Gauteng quality of life, by the numbers

Twenty one percent indicate that an adult in their household had to skip a meal due to lack of money in the past year

World’s best universities, by the numbers

1,250 universities from more than 60 countries ranked, based on academic research and reputation

US mass shootings, by the numbers

There have been 92 mass shootings in the US since 1982

Projected global growth, by the numbers

Of the world’s richest 50 billionaires, 12 were in tech and 18 years younger, on average

African governance, by the numbers

A total of 100 indicators make up the annual Ibrahim Index of African Governance

Voting intentions in SA, by the numbers

Respondents were asked which party they'd vote for if the elections were held tomorrow

US midterm elections, by the numbers

A look at the US midterm elections in numbers

Wealth by country in 2018, by the numbers

$317-trillion is the total global household wealth, up 4.5% since mid-2017

Netflix’s meteoric rise, by the numbers

130m people are paying customers of streaming pioneer Netflix

Global cannabis usage, by the numbers

$32bn is the forecast value of the global cannabis market in 2022

IMF global economic outlook, by the numbers

1.4% is SA’s economic growth in 2019, by IMF estimates

Notable bank heists, by the numbers

R456m stolen in the 10 biggest cash-in-transit heists in SA last year

Digital banking crime, by the numbers

There has been a 104% increase in SIM swap incidents to 8,254 from 4,040 incidents

Transport month, by the numbers

R3.6bn in e-toll debt has been written off by Ssanral

SA housing market slows, by the numbers

R895,168 is the current price of the average middle-income-area house in SA

Fuel prices in SA, by the numbers

This is the highest fuel price ever in South Africa