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By the numbers | Where Africa’s start-ups begin

When it comes to cities that have companies in the first stages of operations, Lagos leads Nairobi, Cape Town and Joburg in Africa

By the numbers | Where water stress will be highest by 2040

When a territory withdraws 25% or more of its renewable freshwater it is said to be 'water stressed'

By the numbers | Where going to the gym is most popular

SA is one of the highest fitness-invested countries in the world, according to a Statista global consumer survey

By the numbers | 2022’s stores of value: gold, oil and grain

Geopolitical conflict and rising interest rates on the horizon have seen investors shift from risk assets to real assets

By the numbers | How much real estate could you buy for $1m?

In some cities, a million dollars goes a long way — in others, not so much

By the numbers | Safer future for African infants

In 1950, 141 babies under the age of one out of every 1,000 died in SA. Over the next 70 years, that number fell sharply, and is now 24.3 deaths per 1,000 live ...

By the numbers | The richest women in the world

The top ten richest women in the world, according to Visual Capitalist

By the numbers | Where living comes cheapest

Joburg is the world's second-cheapest city, according to the annual TimeOut index

By the numbers | The true size of Africa — it’s really big

In 1589, when cartographer Gerardus Mercator drew up the map of the world, he inflated most of the continents except for Africa

By the numbers | Global coal production

Global coal production is forecast to keep increasing into 2024

By the numbers | Changing the clocks

Countries and regions which practise time change and that have done so in the past

By the numbers | Nuclear warhead inventories

Despite weapon stockpiles being closely held secrets, the world's nuclear arsenal has been estimated due to limited disclosures, records and leaks

By the numbers | Russian oil — and where it goes

Russian oil, which is that country's biggest income earner, has become an integral part in the Ukraine war

By the numbers | Fragile states

The fragile states index is an annual ranking of 179 countries based on the pressures they face and assesses their vulnerability to collapse