UE Wonderboom: small, loud and waterproof

Streaming music + Bluetooth speaker = ease of use. Especially for travelling. Or showering

Nintendo’s Switch to cardboard gaming

Nintendo is a master of reinvention, and the Switch hand-held gaming console has given the 129-year-old company yet another lease of life

Now, smarter running shoes from Under Armour

Not only are they superbly comfortable running shoes, but the sensor in the right heel measures a bunch of useful metrics

GIMME: Easy video marketing with Jumprope

Jumprope hopes to make social video production and sharing even simpler, with ‘how to’ videos being its main thing

Acer’s glossy, sharp and oh so sleek Swift 7 laptop

The new Swift 7 is skinny, oh so skinny — retaining its claim of being one of the thinnest laptops in the world

Sonos Beam: The gold standard of sound

The Beam is an all-in-one unit that is mounted under your TV and gives a luxurious sound to your HD television

Apple’s slickest smartwatch is here

Apple’s smartwatch is the slickest and most feature-laden of this new category of gadgets

Driving the future with the BMW i8 Roadster

The i8 is a thing of beauty and an utter pleasure to drive. It is a hybrid supercar that looks the part of its pedigree

Welcome to the world of smart toilets

Is the toilet smarter than the person ready to splash out R95,000 on such a basic part of life?

Kindle Paperwhite: still the best e-book reader

The fourth-generation Paperwhite — the 10th-generation Kindle overall — has a noteworthy attribute: it’s waterproof

Uber launches stripped-down Uber Lite app

The stripped-down version of the original app is designed for lower-spec Android phones and reduced data use

GIMME: What to expect from gadgets and tech in 2019

TVs continue getting impossibly thin — and flexible — while resolutions and sizes rocket

Take time to compare those insurance quotes

You will be able to request and compare quotes from insurance providers directly on the app — with the bonus of only having to enter your details once

Hone your skills with Masterclass

MasterClass’s specialist teachers all promise to share their knowledge and guide you in their particular area of expertise

This app is a fitness trainer on tap

Get a jump-start on those workout resolutions with the Aaptiv fitness app

Gadgets for the ideal Christmas gift

Gadgets — and, ahem, gadget-adjacent gifts — go down a treat in a digital-obsessed world, so here’s our list of new and cool goodies