DINNER PARTY INTEL: Dollar shortage bites

Topics to impress this weekTopics to impress this week

DINNER PARTY INTEL: India on the rise, and bankers get personal

Deloitte says India is set to emerge as a global superpower, driven in part by a young population

DINNER PARTY INTEL: The case of the incredible shrinking airline seat

While flamingoes hit a fashion high and China opens its Africa outpost

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Dystopia beckons

A US company is about to install microchips into the hands of its employees

DINNER PARTY INTEL: China clamps down on Winnie the Pooh

While classic cars stall and US’s high-risk health strategy

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Missing president

Topics to impress this week: sucking up diamonds, as well as out-of-luck TV viewers as Zimbabwean bank suspends payments to MultiChoice

DINNER PARTY INTEL: Sony gets on vinyl train again

And court blow for Uber, as well as discovery of third-century ruins