Ivermectin: a killer vaccine for the wilfully ignorant

Swallowing Ivermectin —an animal antiparasite medication — must, surely, fit the definition of insanity?

The graveyard of empires strikes back

The end of a two-decade occupation: America’s undignified exit from Afghanistan

Doctor’s orders, then and now

Zuma is not the first politician who has had to deal with a medical condition

Ships that pass in the night — and in the day

As if the plunder in Durban harbour was not bad enough, an IT failure also kept out visiting vessels

Covid cans Boris’s Churchillian moment

Delta makes hay: Johnson goes into isolation, just as he drops the UK’s Covid restrictions

Sky-high case of ‘the egos have landed’

Rookie astronauts Bezos and Branson’s vanity project is all about money — and lots of it

Useless plans not useful to Covid-battered Joburg

Fixing the crumbling city of Joburg will take more than pie-in-the-sky development strategies

Yes, state coffers can afford weekend jabs

Money to pay nurses to administer Covid shots on the weekend is hiding in plain sight

Mbeki’s timely intervention on land

Few issues have divided SA as much as land reform — and the schisms are plain even within the ANC

SA stumbling from one disaster to the next

Death stalks the beloved country and now a large batch of Covid vaccines has to be destroyed

Red faces all around for the EFF

The EFF’s ‘pay back the money’ refrain has come back to haunt it, with red faces all around

Likud or not, Netanyahu may have to go

Scandal-plagued Benjamin Netanyahu is once again fighting for his political life

How to hijack a plane and get away with it

At least, whoever ordered this outrage did not have the aircraft blown up in mid-flight

Don’t shoot the messenger

Did the irony of destroying a modern-day Tower of Babel sail over Israeli heads like a chunk of concrete?

Air base robbery with a different angle

It comes as no surprise to hear that the air force base at Hoedspruit was raided over the weekend

The uncommercial traveller in hard times

SAA is little Oliver himself, holding his empty bowl up to Mr Bumble: ‘Please, sir, I want some more’