Municipal debt to Eskom, by the numbers

R26.4bn is the value of debt owed to Eskom by municipalities at the end of October

How charitable were America’s richest people in 2018?

How much money did the 10 richest Americans give in 2018?

African plants under threat, by the numbers

One third of plant species in tropical Africa are threatened with extinction, a new study published in the journal Science Advances suggests

Global donkey trade, by the numbers

4.8m donkeys a year are killed for their hides, which are used to make ejiao in China. It is gelatine-based traditional medicine, thought to improve blood ...

National and provincial government, by the numbers

R62.6bn is the value of irregular spending at government departments, the auditor-general found in the 2019 financial year

Cuban doctors, by the numbers

The Cuban government earns $6bn-$8bn exporting doctors, which is far more than it makes from tourism. Leasing doctors to other countries is the main source of ...

Racialised inequality, by the numbers

Stats SA, in its inequality trends report published last week, says earnings and unemployment figures between 2011 and 2015 show ‘heavily racialised ...

SA's unemployment crisis, by the numbers

SA’s official unemployment rate was 29.1% in the second quarter, the number rises to 38.5% when you include discouraged jobseekers

Maritime trade: losing momentum

2.7% was the growth of global maritime trade in 2018 to reach 11bn tons

The drought in SA, in numbers

60% is the average level of all SA’s water reservoirs this week, against 73.3% in the same period last year

Netflix in SA, by the numbers

Over 90% of the US Netflix library is accessible through the SA version

Climate change culprits, by the numbers

The top 20 companies have contributed to 480bn tons of carbon dioxide equivalent since 1965

SABC bailout, by the numbers

R3.2bn is the value of the cash injection that the National Treasury will hand to the SABC. R2.1bn of that was transferred this week

Working beyond age 65, by the numbers

60 to 65 years is when most South Africans formally retire. SA labour legislation does not make provision for a retirement age

Platinum sector jobs, by the numbers

5,270 jobs will be lost in the platinum sector after Sibanye-Stillwater, owner of the Marikana mine, issued a notice saying it would close three ageing shafts

Attack on Saudi oil facility, by the numbers

5.7m barrels per day of planned oil production was lost in the immediate aftermath of an attack on Saudi Arabian oil facility Abqaiq