DINNER PARTY INTEL: Was Bobi really the world’s oldest dog?

Members or the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons have raised doubts that it made it to the ripe old age of 31 years and five months

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Ditching Durban for Lobito

Transnet’s collapse has driven a mining company to switch copper exports from Durban’s port to a new rail link in Angola

DINNER PARTY INTEL: The super survivor

When thousands of copyrighted works, including Mickey Mouse, entered the public domain on January 1 after their 95-year terms expired, Superman was exempted

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Between a rock lobster and a hard place

Kreef season is open, but the problem is finding the elusive crustacean — or a post office that sells permits

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Make 2024 your year of rizz

A slang term for charisma is the Oxford University Press word of the year

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Cops on the run

Rogue police officers can only be suspended for a maximum of 60 days unless they are convicted of a crime

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Banksy unmasked

It seems the secretive street artist is called Robbie

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Unruly New Zealand shoppers risk fog cannon treatment

Some Unruly New Zealand customers are so aggressive that cashiers are issued with body cameras

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Joburg is a blighted tinderbox

NY Times finds 127 buildings in the Joburg CBD are fire risks

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Many locals want tourists who are trophy hunters

People in some African states say they feel threatened by the presence of wild animals

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Prime parking at Clifton — for a driver with deep pockets

A rare parking bay at Clifton’s First Beach is up for grabs, for the bargain price of R1.5m

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Searching for clues about this dire statistic

South Africa has lost 8,400 detectives in the past seven years, from a force of 26,000

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Golden days in the Goldin household

Nobel economics laureate has a pet that can sniff out people in need of canine company

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Rub shoulders with Smiley’s people

The Cornish getaway where John le Carré did some of his best writing is for sale

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Spilling the tea

How do you spy on the British? Put an eavesdropping device in a teapot, of course