Fujifilm X-T3: A contemporary camera in a vintage body

Like so many other Fujifilm cameras, the design is solidly vintage

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ — intelligent, superfast and expensive

Samsung has positioned its new Note phablets as a combination of a computer, a gaming console, a movie-tech camera and an intelligent stylus – all in one

Nifty shades of play

Now you really can star in the music video version of your own life with the launch of Bose Frames, sunglasses with speakers built into the frames

Spotify now offers a handful of entertaining podcasts

Spotify has added a podcast library to its streaming service

Review of LG’s G8S ThinQ smartphone: is it worth it?

Snappy performance, a great screen and battery life, an average camera, and features that are rather gimmicky

Fujifilm SQ20 review: where instant photos and digital editing meet

There’s something magical about seeing a photograph develop in front of your eyes, the image slowly emerging from the blank page. Fujifilm is capitalising on ...

Tinder for jobs: new app matches jobseekers with opportunities

Jobseekers create a profile with a ‘standardised micro CV’ photo, and a 15-second video, and Mr Employ says it will match them up with applicable opportunities ...

Dell XPS 13 laptop just keeps on getting better

Dell’s improvements on this range have been iterative, rather than radical or overhauling

Tech review: a videoconferencing device that has done its homework

The MeetUp incorporates camera, speaker and microphone in one, and is best used for smaller rooms

Rock-steady and rugged ‘GoPro killer’

The new DJI Osmo Action Camera has ‘GoPro killer’ written all over it

Why you will want these speakers to use with your laptop

By offering both wired and wireless input options, the MX Sound will happily play audio from your laptop, computer, smartphone, tablet or directly from a ...

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Huawei P30 Pro: P is for power, fierce and fast

There is a lot more to Huawei's latest flagship than the camera

Boost your battery with the new USB-C plug

The new USB-C plug means you can charge just about any portable gadget with a battery booster, including a laptop

UE Wonderboom: small, loud and waterproof

Streaming music + Bluetooth speaker = ease of use. Especially for travelling. Or showering

Nintendo’s Switch to cardboard gaming

Nintendo is a master of reinvention, and the Switch hand-held gaming console has given the 129-year-old company yet another lease of life