire implications ...

EDITORIAL: Mnangagwa as vile as Robert Mugabe

Having cowed the citizenry into apathy through privation and intimidation, Emmerson Mnangagwa has now set about eliminating political threats to his rule

EDITORIAL: Eskom’s addiction: just say ‘no’

The chutzpah shown in demanding an extra 17% hike to your electricity tariff, to cover R27bn in losses caused by load-shedding, is remarkable

EDITORIAL: Angie Motshekga gets klapped

That minister of basic education Angie Motshekga spent two years fighting to keep undocumented children out of school is an indictment of her tenure

EDITORIAL: The last of a generation of SA freedom fighters with integrity

He was never shy to raise uncomfortable questions – a quality increasingly rare in a party that values obsequiousness above critical thought

EDITORIAL: Stage 6 – a depressing new normal

Even Ramaphosa’s most loyal supporters, if they had their way, would probably choose to put the government and the ANC into business rescue, alongside SAA

EDITORIAL: SAA is a leech, not a ‘public good’

Gordhan’s determination to support SAA, which appears to be at odds with the feelings of finance minister Tito Mboweni, is increasingly a matter of national ...

EDITORIAL: Act that defies reason

Bathabile Dlamini can fume all she wants, but she can’t change the facts. Now, where is the NPA?