INFOGRAPHIC: Capital investment by the numbers

19.6% was SA’s gross fixed capital formation – a measure of investment activity – as a percentage of GDP in 2016

INFOGRAPHIC: Looking to China for box office revenue

US film makers are looking east to help save its industry: China has the power to turn movies that have failed in the US into blockbusters

Infographic: Unemployment worsens

27.7% is SA’s first quarter of 2017 unemployment rate, its highest level ever

Prepaid data prices by the numbers

Infographic on the cost of prepaid data

How thirsty is our food?

Litres of water required to produce one kilogram of the following food products

INFOGRAPHIC: Cobalt prices in numbers

There's high demand and concern about child labour

Bottled water outsells fizzy drinks in the US

Infographic shows what type of drinks people are drinking in SA and the US

How long does it take to sell your home?

Homes in Tshwane sell quickest, while those in Durban spend the longest on the market