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ANN CROTTY: China’s Xi Jinping is staying tough with tycoons

Alibaba founder Jack Ma and Foxconn chair Terry Gou find China is a difficult neighbourhood

ANN CROTTY: No simple solution to the executive pay problem

A proposed amendment to the Companies Act is the best option to curb unintended generosity

ANN CROTTY: Keep contrite and carry on

From McKinsey to the Catholic church, absolution undermines accountability

ANN CROTTY: Mystery of the billion-bob job that ended in tears

Did Van Dijk himself think he was really earning his exorbitant rewards?

ANN CROTTY: How to break up with the city of love

If you’re in France for the rugby, don’t get stuck in Paris — there’s a whole captivating country out there

ANN CROTTY: Muddying the remuneration waters

No executive will work for only the guaranteed portion of a package

ANN CROTTY: Mr Price’s cynical virtue-signalling

The retailer is the latest firm to push the boundaries of belief with its insistence that Nigel Payne — already 16 years on the board — be re-elected as an ...

ANN CROTTY: Rock and hard place for banks

With regulators on one side and angry clients on the other, banks have to balance suspicion and reputational risk

ANN CROTTY: Virtual reality vs real life

Too many companies are still keeping shareholders at arm’s length with virtual AGMs

ANN CROTTY: Double task for new Spar boss Angelo Swartz

Swartz must perform a delicate balancing act as CEO and chair of the guild

ANN CROTTY: Should Sekunjalo take the Farage route?

Is Brexiteer Nigel Farage showing South Africans the way? When his account was closed he demanded to be told why

ANN CROTTY: Investec drops the ball on executive pay

Fani Titi’s R172m package shows why CEOs should not be remunerated like sports stars

ANN CROTTY: Africa gets short end again at Paris summit

The world sends Africa hot air — from its factories and talk shops