Malaria cases around the world, by the numbers

200 million or more new cases of malaria are reported every year

Where the world’s wealthiest people are migrating to

The wealth exodus from China continues; Australia and the US see big gains

Fishing industry, by the numbers

Forty million people are directly employed in this multi-billion-dollar industry

SA’s 2019 national elections, by the numbers

Forty eight parties will contest the national elections. 19 more than the 2014 national elections

Death penalty, by the numbers

There are 19,336 people on death row

Fragile states: the world in 2019

Yemen, South Sudan and Somalia are the world’s most fragile states, while Finland and Denmark are among the most sustainable

1MDB trial in Malaysia, by the numbers

$4.5bn was allegedly stolen from 1MDB via a global network of corruption

Illegal migration to the US, by the numbers

76,000 migrants crossed the US border from Mexico without authorisation in February – an 11-year high

PODCAST: When Bob met Nicky – the JSE and its Naspers bind

This week in Taking Care of Business, we sit down with JSE CEO Nicky Newton-King to talk Naspers, the last lost decade and meeting the EFF

India’s general election, by the numbers

900m is the number of eligible voters, the world’s largest ever

Today’s US tech leaders by market capitalisation

Company valuations are constantly changing – in early September 2018, Apple and Amazon reached $1 trillion for a short time

Aviation safety, by the numbers

The number of airline accidents has been on a steady global decline since 1992

World’s cheapest and most expensive cities

Ranking based on 400 prices across 160 products and services

Global average life expectancy, by the numbers

56-million people died in 2017 — compared with 46-million in 1990, as the global population increased and people lived longer on average

World cappuccino prices, by the numbers

It costs R75.77 for a cup of cappuccino in Denmark — the highest in the world

The world’s richest people, by the numbers

SA's richest people are Nicky Oppenheimer ($7.3bn), Johann Rupert ($5.5bn), Patrice Motsepe ($2.4bn) and Koos Bekker ($2.3bn)