Don’t mess with Jeff Bezos

Why does the National Enquirer want to cut a deal with Amazon’s boss after exposing his affair?

Another Cold War throwback: a new arms race

Duplicity over adherence to the 1987 nuclear arms treaty reintroduces the spectre of MAD

Hired to spin the truth

Agrizzi’s testimony suggests Bell Pottinger was not the only agent of state capture propaganda

World Economic Forum: it’s the climate, stupid

The disconnected global elite, holed up in the Swiss village of Davos, see extreme weather as the main risk

Zimbabwe: still not open for business

Disastrous policies suggest Emmerson Mnangagwa is not up to the job

Congress and Trump hit a wall

Both parties have refused to budge over payment for a wall, as state institutions come to a standstill

Brexit on a knife edge

May’s Brexit vote delay hits the pound and sows yet more confusion, not least for some JSE companies

Global Citizen: Talk is cheap

Sunday’s star-studded concert ended in trauma for the many mugged with no police in sight

How will NPA deal with Gordhan vs Malema matter?

How will the police and the NPA deal with the matter and whose complaints will stand the test?

Julius Malema’s politics of deflection

The EFF’s claims about Gordhan are magician’s stunts taken from the Donald Trump playbook

The rise and fall of Malusi Gigaba

Malusi Gigaba’s fatal mistake was to lie to a judge

International airlines flying high as SAA struggles

International airlines are making handsome profits, which makes SAA’s failure even harder to understand

Another victory for political derangement

What Brazilians voted against is obvious, but what they voted for is unclear

The Siyabonga Gama merry-go-round

There’ve been no reports of his arrest for trespassing. Maybe Transnet’s axed boss is working from home

Following Floyd’s paper trail

The sooner the evidence of Shivambu’s payment is made public, the better

Brett Kavanaugh: evidence dismissed

If the Democrats win both houses in the midterm elections, Trump is headed for purgatory