Harry-Meghan bomb strikes Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace had seldom been hit by a bomb before. That all changed on Sunday

Old Possum’s guide to SA place names

Xhosa names that foreigners can’t pronounce could add some tourist lustre to our dorps

Don’t blame vaccine queue jumpers

The system needs to be fixed, and fast, or the next stage of the rollout will descend into chaos

Roll up for Carl Niehaus’s travelling RET circus

Carl Niehaus pretends he’s fighting for a bigger principle; actually, he’s just fighting the constitution

Drawing strength in hot water

Tea has many qualities — could it even remove the need to appear before the state capture commission?

Vaccines: Give the job to the IEC or call in Amazon

Why the silence over who will pay what for the vaccines and how they’ll be transported and protected?

When did we stop caring?

You’d think the funeral of a Covid victim would be reminder enough to mask up — not for the premier

The biggest, bitterest loser of them all

It may comfort Americans to think of troops in DC as an armed escort to ensure Trump leaves the city limits

The ultimate reality show: ‘You’re Fired’

Fascists everywhere have a new screenplay: take your airborne-droplet outrage to the streets and make it Their Fault

Boris Johnson looks set for a no-deal Brexit

Given a crisis out of which he might have shaped the admiration he so craves, Johnson dropped the ball

Trump attack dog fails to save face

Why would Rudy Giuliani not blow his nose on a handkerchief, then wipe his face with the same side?

Atlas shrugs off his useless Covid role

US president’s special adviser on the coronavirus jumps ship after railing against face masks

Time for Zondo to mask up as Zorro

If anyone can force Jacob Zuma to answer for his deeds, surely it is the angry deputy chief justice

Fake it till you make it didn’t cut it this time

Would one-time US foe Ho Chi Minh have been aghast at Donald Trump’s refusal to concede the election?

But when will we get a Trumpism vaccine?

It was inevitable that the Covid vaccine, like face masks and the space race, would be weaponised

Trump vs Biden: brace for impact

The US economy is staggering; a divided society is seething with loathing and fear