GLOBAL MARKETS: Novartis boss to retire

While VW, China JVs to recall vehicles over fuel pump issue

GLOBAL MARKETS: BP | Huntsman and Clariant

BP gets a North Sea project going again, and US chemicals group Huntsman combines with Swiss Clariant after a long courtship

GLOBAL MARKETS: BP and Sydney's second airport

BP debt keeps rising. while second Sydney airport to be ‘catalyst for jobs, growth’

GLOBAL MARKETS: DHL to invest $268m in India and Sony shares surge

Tax spurs demand in India, while analyst confidence in Sony gets boost

GLOBAL MARKETS: Oil prices spur Saudi Arabia privatisation drive

Saudi wealth fund to take over airports, while London property market on the low

Bidcorp’s relentlessly aggressive growth

The international food services group has made a bold foray into Spain

GLOBAL MARKETS: Barclays CEO in hot water over whistleblower

And one of Europe’s last makers of generic drugs is bought by Bain and Cinven