GLOBAL MARKETS: Elon’s aha moment

Elon Musk, whose relationship with Wall Street has often been frayed, will no longer take part in most Tesla earnings calls


Investors have been warming to the greenback since the Federal Reserve indicated last month that interest rates could rise earlier than previously thought

GLOBAL MARKETS: Out with the old

EU emissions rules due to come into force as soon as 2025 are likely to make petrol cars less profitable than electric models, marking a landmark moment for ...

GLOBAL MARKETS: Through the roof

Investors are pouring into global equity funds with a fervour never seen before

GLOBAL MARKETS: Hedge fund horrors

Hedge funds are stepping up their efforts to spot the next GameStop after this year’s ‘meme stock’ bonanza left the industry nursing huge losses

GLOBAL MARKETS: Don’t fear the great inflation

A top investor at the world’s biggest hedge fund says he does not expect a repeat of the ‘Great Inflation’ that took hold in the 1970s

GLOBAL MARKETS: The chips are down

The global chip shortage disrupting the car industry and threatening the supply of consumer technology products will last for at least another year, ...


Investors are no longer falling over themselves to put money into US IPOs

GLOBAL MARKETS: Too hot to handle

The iron ore price fell sharply this week after China signalled that it would focus on efforts to cool soaring prices, warning of ‘excessive speculation’

GLOBAL MARKETS: New green deal

Energy groups must stop all new oil and gas exploration projects from this year if global warming is to be kept in check, the International Energy Agency (IEA) ...

GLOBAL MARKETS: Pay packet backlash

Executive bonuses in the US have received record low support from investors this year after moves to loosen performance targets during the pandemic backfired

GLOBAL MARKETS: Protests ring out at London Metal Exchange

Traders have launched a strong pushback after the LME proposed ending the more than 140-year-old system

GLOBAL MARKETS: Tax backlash

The White House has hit back at criticism from Wall Street and Silicon Valley of its plans to raise capital gains taxes for high-earning Americans

GLOBAL MARKETS: Long-haul Covid

Virgin Atlantic’s chief executive is planning for a long-term reduction in business travel

GLOBAL MARKETS: Cometh the taxman

No sooner had US President Joe Biden’s $1.9-trillion stimulus package passed than attention turned to his big spending bill for infrastructure — and the tax ...

GLOBAL MARKETS: Archegos fallout

The biggest counterparties of Bill Hwang’s Archegos Capital — including Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley — tried to limit fallout from his collapsing bets on ...