FRED KHUMALO: The ANC’s clown prince

Did Sexwale truly fall for this scam or is there another agenda at play; what is he trying to achieve: incite emotions that might lead to violence?

FRED KHUMALO: Nostalgic ride to posh estate

When I tell my kids the stretch between Woodmead and Kyalami was once largely undeveloped land, they think I am making it up

FRED KHUMALO: A message for Cyril’s next family meeting

The next time the president addresses the nation he should urge fellow South Africans to learn at least one local language, with immediate effect

FRED KHUMALO: Endurance of Soweto’s Wandie’s Place

Wandie’s Place is the oldest restaurant in Soweto and offers possibly the best African cuisine in town, along with a classy ambience

FRED KHUMALO: Why King Zwelithini’s legacy matters

King Zwelithini’s legacy does not warm my heart, but there’s no denying the achievements of his warrior forebears

FRED KHUMALO: A bad taste of Naija

Maybe I went there on a bad day. But what was on offer was limited and what was available was abysmal — a pity, because the place is beautiful

FRED KHUMALO: Open your eyes to the rest of Soweto

White South Africans, put your fears away; go to Soweto. It’s as civilised as Sandton, but a bit more relaxed and colourful

FRED KHUMALO: A doomed coalition

Steenhuisen’s statement that the DA has not ruled out a coalition with the ANC is not surprising, but such a marriage would neutralise both parties

FRED KHUMALO: A culinary disappointment in the south of Joburg

My introduction to restaurants of the south wasn’t great; despite the famous ‘vibe’, the menu and wine list were thin and the wait infuriating

FRED KHUMALO: Why would a state-owned bank be different?

Mismanagement, ineptitude and corruption have been the undoing of our state enterprises. Why would a state-owned bank be different?

FRED KHUMALO: My enemy’s enemy is my friend

What Jacob Zuma and his guests have in common is a hatred of Cyril Ramaphosa — and as the saying goes, my enemy’s enemy is my friend

FRED KHUMALO: South Africans love a temperance tantrum

Bheki Cele’s lack of tact can make him look like a clown, but he was trying to save us from ourselves by enforcing the lockdown booze ban

FRED KHUMALO: Jonas Gwangwa took SA jazz to the world

Jonas Gwangwa is the only South African to have been nominated for a musical score Oscar — for Cry Freedom, based on the life of Steve Biko

FRED KHUMALO: Good riddance Trump

Trump did democracy a great disservice. Thanks to him, conservatism is wrongly equated with racism and the term ‘liberal’ has become an insult

FRED KHUMALO: Let’s celebrate Elon Musk

Why is it difficult to draw inspiration from a fellow South African who went to an apartheid-era school but went on to conquer the world in his field?

FRED KHUMALO: Turn back the tide

Closing beaches is the right move to fight Covid infections, as anyone who has been to a Durban beach in the festive season can attest