Thabang Moroe: throwing away his wicket

Moroe mistook five journalists for soft targets when he banned them from the press boxes

Beijing’s authority gets stern rebuke

If elections are a yardstick of popular feeling, this weekend in Hong Kong was a humdinger

A tale of two crackdowns in China

The demonstrators in Hong Kong have exceptional access to the rest of the world. Not so the Uighurs

Zimbabwe’s tough life getting even tougher

Conditions in Zimbabwe are becoming worse than they ever were, even under Mugabe’s rule

Springboks played smart in Yokohama

England may have been nervous and out-psyched but the Springboks were magnificent in their win

Maybe Macron is just saying ‘good riddance’

A historic peace accord is being threatened by little more than ego, prejudice and ignorance

Heat is on for ‘sons of the soil’

Pressure is mounting on EFF top brass as further damning evidence of VBS looting emerges

Young climate rebels ready for revolt

In the closing months of 2019, the rains feel like they will never come and it is unseasonably warm

Can Boris keep the Brexit bus on course?

Tempus fugit — time flies as the British government has just 15 days to come up with a Brexit plan

A hellish future: the planet is in trouble

The rise in temperature since 1850 is perhaps the most sobering indication of the trouble the planet is in

The bigmouths won’t be doing the fighting

Following the attack on a Saudi oil refinery, let’s all jump on Twitter and join the dots

Xenophobia: another loud wake-up call for SA

The looting is a warning to us: as the economy crawls on its knees, people are getting desperate

Pick a clown, any clown

Westminster looks like an episode of the original British-made TV series House of Cards

Amazon rainforest: burn, baby, burn

The Amazon rainforest is nearly two-thirds of the planet’s lungs – and it has been charred for decades

CR17: it’s clearly time for more transparency

CR and his entire campaign team should come clean in the wake of leaked e-mails and bank statements

Puttin’ Putin on the spot

Amid growing pro-democracy protests, the Russian strongman is under pressure