CARMEL RICKARD: Why each vote counts

Hesitant voters may feel otherwise, but their votes do make a difference, as a recent electoral dispute in Namibia shows

CARMEL RICKARD: Lockdown property rental dispute

In deciding a lockdown property rental dispute, the courts have turned to wartime case law

CARMEL RICKARD: Phishy’ deal bites FirstRand

FirstRand Bank is R3m out of pocket after a judge ruled against it in a phishing case

CARMEL RICKARD: A taxing matter

A company is on the hook for a R1m penalty after it missed a PAYE tax deadline by two days in 2018

CARMEL RICKARD: Contemptible excuse

Former president Jacob Zuma is not unique in having to serve time in prison for defying a court order, as a legal wrangle in eMalahleni shows

CARMEL RICKARD: Aid for the desperate

A new legal initiative for English-speaking African states will offer training in refugee and migrant law to judges and magistrates

CARMEL RICKARD: UK’s refugee conundrum

The legal case of an HIV-positive detainee in the UK highlights some of the challenges facing asylum seekers

CARMEL RICKARD: SA’s poll predicament

SA would do well to consider the advisory opinion of Africa’s premier regional court on the issue of postponing elections

CARMEL RICKARD: Zim land invaders out in the cold

In an ironic twist, Zimbabwe’s highest court has found against a group that occupied land in the 2000s, stating there is no ‘fundamental’ right to housing

CARMEL RICKARD: Falling on deaf ears

An application to overturn Zambia’s ban on licensing hearing-impaired drivers has been shot down — despite regional precedent to the contrary

CARMEL RICKARD: Charles Mwenda’s night of anguish

A Kenyan court has awarded a widower damages after it found that police had treated him in a cruel and degrading manner

CARMEL RICKARD: Ruling out prejudice

A landmark ruling by Hong Kong’s courts gives equal parenting rights to same-sex couples

CARMEL RICKARD: Child abusers prevail

Diplomatic immunity trumps even the rights of children to safety, two recent judgments in the UK suggest

CARMEL RICKARD: More than just a klap

In a recent ruling, Namibia's Supreme Court lambastes laggardly public servants, whose inaction has stymied attempts to wind up a company

CARMEL RICKARD: No free pass

The doctrine of immunity for foreign state entities, particularly as concerns commercial or employment matters, is slowly being eroded in law

CARMEL RICKARD: Righting past wrongs in Namibia

Restitution is on the cards for Namibia as a former colonial ruler promises compensation and unjust laws against gay men look to be scrapped