ROB ROSE: How Markus Jooste hid his stake in Lanzerac

The suspicions have been around for years, but Steinhoff has now claimed in papers in the UK High Court of Justice that the shadowy Malcolm King was Markus ...

ROB ROSE: JSE execs no match for the hackers

Of the 49 new nonexecutive directors hired by the JSE’s top 40 companies last year, precisely none had cybersecurity experience

ROB ROSE: Secrecy over Sbu Shabalala’s exit

Adapt IT won’t reveal what Webber Wentzel found when it probed whether the CEO ordered an assault on his estranged wife’s partner

ROB ROSE: Fuel hike the final straw?

This week, the fuel price hit a record, even though the oil price and rand are stable. The reason is taxes imposed by a vampire government

ROB ROSE: The quest to quit Telkom

CEO Sipho Maseko will leave Telkom next June, but his is a tenure that provides a blueprint for how state companies could be run

ROB ROSE: Disbelief, anxiety rattle business

Investec CEO Fani Titi says many in the ANC still see business as the enemy. This hostility has to stop, since it is local investors that will have to lead the ...

ROB ROSE: Who dares invest in SA now?

The wholesale looting of Food Lover’s Market stores this week “doesn’t augur well for reinvestment”, says the founder. That’s some understatement

ROB ROSE: Steinhoff vultures in the headlights

A new ruling torpedoes Steinhoff’s ‘settlement offer’. But the vulture investors, who bought in after the fraud, may lose their windfall

ROB ROSE: Hunting Mirror Trading’s ponzi cash

Mirror Trading was named the global crypto scam of 2020. The liquidators have hunted down R1bn of bitcoins, but can they find the rest?

ROB ROSE: ‘Extortionate’ rate hikes push SA to the brink

Cities like Joburg are buying bulk services, then slapping on vast ‘mark-ups’, to pay for soaring salaries and unjustified bonuses for municipal staff

ROB ROSE: Auditing heavyweight FulvioTonelli to chair Irba 2.0

It's clear, from a talk that the UK's Donald Brydon gave to SA auditors, that the profession needs a shake-up. Can the regulator step up?

ROB ROSE: Sorry, did you say R5bn?

Holes in the prospectus for the new YWBN Mutual Bank sparked an almighty war of words over just how smart an investment this really is

ROB ROSE: Huge risk as war for Adapt IT hots up

James Herbst, CEO of Huge, says he needn’t be ashamed of changing his mind as he radically ups the stakes in the battle to take over Adapt IT

ROB ROSE: Discovery ‘won’t accept’ nationalising medical reserves

Medical aids, including Discovery, say the HPCSA’s proposal to ‘nationalise’ their reserves is not only preposterous, it’s tantamount to theft

ROB ROSE: Lawyers wade into Adapt IT

Webber Wentzel will probe claims that CEO Sbu Shabalala is a bruiser. But investors are hoping this mess doesn’t spook suitor Volaris

ROB ROSE: Inside the minds of C-suite goons

You wouldn’t think a CEO would risk everything by hiring a thug to assault someone. But as the case of Brett Kebble illustrates, it does happen