SAA pilots find their voice: but why now?

It is a rare occasion in which three unions are on the same plane regarding the airline’s woes

Tory hopefuls face race to extinction

None of the candidates has the gravitas, leadership or even the basic appeal of a Mandela or a JFK

The real reason behind Trump’s UK visit

Hope of a post-Brexit trade deal is behind Trump’s painfully choreographed visit to the queen

Far-right and Greens show their muscle

Europe is more unsettled today than it has been in decades

The religious Right and our civil liberties

The religious Right in the US seeks to undo the work of those who understood liberty is for everyone

Astral has room under its wing

With Astral eyeing acquisitions, some see consolidation as offering benefits of scale for the local poultry market

The punch-up between Mbalula and Magashule

A bare-knuckle fight between two ANC leaders would leave audiences rubbing their hands in glee

Trump’s tariff threat puts markets on edge

It may be a negotiating tactic ahead of trade talks but it risks misfiring should China retaliate

UK security leaks from the inside

May is clearly trying to appease the US and China by giving a limited role to Huawei technology

Sri Lanka shows belief and violence travel together

Sri Lanka’s tragedy shows intolerance seems to find its most visible and violent expression in religion

Cats, Wikileaks and biting the wrong hand

Julian Assange should have cleaned his room and taken better care of his cat, but what good are embassies now?

This is real blood money

Libya wants the return of $30m it says Gaddafi gave Zuma, who apparently banked it in Eswatini

There May be blood

The fantasy of Britain going it alone might soon come to pass, with who knows what results

Robert Mueller trumped?

It’s too simple to say that Mueller has just handed Trump a second term, but it sure looks that way

You can ban guns, but not murderous racist bigots

Banning guns is the easy part and may even win votes, but how do you ban murderous racist bigots?

Analyse black boxes before grounding 737 MAX 8

The rush to ground all MAX 8s should wait until the Ethiopian Airlines black boxes have been analysed