DINNER PARTY INTEL: The Scottish Player

Former Junior Bok Nathan McBeth is expected to be chosen for Scotland’s rugby team next month

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Graceland saved

Elvis’s granddaughter saves Graceland from scammers

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Made in Italy? Not so fast

Fiat may be one of the most recognisably Italian brands in the world, but the Topolino is made in Morocco

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Time’s up for Rolex in South Africa

The luxury watch company is closing up shop in the country after 76 years

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Diamonds may not be forever

Welsh diva Shirley Bassey, who famously sang about diamonds in the title track of a 1971 James Bond film, is selling some of her sparklers

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Monsters under the bed? No, bees in the wall

When your three-year-old complains about scary things in her room, better take her seriously

DINNER PARTY INTEL: No more ice cream for you

Milan is set to ban the sale of takeaway drinks and food after midnight

DINNER PARTY INTEL: No need to fret about Franglais

A linguistics professor claims English doesn’t exist and is simply poorly pronounced French

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Cruising for a bruising

A collision in Cape Town harbour gave passengers a fright when their cruise ship bumped into a cargo vessel

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Raking it in at the IPL

South African cricketers bring home more than other foreign players

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Slow justice, no justice

After 13 years the wheels of Western Cape justice have yet to turn

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Former veeps thump Trump

There has never been an individual who was a greater threat to our republic than Donald Trump

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Enjoy a wee on the wild side

A council in Hertfordshire, north of London, has included urinating in the countryside as littering

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Payday for soldiers — three years late

The Umzimvubu Regiment was called up to suppress the riots of July 2021

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Liquor’s latest lexicon

Seldom at a loss for words to describe their drinking, Brits have now taken to ‘drunkonyms’ to describe their overindulgence