Supreme test for the US

Will another conservative justice on the US Supreme Court bench threaten landmark rulings?

Maybe, next time just phone?

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But do US voters see who the real loser is?

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As it is the season for writing letters, here is one for President Cyril Ramaphosa

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America’s First Mind may be a little dim

US president seems to regard the content of TikTok as the sluiceway to Chinese propaganda

Real harm, imaginary compensation for Zim’s white farmers

Zimbabwe hopes to use the same farmers who lost their farms to go cap in hand to donors

Gold: Shiny and strong, but what about its bite?

The precious metal looks set to test $2,000 an ounce while the gold bugs try talk it to $2,500 and beyond

Logic gets bowled out for a duck

The response to the call from Lungi Ngidi is a textbook case of conditioned reflexes

Church feud or gangsters’ paradise?

The trouble with dynasty successions is that there is always a family member who gets left behind

PODCAST | Bulelani Qholani’s eviction and Cape Town’s land politics

Mayor Dan Plato response to Qholani’s eviction sums up the politics of land in deeply divided Cape Town

Mercenary taxi drivers call government’s bluff

The government’s long-standing failure to regulate the taxi business has come home to roost

Blackface was never funny

Blackface was never funny. It’s dehumanising. What follows is a policeman’s knee on a man’s neck

We shall fight them outside the pubs

In a fantastic irony, neo-Nazi lager-louts are defending the very man who defeated Hitler

SA must stand up to Khosa-style bullying

This country has never been weaned off the bullying of the weak by the strong