JAMIE CARR: Fog of war proves fertile

Night-vision company Exosens flourishes in the shadow of Putin

JAMIE CARR: Payday problems for Musk

Despite plummeting sales and a drop in the share price, the Tesla CEO is trying to squeeze $56bn out of shareholders

JAMIE CARR: Chinese electric vehicle battery maker gets big charge

CATL could be the most influential company in the world that hardly anyone has heard of

JAMIE CARR: Novavax gets a shot in the arm

The company has enjoyed a Lazarus moment with the announcement of a deal with French pharma giant Sanofi

JAMIE CARR: Cooking up a surprise at Apple

Rumours are flying thick and fast about major new product launches and AI features

JAMIE CARR: Spot the winner in the music streaming war

Spotify has announced the biggest quarterly profit in its history

JAMIE CARR: Turkish Airlines set to rise to new heights

With Istanbul Airport now a major regional hub and surging local demand, the airline is going all out for growth

JAMIE CARR: The big challenge for WeightWatchers

It’s lost brand ambassador Oprah Winfrey and now it has to square up to blockbuster anti-obesity drugs like Ozempic

JAMIE CARR: Market’s turn to bully Musk

The electric vehicle pioneer’s first quarter numbers are in, and the bad news is that they’re even worse than the gloomiest of Wall Street’s forecasts

JAMIE CARR: Getting Luckey in the war zone

The entrepreneur behind Oculus is now cashing in on our appetite for conflict

JAMIE CARR: Reddit IPO succeeds though it has never made a profit

The share was oversubscribed and the company’s market capitalisation hit $9.5bn

JAMIE CARR: The battle for TikTok

ByteDance is estimated to have pulled in revenues of $120bn in 2023, just shy of Meta’s $135bn

JAMIE CARR: Breakfast of champions

Bakery Greggs has knocked the mighty McDonald’s off its perch as the UK’s No 1 breakfast provider

JAMIE CARR: Sky’s no limit for airlines company IAG

Leisure demand has been rushing back, with increasing numbers prepared to cough up for premium economy