DINNER PARTY INTEL: Markus Jooste goes to church

Disgraced former Steinhoff CEO Markus Jooste emerged from hiding on Sunday, but only for a brief while

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Is this the world’s best job?

Ferrero, maker of the Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread, is in search of 60 tasters for its chocolate and hazelnut products

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Cryptocurrency rally builds steam

The digital currency has had something of a revival, with its value rising above $8,000 for the first time in two months

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Nigeria has more poor people than India

Nigeria, one of Africa’s wealthiest economies, has overtaken India as home to the greatest concentration of people living in extreme poverty

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Tax advice from tax avoidance enablers

The big four accounting firms secured contracts worth millions from the European Commission over the past five years to advise on tax policy

DINNER PARTY INTEL: India’s plastic roads

A state in India is pulling plastic from the oceans to build roads, the World Economic Forum says

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Good oil news ahead?

Saudi Arabia and Russia have pledged to raise their production of oil by 1m barrels/day

DINNER PARTY INTEL: KPMG being held to account

KPMG has been singled out for the poor quality of its work in the UK

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Elon Musk’s fiery start

Elon Musk delivered 1,000 flamethrowers to customers, the first batch of his stunt to fund The Boring Company

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Fuelling protest in Brazil

While South Africans are outraged over the fuel price increase that came into effect this week, other countries appear to be significantly worse off

DINNER PARTY INTEL: A vote for youth in Nigeria

Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari wants to reduce age limits in political office, which could make it easier for younger candidates to run in the 2019 ...

DINNER PARTY INTEL: China’s social dystopia

Eleven million flights and 4m train trips have been denied to people who have fallen foul of China’s social credit system

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Data about-face

Facebook has suspended 200 apps in its review of apps with access to large quantities of its users’ data

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Plain but pricey vanilla

Uncertainty over the security of supply of vanilla is hitting ice-cream makers the world over

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Blockchain feeds loans

Owners of food kiosks in Kenya can now obtain microloans that are facilitated using blockchain

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Electric buses drive down demand for fuel

About 99% of the 385,000 electric buses on the roads worldwide in 2017 were in China, according to Bloomberg