Mercenary taxi drivers call government’s bluff

The government’s long-standing failure to regulate the taxi business has come home to roost

Blackface was never funny

Blackface was never funny. It’s dehumanising. What follows is a policeman’s knee on a man’s neck

We shall fight them outside the pubs

In a fantastic irony, neo-Nazi lager-louts are defending the very man who defeated Hitler

SA must stand up to Khosa-style bullying

This country has never been weaned off the bullying of the weak by the strong

A knee on the neck of American freedom

George Floyd riots in the US this week bring up old wounds – not that the president cares

Jair Bolsonaro: The semi-masked crusader

Things are bad when your behaviour makes the current leader of the free world look good

Despite booze ban, DA still has plenty of whine

Last week’s TV interview between DA interim leader John Steenhuisen and SABC anchor Flo Letoaba gave us our very own home-grown, bad-tempered White House press ...

Flight into terror with no-one at the gauges

Conspiracies are YouTube’s thing, so Zooming with the Zumas had at least landed in the right place

Bioweapons: they can kill you just as quickly as they do your enemy

Who would unleash a weapon that would destroy your enemy’s economy — but yours as well?

Blustering deeper into corona quicksand

As the Covid-19 death toll soars past 20,000 in the US, Donald Trump fans the crisis in his inimitable way

Does Big Brother bother you?

What will people be prepared to give up to ensure their safety during a pandemic?

Tobacco ban may be hazardous to health

Being locked down with a smoker who has run out of smokes could be the way to epic civil disobedience

Coronavirus stalks humanity but selfishness prevails

Many people just don’t give a damn, and that seems hard to explain in a crisis of this magnitude

Noah and the flood of Covid-19 profiteers

Swift retaliation hits the brothers who thought they could make money out of the coronavirus pandemic

Saudis step on everyone’s toes

First the coronavirus made US shale producers sneeze, then they got in an oil price war

Senseless cycle of sectarian violence

India’s latest convulsion of religious killings is where it should be: out in the glare of the world