Think that embracing your "inner Gwyneth Paltrow" and being one with the earth sounds way too hippie-ish and labour intensive? Well as Donald Trump would say: "You’re Wrong!"

If you live in Jo’burg, head to Farm Table in Linden and all your clean living ambitions should easily become a reality. This delightful little store is an Aladdin’s Cave of locally produced organic bounty that includes everything from beautiful fresh vegetables and fruit to charcuterie (the Jewel & Co bacon is spectacular) and farm butter and yoghurt.

They also sell all the dry goods that a decent pantry should be stocked with. While you’re there buying Boomplats organic beef and Mega Nut Butter, you can also get your hands on a good variety of natural household cleaners and skincare products.

If you’re banting, have food intolerances or really just fancy knowing the provenance of what you eat, this should be your next stop.

Farm Table, shop 1, 62 6th Street, Linden. 087-802-1283

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