GLOBAL MARKETS: Ask the twitterati

Elon Musk has asked Twitter users to decide if he should sell more than $20bn worth of his Tesla shares and pay tax

GLOBAL MARKETS: Turkey breaks ranks

Turkey's central bank governor has argued that recent rate cuts will help to stabilise the plummeting currency and soaring inflation by erasing the country's ...

GLOBAL MARKETS: Bury the hatchet

The Kremlin's ambassador to the EU has called on Europe to mend ties with Moscow to avoid future gas shortages, but insisted that Russia had nothing to do with ...

GLOBAL MARKETS: China’s outsize risk

Up to a quarter of the revenues generated by the constituent companies of exchange-traded funds focused on US stocks are derived from sales to China


Power shortages across at least 10 Chinese provinces risk weighing on the country's GDP as factories have had to cut output

GLOBAL MARKETS: Divide and control

Beijing wants to break up Alipay, the 1-billion-plus-user super-app owned by Jack Ma’s Ant Group, and create a separate app for the company’s highly profitable ...

GLOBAL MARKETS: Striking crypto gold

International bitcoin ’miners’ are reaping rewards from China’s effective ban on the energy-intensive practice

GLOBAL MARKETS: Still life in China Inc

Investors are piling into Chinese chip, software and biotech groups at a record pace while paring their bets on e-commerce, as they try to align with Beijing’s ...

GLOBAL MARKETS: Builders gonna build

Industry bosses are predicting a worldwide construction ‘super-cycle’

GLOBAL MARKETS: Bury that hatchet

Chinese stocks rallied after the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Beijing’s market regulator, called for closer co-operation with the US

GLOBAL MARKETS: Elon’s aha moment

Elon Musk, whose relationship with Wall Street has often been frayed, will no longer take part in most Tesla earnings calls


Investors have been warming to the greenback since the Federal Reserve indicated last month that interest rates could rise earlier than previously thought

GLOBAL MARKETS: Out with the old

EU emissions rules due to come into force as soon as 2025 are likely to make petrol cars less profitable than electric models, marking a landmark moment for ...

GLOBAL MARKETS: Through the roof

Investors are pouring into global equity funds with a fervour never seen before

GLOBAL MARKETS: Hedge fund horrors

Hedge funds are stepping up their efforts to spot the next GameStop after this year’s ‘meme stock’ bonanza left the industry nursing huge losses

GLOBAL MARKETS: Don’t fear the great inflation

A top investor at the world’s biggest hedge fund says he does not expect a repeat of the ‘Great Inflation’ that took hold in the 1970s