Old battlegrounds show where voters’ hearts lie

The election will be contested on the hills and in the valleys

When the water runs out …

Joburg’s wells are dry, its pumps don’t work — and votes flow away

Missing girl brings South Africans together

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Railroading an election

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One day in the death of Alexei Navalny

Solzhenitsyn fiction from Soviet Russia echoes in Putin’s Russia

Fever pitch in the tropics

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Taylor-made hit material

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The dark side of Stellenbosch University

A surprise that was never a surprise in the Wilgenhof men’s residence

Cashing in on Mandela memorabilia

State seeks ownership of items that are personal

Smoke, mirrors and teaspoons

ANC celebrates while the country burns

PA peddles politics of pedalling

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Fossil fools of COP28

Poetry to remind the summiteers, doggerel to ridicule them

Cele can state the obvious, but can he stop crime?

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Safety tips for Table Mountain

Cape Town’s higher reaches have never been safe — especially now

Dark age vs space age

Literally and figuratively, the gap between Eskom tech and Voyager tech is growing astronomically

Durban port a desert island

There are dozens of ships out there, they just can’t get into the clogged-up harbour