Saudis step on everyone’s toes

First the coronavirus made US shale producers sneeze, then they got in an oil price war

Senseless cycle of sectarian violence

India’s latest convulsion of religious killings is where it should be: out in the glare of the world

Coronavirus: A nasty virus for sure, but most survive it

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FW de Klerk: An acute case of memory loss

Is there a parallel, hallucinogen-fuelled universe where the horrors of apartheid were OK?

Prasa ups the comedy amid the tragedy

Competition authorities stick it to this mismanaged, gravy-gobbling, dogshow of a state-owned enterprise

Panic contagion more dangerous than virus

Fallout: if China doesn’t contain the outbreak timeously, a global recession will hurt us badly

Coronavirus: don’t let it go viral

China is in crisis mode over the coronavirus, which has killed more than 100 people so far

Dos Santos in the pudding

The bright light of the Luanda Leaks shines in dark corners left by the Dos Santos family

Stepping stones to Tehran’s dawn tragedy

Pundits were poring over the videos, speculating on the crash that killed 176 innocent people

Orange Peril rocks the Middle East

Armageddon: as the beast of war slouches towards Tehran, who is the Antichrist?

Corbyn clinches UK unpopularity contest

The ABC of British politics in recent weeks has been Anyone But Corbyn – but Boris played a better game

Prasa: a makeover, please — not mere cosmetics

Prasa has been placed under administration – but will that be enough to solve its list of problems?

Thabang Moroe: throwing away his wicket

Moroe mistook five journalists for soft targets when he banned them from the press boxes

Beijing’s authority gets stern rebuke

If elections are a yardstick of popular feeling, this weekend in Hong Kong was a humdinger

A tale of two crackdowns in China

The demonstrators in Hong Kong have exceptional access to the rest of the world. Not so the Uighurs

Zimbabwe’s tough life getting even tougher

Conditions in Zimbabwe are becoming worse than they ever were, even under Mugabe’s rule