ROB ROSE: Johann Rupert on bad M&A advice

While Mediclinic and Brait took a beating due to terrible overseas deals, the people who structured those deals walked away with huge fees

ROB ROSE: Is Resilient panicking?

In the past few weeks, the four companies in the Resilient stable have seen their stock shed R103bn. Is this reaction justified?

ROB ROSE: Rand rigging: net closes

SA’s banks have sought to paint the competition probe into rand rigging as dead in the water. New affidavits show this is far from the case

ROB ROSE: Sanlam’s stein-ache

Many of SA’s blue-chip institutions have been scalded by Steinhoff’s collapse. The 100-year-old Sanlam seems to be hurting more than most

ROB ROSE: Blame Jooste, not Viceroy

An anonymous research house made plenty from Steinhoff’s fall — but it’s just the latest event in a perfectly legitimate history of short ...

ROB ROSE: The high cost of Jooste's ‘mistake’

Markus Jooste has gone from lauded Steinhoff CEO to villain within weeks — in part because the victims who lost millions are so close to him

ROB ROSE: Markus Jooste’s R286m windfall

Over 15 years, Steinhoff’s CEO has scored R492m in salary and bonuses. If he messed up, shareholders must reclaim some of that windfall

ROB ROSE: The trouble with EOH

The once high-flying tech firm has been firmly drawn into the centre of SA’s corruption epidemic, raising questions about its due diligence

ROB ROSE: JSE’s bitcoin secret

Are killjoy hedge funds about to take the pin to the bitcoin bubble? If so, they’re picking a fight with the currency’s evangelists

ROB ROSE: Tangled up with Tom

Bewildering attempts at logic as Sars boss tries to explain why he is happy to have his deputy back in the office

ROB ROSE: The curse of the megabrands

Taste’s pricey deal with Starbucks and Domino’s proves that you’re not guaranteed success just because you have superstar brands

ROB ROSE: The great Sars fraud

Just 0.1% of the population pays 30% of SA’s tax, so faith in the SA Revenue Service’s integrity is vital. But reasons to doubt that integrity keep emerging

ROB ROSE: Crowdfunders help equity trader who showed state capture the finger

It was more than just the most creative protest against state capture in recent times; it was a statement about how slack the authorities are when it comes to ...

ROB ROSE: Makwakwa's return to Sars is as legit as a R9 note ...

This week’s Editor's Note column is free to read. FM has handed Sars an access to information request as the public has a right to know if its second-in-charge ...

ROB ROSE: Some nuclear, comrade?

Zuma must have been at his wits’ end, after successive minions failed to implement the R1 trillion nuclear deal. Time to call in the big guns. We have no idea ...

ROB ROSE: Deloitte may find itself first up against the wall for shoddy work

For years, dodgy auditors got away with a slap on the wrist and their names were kept secret. It’s a state of affairs the regulator aims to change