By the numbers | The third wave is over

Experts are predicting that the fourth wave will hit around December

By the numbers | Global recovery to pre-pandemic GDP per capita

China was the first country to deal with Covid, allowing it to respond quickly and economically recover at breakneck speed

By the numbers | Towards a new inflation target?

3% is the target point the bank should aim for, Kganyago believes, rather than using a range. The bank is expected to lobby the National Treasury to amend the ...

By the numbers | Vaccine hesitancy in SA

62% of South Africans are willing to take the vaccine (11% of the population has been fully vaccinated)

By the numbers | Plans afoot for SA’s second nuclear power station

2,500MW of energy is set to be generated from nuclear power, after the National Energy Regulator approved its procurement

By the numbers | Trust in public institutions and leaders

South Africans' trust in institutions is at its lowest since 2006, according to the results of an annual survey by Afrobarometer

By the numbers | The cost of vaccine inequity

As the US mulls providing booster shots of Covid vaccines to its population, the developing world is struggling to catch up

By the numbers | Listings on the JSE

Fourteen companies on average delist from the JSE each year

By the numbers | The facts on breakthrough vaccines

Vaccines do not provide 100% protection against Covid and breakthrough infections do happen in people who have been fully vaccinated

By the numbers | 2021 agricultural exports set to soar

R90bn was the value of SA's agricultural exports in the first half of 2021

By the numbers | Vaccines work

Full vaccination gives powerful protection against severe outcomes

By the numbers | Sisonke trial: safe as houses

The health department has released the provisional results of the Sisonke trial, in which more than 400,000 SA health workers were vaccinated with the Johnson ...

By the numbers | US advertising revenue

Amazon, Google and Facebook now cover half of US advertising revenue

By the numbers | World’s public paypackets

Remuneration of civil servants is relatively high

By the numbers | The massive cost of hosting the Olympics

$28bn is the estimated end cost, after Covid forced a postponement

By the numbers | SA’s vaccination programme on a roll

As SA's vaccination rollout gains momentum, the country is emerging from a deadly third wave, largely driven by the Delta variant