UK security leaks from the inside

May is clearly trying to appease the US and China by giving a limited role to Huawei technology

Sri Lanka shows belief and violence travel together

Sri Lanka’s tragedy shows intolerance seems to find its most visible and violent expression in religion

Cats, Wikileaks and biting the wrong hand

Julian Assange should have cleaned his room and taken better care of his cat, but what good are embassies now?

This is real blood money

Libya wants the return of $30m it says Gaddafi gave Zuma, who apparently banked it in Eswatini

There May be blood

The fantasy of Britain going it alone might soon come to pass, with who knows what results

Robert Mueller trumped?

It’s too simple to say that Mueller has just handed Trump a second term, but it sure looks that way

You can ban guns, but not murderous racist bigots

Banning guns is the easy part and may even win votes, but how do you ban murderous racist bigots?

Analyse black boxes before grounding 737 MAX 8

The rush to ground all MAX 8s should wait until the Ethiopian Airlines black boxes have been analysed

It’s Tito Mboweni vs the public protector

Standing by his DG, the finance minister is challenging Mkhwebane’s ‘irrational’ finding

The piper must play the paymaster’s tune

Zondo hears testimony of how former top executives fed information to Gupta runner Salim Essa

Donald Trump’s art of war

His cunning is in knowing that trade wars make excellent politics

Don’t mess with Jeff Bezos

Why does the National Enquirer want to cut a deal with Amazon’s boss after exposing his affair?

Another Cold War throwback: a new arms race

Duplicity over adherence to the 1987 nuclear arms treaty reintroduces the spectre of MAD

Hired to spin the truth

Agrizzi’s testimony suggests Bell Pottinger was not the only agent of state capture propaganda

World Economic Forum: it’s the climate, stupid

The disconnected global elite, holed up in the Swiss village of Davos, see extreme weather as the main risk

Zimbabwe: still not open for business

Disastrous policies suggest Emmerson Mnangagwa is not up to the job