Lockdown day 7: Coronavirus numbers

Infections in SA continue to rise slowly

Lockdown day 6: Coronavirus numbers

The number of coronavirus infections in SA continues to rise, sitting at 1,353 as of day six of the lockdown

Lockdown day 5: Coronavirus numbers

The number of coronavirus infections in SA continues to rise, sitting at 1,326 as of day five of the lockdown

Latest numbers: Coronavirus in SA

All the latest coronavirus numbers, from infections per day to total infections in SA

The world’s ultra-wealthy, by the numbers

Twenty-five percent is the expected growth in the ultra-wealthy in SA over the next five years

SA’s 10 most bankable artists

The criteria for the ratings include the average value of paintings, their resilience to market downturns and appreciation in the international market

State of the statistician, by the numbers

Without secure funding, it says, it is forced to consider cost-saving cuts. Sample sizes are being cut, which over time will lead to wider error ranges

African billionaires, by the numbers

Who are Africa's richest people and which African country has the most billionaires?

Koeberg nuclear power station, by the numbers

The Koeberg nuclear power station outside Cape Town is 36 years old. It is Africa’s only nuclear plant

Eskom, by the numbers

Ninety percent of SA's electricity demand is supplied by Eskom

Illicit cigarette trade, by the numbers

R6bn is the cost to the SA economy in lost tax revenue as a result of the trade in illicit cigarettes

China’s meteoric rise in perspective

China’s economy has grown over 14 times in size since 1989

Population ageing: how SA compares

Japan, Finland and Italy are the countries with the oldest populations

Malaria in Africa, by the numbers

400,000 people die every year from malaria. Most of the deaths take place in Africa

Australia’s wildfires, by the numbers

A third of the koalas in New South Wales may have been killed in the fires, and a third of their habitat has been destroyed