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Amazon rainforest: burn, baby, burn

The Amazon rainforest is nearly two-thirds of the planet’s lungs – and it has been charred for decades

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CR and his entire campaign team should come clean in the wake of leaked e-mails and bank statements

Puttin’ Putin on the spot

Amid growing pro-democracy protests, the Russian strongman is under pressure

Cyril will pay price for his cyberspace lapse

Feeding frenzies that have followed other leaks should have been a lesson in how not to do politics

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Farmers in Wales, spooked by the threat of a no-deal Brexit, are not bathed in Johnson’s glow of positivity

Zimbabwe: a state of despair

Inflation hit 175% in June. A drought has caused the Kariba dam to drop to 24% of capacity, which has hammered Zimbabwe’s power supply and load-shedding is a ...

How will troops in among civilians on the Cape Flats help?

How will the army rid the Cape Flats of its gangsters when two decades of policing have failed?

Makhura and Mboweni: What is it with politicians and Twitter?

Twitter, it would seem, is made for politicians fond of their own voices. Pity the sacrifice of the message

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It’s showmanship: North Korea talks may not lead anywhere, but for now it doesn’t seem to matter

Send in the clowns: Boris and Donald

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SAA pilots find their voice: but why now?

It is a rare occasion in which three unions are on the same plane regarding the airline’s woes

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None of the candidates has the gravitas, leadership or even the basic appeal of a Mandela or a JFK

The real reason behind Trump’s UK visit

Hope of a post-Brexit trade deal is behind Trump’s painfully choreographed visit to the queen

Far-right and Greens show their muscle

Europe is more unsettled today than it has been in decades