State-capture inquiry: mountain of evidence — and a long wait

South Africans will have to curb their impatience and hope the state-capture inquiry does not drown in details

Mashaba Trumps himself with tweet

Zille jumps back into the colonialism debate with defence of the comments that got her into trouble

Magnus Malan: Another chapter in apartheid’s vile history

Magnus Malan, the ultimate verkrampte, is back from the dead and worse than ever

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Uproar follows Mugabe’s press conference and endorsement of opposition candidate Chamisa

The mother of all wars is brewing

Is the mother of all wars — between the US and Iran — actually a possibility?

Obama has Joburg eating out if his hand

Obama had the audience eating out of his hand as he called for a new, kinder market system

We are heartened. Boris the revolutionary has seen the light

Have years of tortured self-critique caused Johnson to see how awful colonialism would be for Britain?

Fill up and fund an RAF office chair

National treasury red-flagged the beneficiary of the petrol-funded chair contract last year

When you really don’t care, who does?

Donald Trump wants to repatriate immigrants without going through the pesky court system

Wheels come off at Audi

White-collar criminals beware: the Germans are coming

Trump-Kim: No great shakes?

The denuclearisation treaty signed by Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un is very short on detail

Trump’s trade rupture gains momentum

The G7 summit in Canada is already being described as ‘six-plus-Trump’ due to his tariff strategy

Trump and Kim: The Summit of the Sneetches

The Summit of the Sneetches: off again, on again as insults fly like intercontinental rockets

Don’t kick rugby debate into touch

Willemse’s walkout is an opportunity to have a broader discussion about attitudes in rugby circles

Some bloke marrying a lady at some castle

The vigilant tabloids have made certain we are familiar with all the details of the royal wedding

Tom Moyane and the Zuma playbook

The fight between SA’s tax boss and Cyril Ramaphosa is headed to court — and may drag on for some time