CARMEL RICKARD: A brave stand for gay rights in Zambia

Zambia’s chief justice Mumba Malila is facing a public backlash and demands that he step down after voicing support for gay rights. He’s not alone; a group of ...

CARMEL RICKARD: Big fish to fry as Mozambican corruption scandal heads to court

In a victory for transparency, a case related to Mozambique’s $2bn ‘tuna bond’ corruption scandal will be heard in open court in the UK

CARMEL RICKARD: Dubai ports deal shows Tanzanian judiciary’s true colours

Tanzania’s judges are not lax in making findings, but they are clearly loath to rule against the government

CARMEL RICKARD: Magistrates playing prosecutor

Two fresh cases illustrate legal failings by the country’s magistrates. In the first, the judicial officer effectively took over cross-examination; the second ...

CARMEL RICKARD: When magistrates don’t hold the line

Magistrates are the front line of the law, so it’s vital that they are well versed in judicial processes. In two recent cases, at least, this was not the case

CARMEL RICKARD: Superseding Stalingrad

Move over, Jacob Zuma. Former police officer and vexatious litigant David Chauke has perfected the stubborn art of fruitless and persistent litigation

CARMEL RICKARD: Pay now, argue later

A company in Namibia is out of pocket after a judge ruled N$33m in unpaid taxes could be deducted from its bank account and held by the revenue authority ...

CARMEL RICKARD: Walmart name game

A small company selling goods from a shipping container outside Springs has to change its name after being taken to the companies tribunal for trademark ...

CARMEL RICKARD: Targeting police terror in Namibia

As Namibia’s police take a turn to brutality and unlawful behaviour, the country’s courts have had enough

CARMEL RICKARD: Hong Kong ‘fight song’ saved

The justice secretary has failed in his bid to have a pro-democracy song banned around the world if it’s used to promote secession from China

CARMEL RICKARD: The sorry state of the office of the state attorney

The office of the state attorney has come under heavy fire for its ‘high level of ineptitude’, ‘poor and inefficient services’ and ‘lackadaisical’ approach to ...

CARMEL RICKARD: Lesotho’s law of insecurity

The heavy-handed tactics of the country’s national security service have drawn the ire of the country’s top court — and given rise to a huge defamation claim

CARMEL RICKARD: Samwu workers victims of ignorance

A judge has found that labour union Samwu has ‘a lot’ to answer for after its mishandling of a retrenchment matter resulted in seven of its workers being ...

CARMEL RICKARD: Human rights get the last word, posthumously

Dhaya Pillay’s memorial lecture honouring Thulani Maseko channels the spirit of the slain human rights lawyer in a scathing assessment of a Swazi  judge who ...

CARMEL RICKARD: When the divorce law is an ass

Namibia’s divorce law is well past due for an update. A case featuring an abusive husband makes clear the need to jettison a stipulation about attempting ...

CARMEL RICKARD: Pupil’s fall from train highlights Prasa’s poor track record

Another case of negligence by the rail agency has been decided by the high court, this one involving an injured learner