MARC HASENFUSS: Who’s galloping to GPI’s door?

Sun International — and Tsogo Sun — may soon have good reason to make a move towards Greg Bortz’s Grand Parade Investments

MARC HASENFUSS: Nurdle out the growth girdle

It’s hard to argue that Reinet doesn’t deserve its ‘doughty but dull’ label

MARC HASENFUSS: Johnny in no rush to gush

The debt-at-centre is unlikely to soon be culled to a level that would facilitate an unbundling of HCI’s listed investments

MARC HASENFUSS: When shareholder activism pays off

Meanwhile, at Richemont, Johann Rupert uses Anglo American as a cautionary tale

MARC HASENFUSS: More sinned against than sinning

While investors once could seek solace in ‘sin sector’ shares in times of uncertainty, things are looking decidedly parched on that front today

ROB ROSE: No time to go softly-softly on Transnet

Organisations such as the Minerals Council need to hold the hands of those in power close to the flame

ROB ROSE: Press still a beacon, but a fragile one, in South Africa

Because of news outfits which value rigorous reporting we know where the fault lines lie, despite the flaws in policing and prosecuting

ROB ROSE: How SAP bribed Joburg and Eskom officials

Hearing in US court reveals that software group paid bribes to City of Joburg and Eskom officials

ROB ROSE: Rand-rigging ruling rips watchdog

The Competition Appeal Court has excoriated the Competition Commission over its handling of the currency manipulation charges against major banks

ROB ROSE: Judge nails top cops for sitting on their hands

Intercape CEO Johann Ferreira’s long-standing battle to get police protection against industry mafias exposes elected leaders’ inability to do their job

ROB ROSE: How NHI makes enemies of government’s economic allies

Cutting through the platitudes about equal access to health care, the question remains: where will the money come from?

ROB ROSE: How advisers scored R335m from floundering Nampak

When a company finds itself up a creek, the only people who have a paddle can set the price for their fees

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Treasury officials puzzled as MPs jump onto misdirection bandwagon in parliament