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ROB ROSE: Mind the wage gap

A set-to involving Adcorp illustrates what’s at stake as pressure grows on firms to report on the disparity in executives’ and workers’ earnings

ROB ROSE: Craig Roy Warriner, and the abuse of trust

Court documents say hundreds of people entrusted their money to Craig Roy Warriner to manage, though he was not registered with the FSCA, and BHI Trust was not ...

ROB ROSE: Scary October for Markus Jooste

The Steinhoff ghosts are abroad in this Halloween month

ROB ROSE: Trustco’s Van Rooyen fumes as JSE flexes its muscles

Namibian firm Trustco’s CEO maintains he’s fighting a battle against nanny-like meddling, but the JSE says it’s a matter of corporate accountability

ROB ROSE: Renergen blows top at activist

Albie Cilliers under fire, but CEOs facing tough questions need to grow a thicker skin

ROB ROSE: Economic reality bites NHI diehards

Business lays out a version of a tweaked National Health Insurance it could live with — which puts NHI fundamentalists on the spot

ROB ROSE: Behind Robert Gumede’s bid to thwart Tongaat deal

The sugar giant may end up in Tanzanian hands, but there are a few twists in the road ahead

ROB ROSE: Hurwitz steps down as falling knife cuts deep

Transaction Capital CEO talks of need for a ‘war leader’ — but shareholders continue to fume over family trust selling 40% of its shareholding

ROB ROSE: When big ego meets big law

The multimillion-rand battle between former CEO Peter Moyo and Old Mutual finally comes to an end

ROB ROSE: Busting the myth of a ‘Brics currency’

A common currency is a fool’s errand, wrapped in ideological bluster, inside a giant waste of time

ROB ROSE: Unmasking Steinhoff’s first convict

Jooste remains free as a bird while one of his grey bean counters gets sent to a German jail

ROB ROSE: Taxis steer into a huge blind spot

The Competition Commission is squeezing websites while ignoring a textbook example of a cartel

ROB ROSE: Eskom, and how not to handle a death threat

A hitman’s chilling conversation with a former Eskom forensic investigator highlights the lack of incentive to tackle corruption

ROB ROSE: Economic ignorance fuels NHI fantasy

Mashatile makes a vital — if vague — concession on NHI, but it’s hard to know what to trust

ROB ROSE: The mystery Tanzanian tycoon behind Tongaat bid

The would-be white knight keeps his visor firmly down

ROB ROSE: Greedy municipalities choke ratepayers

Inflated property values and exorbitant rate hikes are fuelling a silent revolt as wealthy residents simply move away from delinquent municipalities