By the numbers: Delta on the rise in SA

Gauteng is the epicentre of the third wave, logging record-breaking new cases over the past week

By the numbers: Ronaldo sends Coca-Cola share price tumbling

$4bn was wiped off the market value of Coca-Cola's share price last week, when Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo removed two Coke bottles from the table at a press ...

By the numbers: ultra-rich pay next to nothing in taxes

The US's wealthiest individuals pay next to nothing in taxes

By the numbers: SA’s economic outlook

PwC’s economic outlook for South Africa signals expectations of a stricter lockdown from July due to the third wave of the pandemic

By the numbers: A post-Covid economic revival in the US

US unemployment fell to 5.8% in May, down from 6.1%. It is still a long way from the 3.5% rate before Covid

By the numbers: Youth unemployment in SA

74.7% of youth (aged 15-24) in SA are unemployed

By the numbers: Covid corruption in SA

164 cases of Covid corruption have been finalised by the Special Investigating Unit valued at R3.5bn

By the numbers: Poorest vs richest countries

There is a 415 times difference in GDP per capita between the poorest and richest country

By the numbers: Vaccination alarm bells ringing

The Seychelles, the most vaccinated nation on earth, is raising alarm bells for the World Health Organisation as countries start to roll out mass vaccination ...

By the numbers: Holy land, unholy war

230 people in Gaza and 12 in Israel died over 11 days of fighting before the May 21 ceasefire

By the numbers: SA’s slow vaccination rollout

Here are the vaccine doses the government is expecting to receive over the coming months

By the numbers: Wealth by country

520,000+ is the number of ultra high net worth individuals — 2.4% more than a year ago

By the numbers: Arrival of another variant

The B.1.617 variant of the coronavirus, first identified in India, has been detected in SA, with four cases recorded thus far — two in Gauteng and two in ...

By the numbers: Kickstarting the US economy

$5-trillion is the total amount of emergency relief spending in response to Covid approved by the US since March 2021

By the numbers: The Covid situation in SA

SA's vaccine supply is meant to gradually increase from this week until the end of June, when it is expected to have 'accumulated' 4.5-million doses