GLOBAL MARKETS: Bewildering bitcoin

Bitcoin is set for a crucial few weeks to show whether its record-breaking rally this year marks a rerun of the cryptocurrency bubble that burst in 2017 or the ...

GLOBAL MARKETS: M&A resurgence

Positive news of a coronavirus vaccine and the conclusion of the US election have emboldened global dealmakers to revisit proposed mergers & acquisitions

GLOBAL MARKETS: Shot in the arm for markets

Global markets roared higher this week after Pfizer and BioNTech revealed a breakthrough in the race to find a Covid-19 vaccine

GLOBAL MARKETS: Lower interest rates for longer

Australia’s central bank has trimmed interest rates to near zero and ramped up its bond-buying plans in an attempt to help its eonomy recover

GLOBAL MARKETS: Value investing’s grim run

Value investing is suffering its worst run in at least two centuries

GLOBAL MARKETS: China back in business

China’s economy expanded 4.9% year on year in the third quarter as industrial growth powered the country’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic

GLOBAL MARKETS: Roll on, blue wave

Shifts in markets, from US government bonds to small-cap stocks, suggest investors are starting to prepare for the Democrats to win not just the White House, ...

GLOBAL MARKETS: Spend, big spenders

The IMF has issued a rallying call to rich countries to increase public investment as the best way to encourage a strong economic recovery from the pandemic

GLOBAL MARKETS: Gem loses lustre

A "catastrophic" performance since the Covid-19 pandemic started has left Tiffany with "dismal" prospects for the future

GLOBAL MARKETS: Markets crunch time

Optimism that vaccines are on the way to end the coronavirus pandemic has been a major factor in this year’s US stock resurgence

GLOBAL MARKETS: Let the chips fall

Nvidia has agreed to buy SoftBank Group’s chip division, Arm Ltd, for $40bn, taking control of some of the most widely used electronics technology in the ...

GLOBAL MARKETS: Behold the whale

Shareholders in SoftBank wiped nearly $9bn off its market value this week after revelations that the Japanese conglomerate was the mystery "whale" that had ...

GLOBAL MARKETS: Ticking time bomb

Uncertainty continues to dog the sale of TikTok, the social media app owned by Chinese media company ByteDance, which has become a pawn in a geopolitical ...

GLOBAL MARKETS: Leaping lumberjacks

Lumber prices have soared 104% this year — almost four times gold’s percentage increase — to $828 per thousand board feet

GLOBAL MARKETS: Lost decade, again?

Japan was hit by its biggest economic slump on record in the second quarter — growth sank 27.8% — as the pandemic emptied shopping malls and crushed demand ...