Climate change culprits, by the numbers

The top 20 companies have contributed to 480bn tons of carbon dioxide equivalent since 1965

SABC bailout, by the numbers

R3.2bn is the value of the cash injection that the National Treasury will hand to the SABC. R2.1bn of that was transferred this week

Working beyond age 65, by the numbers

60 to 65 years is when most South Africans formally retire. SA labour legislation does not make provision for a retirement age

Platinum sector jobs, by the numbers

5,270 jobs will be lost in the platinum sector after Sibanye-Stillwater, owner of the Marikana mine, issued a notice saying it would close three ageing shafts

Attack on Saudi oil facility, by the numbers

5.7m barrels per day of planned oil production was lost in the immediate aftermath of an attack on Saudi Arabian oil facility Abqaiq

The gender gap, by the numbers

Twenty-four percentage points is the gap between the labour force participation of men and women

Demographics of SA’s top management

15.1% of people in top management positions are black, according to the Commission for Employment Equity’s annual report

Automation: How jobs will change

Seventeen percent of SA workplaces say they are not effective at developing leaders to meet the evolving challenges of the 21st century. 58% are only somewhat ...

SA-made vehicles: sales and exports

351,139 new vehicles manufactured in SA were exported in 2018. This is a new record for the industry and is up from 333,845 in 2015

HIV/Aids: state of the epidemic

23.3m of the 37.9m people living with HIV globally were on treatment, more than three times as many as in 2010, according to UNAids

How most of the planet is used by humans

Seventy-two percent of the world’s land is used

Gold jewellery sales in India, by the numbers

Half of the 840t of gold consumed in India each year is bought during the wedding season (October to December and mid-April to May)

SA’s population, by the numbers

63.9% of South Africans (37.6m) are under the age of 34

SA’s unemployment in numbers

The Eastern Cape, with an unemployment rate of 35.4%, is the province with the most jobless people

SA’s share of global trade, in numbers

1.5% is the increase in merchandise exports from SA between 2008 and 2018