TECH REVIEW: Samsung Z Fold2 — fine for an arm and leg

Samsung’s foldable phone fiasco in 2018 was an embarrassment for the company, but its newly launched Z Fold2 is making the right kind of waves

TECH REVIEW: Paper Mario’s manyfold fun

Nintendo’s new lockdown delight comes in the form of Paper Mario: The Origami King for the Nintendo Switch, the sixth game in its ongoing series

TECH REVIEW: Galaxy Note20 Ultra — phabulous but pricey

This phablet comes with all the bells and whistles. In this economy, justifying spending R37,000 on this gadget may be a hard sell

TECH REVIEW: LG Velvet 5G is a slim, sleek operator

This is the best-looking phone from the company in years

TECH REVIEW: HP Elite Dragonfly’s flight of creativity

The Elite Dragonfly is touted as the world’s lightest compact convertible laptop. With a weight of just 0.99kg, it is its main claim to fame

TECH REVIEW: Don’t lift a finger with this automated vacuum

The Eufy Robovac 35C is a robust droid that cleans better than most cleaning staff equipped with the best brooms on the market

TECH REVIEW: Crosscall Core-T4 — tough, heavy, pricey

Crosscall says its design differentiates it from other rugged devices. I used the 8-inch tablet for a month and quite like its industrial look

TECH REVIEW: New Under Armour running shoes a comfortable winner

It is aimed at marathon runners to cushion the feet, provide more energy with every step, is lightweight and offers data-driven coaching

TECH REVIEW: Acer ConceptD 5 Pro — good concept, but …

The ConceptD 5 Pro is a powerhouse and great as a work-from-home machine if you don’t plan to move around

TECH REVIEW: Ergonomic work-from-home range for your comfort

A Joburg-based furniture company has developed an ergonomic work-from-home range spurred by Covid-19

TECH REVIEW: How’s my driving?

Volkswagen has released a plug-and-play device that turns its vehicles into ‘connected cars’ – a Bluetooth-enabled dataplug that pairs with a smartphone

TECH REVIEW: Fitbit Charge 4 — charging ahead

The Charge 4 is its first device with built-in GPS tracking, which was previously available only on select smartwatches

TECH REVIEW: Nintendo’s 51 Worldwide Games

The collection includes everything from ancient board games to modern classics

TECH REVIEW: Fujifilm X-A7 is great for beginners

The popularity of the mirrorless camera is on the rise globally, and it is becoming an alternative to traditional DSLRs

TECH REVIEW: Galaxy Z Flip — first, fold the price

With its SA price tag of R29,999, it is not for the mass market

TECH REVIEW: Send It app takes on video conferencing giants

Local start-up Send It is poised to take on video conferencing giants, including Zoom and Skype, in the SA market