DINNER PARTY INTEL: Harare’s ivory payday

Zimbabwe wants to trade in ivory, a move it says will help balance its ecosystem, which it says is overburdened by a thriving elephant population

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Russia gambles on Africa

Russia is building relations with African rulers, striking military deals and grooming new leaders and undercover agents to bolster its presence on the ...

DINNER PARTY INTEL: The cost of global warming

The world’s largest listed companies expect that climate change could cost them a combined $1-trillion

DINNER PARTY INTEL: After #RhodesMustFall

Cambridge University has commissioned a study into its links with slavery

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Viva capitalism

SA’s newest party, the Capitalist Party of SA, will field 10 candidates in the May 8 election on a pro-free market, individual liberty ticket

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Save the web, says Tim Berners-Lee

30 years after he created the world wide web, Tim Berners-Lee is calling for global action to tackle its ‘downward plunge to a dysfunctional future’

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Great white hope for cancer research

The first map of the DNA of great white sharks has revealed mutations that protect the animals against cancer and other illnesses

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Satellite for farmers

The Western Cape’s agriculture department is using Sentinel-2 Earth observation satellite imaging technology to promote sustainable farming


The next generation of supersonic commercial flights has moved a step closer

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Global meat consumption meatier than ever

Despite growing health fads such as meat-free Mondays and Veganuary, global meat consumption has in fact increased over the past 50 years

DINNER PARTY INTEL: One in five Canadian youth ignorant about Holocaust

One in five young people in Canada either hasn’t heard of the Holocaust or isn’t sure what it is, according to a survey

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Rwanda’s Khashoggi

Inquest into suspected murder of a Rwandan dissident in SA five years ago has been struck from the roll of the Randburg magistrate’s court

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Afrikaans makes a comeback in Argentina

According to a report, an Afrikaans-speaking community deep in the Patagonian desert is thriving

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Is Tesla headed for SA?

SA’s most famous tech billionaire, US-based Elon Musk, may open a Tesla store in this country next year

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Spanking new law

France MPs have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a bill that bans parents from smacking their children