World refugees, by the numbers

70.8m was the number of people fleeing war, persecution and conflict in 2018, according to the UN High Commission for Refugees

World oil consumption, by the numbers

533,000bbl/day is SA’s oil consumption. This is a 0.5% share of total global consumption

How much plastic is in the food we eat?

The average adult ingests 52,000 particles of microplastics each year, according to a study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology

The 2019 Comrades Marathon, by the numbers

This year, 20,000 people entered to take part in the race

Eskom: too big to fail or to support?

The power utility is not selling enough power to cover its interest payments and operating costs

SA’s cabinet: how we compare to the world

Cyril Ramaphosa reduced the size of his cabinet to 28 ministers, from 36 in the previous administration

Schooling: why learners drop out

7.9% of learners surveyed cite family commitments (this disproportionately affects young girls), according to the Stats SA General Household Survey

The price of internet access around the world

SA cities are among the world’s most expensive

MTN’s Nigeria listing in numbers

MTN’s Nigeria unit will be the second-biggest company on the Lagos bourse

SA’s unemployment rate in numbers

8.3m (40.7%) of SA youth aged 15 to 34 were not in employment, education or training. In the Eastern Cape province, the percentage jumps to 47.1%

Demand for platinum, by the numbers

Potential power disruption and industrial action are risks that could materially reduce SA platinum supply in 2019. Wage talks begin in June

SA’s most expensive streets

Infographic shows the most expensive streets for residential property buyers

Earth's threatened biodiversity, by the numbers

Nature is being destroyed at a rate of tens to hundreds of times higher than the average over the past 10m years

Grand Prix, by the numbers

R1bn is the estimated cost of staging the event

The countries with the most oil reserves

Infographic shows crude oil reserves, billion barrels

Malaria cases around the world, by the numbers

200 million or more new cases of malaria are reported every year