CARMEL RICKARD: You think Sars isn’t messing up? Read this

This week’s In Good Faith column is free to read. For years South Africans were grudgingly proud of their tax collector’s efficiency. Now there are signs that ...

CARMEL RICKARD: Woolworths' shifty labour practices

Extended shopping hours are often taken for granted by consumers, but they have had a very real — often negative — effect on workers

CARMEL RICKARD: Why do police escape financial penalty for shocking abuse?

A woman is claiming more than R2m in damages after being subjected to horrifying treatment from the police. It sticks in the gut that the police responsible ...

CARMEL RICKARD: Every taxpayer should feel exactly like an enraged buffalo

One of the big five of SA’s wildlife can show citizens how to approach corruption and maladministration: with fierce determination

CARMEL RICKARD: Been sold a dud? Here's how to fight back

After ignoring several attempts to resolve a dispute around the sale of a used vehicle, a car dealership has been held to account for ‘prohibited conduct’

CARMEL RICKARD: Lessons for SA from Rwanda

SA would do well to heed a warning from the UK courts about the importance of a strong, independent judiciary

CARMEL RICKARD: No, you can’t get even

If you get jilted by your lover, feel free to get mad — but the courts are clear that you are not entitled to damages for breach of promise

CARMEL RICKARD: Land reform delay sets the tone

Land reform laws should provide labour tenants with security — but 16 years after the closing date, 11,000 labour tenants’ claims remain unprocessed

CARMEL RICKARD: Long walk for women

Mduduzi Manana, Grace Mugabe and an unusual inheritance case in the courts all help to make August a month to remember (but not in a good way)

CARMEL RICKARD: Ensuring fair deals in developing countries

An international pro bono organisation is helping to put top-level lawyers at the service of developing countries that need help against corporations

CARMEL RICKARD: Taken to the cleaners

Judge addresses ‘offensive’ provisions in an employment contract that stripped away basic legal rights while not properly informing the employee

CARMEL RICKARD: Making bad civil servants accountable

The judiciary has been working on the idea that officials may be ordered to pay damages or legal costs out of their own pockets

CARMEL RICKARD: No power is unlimited

Even when you’re appointed to sort out a dysfunctional municipality, you should still play by the book, as a case in the North West high court shows

CARMEL RICKARD: Pharmaco fires 'brilliant' rep for refusing 'degrading' test

The company has been taken to task by the labour appeal court for ‘manipulating’ an employee’s medical condition in order to fire her

CARMEL RICKARD: Slamming 'offensive' SA court decision, mining giant abandons $6m cargo

Mining giant OCP walks away from valuable cargo rather than participate in ownership dispute

CARMEL RICKARD: Unexpected justice for one man fighting banking Goliath

A case in North West proves that sometimes urban legends are real, and that ordinary people can get justice